Should Living Room Furniture Match Dining Room Furniture?

Should Living Room Furniture Match Dining Room Furniture?

It wouldn’t be referred to as a living room and dining room if one cannot eat and relax in the same space. In smaller words, the living room cannot exist without the dining room.

The word ‘living’ means where one can survive. Meaning there has to be shelter and food. The combination of eating and being covered by something, a space that is habitable, has to be effective in a living space otherwise, who dares refers to it as a ‘living room’? Who survives without food? This should be the loudest of matchups in the house. The opened space of the dining room to the living room already gives it the guts to the matchup, even beyond furniture.

However, the question is, should living room furniture match dining room furniture?

Surely, living room furniture can match dining room furniture because the dining room is very much opened to the living room which is a great part of the living space

Living Room Furniture: An Overview

A living room is the largest compartment in a house where one sit, relax and sometimes receive visitors. It was formerly  referred to as a sitting room. Yes. ‘living room’ was coined in the late 19th century, especially as it outdid the responsibility of sitting. And as such, it’s expected to have chairs, tables, shelf and other furniture.

Furniture plays a major role in the usefulness and beautification of the living room. They incite and liaise thoughtfulness about the receptive.

There is the sitting furniture which can also be referred to as the chairs, this has to be the most important of furniture in the living room. They can be made with different cover fabrics as a means to making the house owner and its visitors comfortable. Leather, velvet, etc, depending on the house owner’s preference.

Also, among the tables, there is the center table, side stool, lamp, and coffee table. The center table can be made out of wood, glass, plastic, etc depending on what makes the house owner mostly comfortable. And same goes with the other tables. These and more make the living room very much habitable.

The living room is commonly cut out as the first room in the house, it is the room the guest sees first when entering the house and as such should be designed to leave an impression. Thus, the furniture is the base of the living room and should be treated and designed as such, with great care.

Dining Room Furniture: An Overview

A dining room before now was a place detached from the living room, where one eats and do a series of other activity like holding of meetings, reads, and even playing of table games.

However, a dining room cannot exist without dining sets. Dining sets are dining tables and chairs with or without arms, dining furniture, etc. A dining set consists of a high table and multiple chairs from four which is the smallest size to an even bigger size of about twelve chairs that can go with a bigger table.

The dining table can be made of glass, wood, steel, and other fibers.  But no matter what choice of fiber, it just has to be of a hard fiber because it is basically made to carry loads like plates of foods, table games, etc.

The dining chairs on the other hand can be made of wood, steel, or glass. It can also be covered with a series of fabrics like cotton, leather, velvet, rayon etcetera. The dining chairs do not necessarily have to be hard as the table, it can be transformed by any of the above fabrics that will give anyone a comfy seat.

The dining room should be built and designed to be receptive in an appetizing style and manner to the house owners and possible guests.

Should Living Room and Dining Room Furniture Match

Yes, living room and dining room furniture can match because the dining room is a part of the living room; The dining room is simply a cutout of the living room so matching its furniture is OK and recommended as it can help make both rooms look attractive and luxurious.

When it comes to furniture matching, there is no rule that restricts or permits to match and mismatch. It is basically what works for the house owner. But it would not hurt to match up furniture in your living room space with the dining space.  It probably does not have to match too.

You see, the dining room is part of the living space and should be treated as such. Some house designs structure the dining area as a cutout, open space to the living room. While in some, a natural cabinet is made as a demarcation in form of vases carrying cabinet or with no demarcation at all. Just a full space managed by the house owner as a living space and the dining room. So, if the dining is always opened in most cases to the living room why not just match it up?

However, the furniture in the living room and dining room does not necessarily have to match up because these compartments have different functions. The living room is to accommodate, entertain, relax and socialize. On the other hand, the dining room is where one eats and should be thus, designed to be inviting and appetizing.

Reason Why Living Room and Dining Room Furniture Should Match

It isn’t going to be tough understanding the reasons the living room and dining room furniture should match. There may be a lot of reasons why the living room should match with the dining room furniture but the most significant reason should be that the dining room is usually a part of the living area.

The Dining Room is Part of a Living Room

As seen in recent house structures, the dining room is a cutout space where one eats. And as such should be treated as a part of the living space. Yes, because a living space entails where one can eat too, otherwise it should not be classified as a living space. A great part of recent house structures also conjoins the dining space and living space as one.

It Depicts Oneness of the Interior

Using furniture to match the living space and dining space officiate the oneness of the living space.

It Gives a Soothing Impression

The furniture combo of the dining room and living room presents a comfy space that will be very inviting to the house owner and guests.

To Actualize a Cohesive Look in the Living Space

Making the furniture of the living and dining room match is one way to maximize a cohesive look in the living room. It does not just bring out a cohesive look but it incites an inviting terrain.

It is Classic

Classic is traditional. Classic is typical. Classic is perfect.

Reason Why Living Room and Dining Room Furniture Should Not Match

The Rooms Share Different Function

It should be noted that in as much as the spaces of these compartments are opened to one another, they perform different functions. A living room is a section where one can easily relax, while the dining room is where one eats or even dare play board games and reads. It is important to first fulfill the purpose for these functions before considering anything else.

The Idea of Furniture Matchup is Outdated

The idea of creating matchups in compartments that makes up the house can be very much an old décor design. Reasons why it is referred to as giving a classic look. Classic is good but can be boring at the same time.

Matching Living Room and Dining Room Furniture

Matching the dining and living room furniture may just be the easiest match-up to ever create in a house. Before going into matching your decors or furniture, it is important to set up a plan because it has been proven times without a number that trying to actualize cohesive looks can be very tasking and expensive.

Set out a budget to realize this task first. If the first step is settled, with the assistance of an interior professional, you can proceed from there.

Proceed to make a color choice of furniture in the living space. Brown and white are one of the most recommended colors for furniture in a living space. The Brown and white combo are majestic. It improves the stylishness of the living room executively and making it look larger.

Dining chairs are where the matchup is going to take place especially when you are opting for a glass or steel dining table. Meanwhile, choices could be made among furniture in the living room. It can be restricted to the sitting chairs, or the center table can be included in the matching. It could also be that the table furniture in the living room can be made to match with the dining chairs. It has to be whatever works for the house owners.

Think about the fabric. In this case, any fabric that is chosen for the dining chairs has to be perfect for the living room chairs or tables. Either of the two or both combined.

All these things above have to be considered and analyzed before proceeding. Now, let’s match the table’s stand of the living room with the fringes and edges of the dining chairs using a dark brown wood undertone. And a light brown for the table’s board of the living room with the dining chairs seats.

On the other hand, after using white as a color choice for the living room chairs, the throw pillows should carry shades of browns especially the ones used on the furniture tables of the living room and dining chairs.

Don’t you just feel fulfilled after actualizing this epic look? This combo should give you the perfect stunning look for your living space.


Yes, it’s okay to do a match of the furniture in the living room with the dining room because the dining is an extended part of the living space and also because the dining room is opened to the living room. So why not? It brings an easy cohesive and mature look without having to match up paints, tiles, or center rugs. However, if the match-up becomes very much, it becomes boring.