How to Mix and Match Wood Furniture in Bedroom

How to Mix and Match Wood Furniture in Bedroom

Are doing interior decoration and you are wondering how to mix and match wood furniture in bedroom? Wonder no more for, in this article, we will discuss the best ways on how to mix and match any wood furniture in bedroom irrespective of the color.

Interior decorations are so beautiful to be used in a room. They change the look of the room and transform the room from ordinary to extraordinary. The most important thing to note while mixing something together especially when it comes to interior decorations for a house is color, this helps you get the best design you can ever think of and give people a sense of warmth and comfort.

Colors can be distracting, inviting, confusing, and at the same time welcoming to both the house owners and guests. It’s important to give serious thoughts about the finishing of an interior, the undertone, and wood grain to make it easy for you to be able to mix and match anything of your choice especially wooden interior decorations.

Matching wood furniture at home is a welcome development and should be greatly encouraged at any time. Getting a perfect wood tone for a house or room would make it easy for you to know the types of wood should you should bring into the house to mix and match with every other wood furniture in the house. Once this is done, you are assured of getting the best wood match for any part of your room without stress.

The room would be transformed to what you may have not been able to imagine and as well it would help upgrade and change your color sense, interior decoration sense, and anything that have to do with mixing and matching of colors would become a lot easier for you to do at any point in time. And you are sure of always having the best type of rest in the house without been distracted by any wrong color combination.

However, the question is, how to mix and match wood furniture in bedroom?

There are certain ways to mix and match wooden furniture for your bedroom, this makes the bedroom look good and have a good ambiance. The tone of the room would be welcoming and relaxing to everyone that comes into the bedroom and most importantly you will end up having and good sleep with sweet dreams. Many colors can distract and be confusing if you make the mistake of not getting it right.

However, to mix and match wood furniture in the bedroom, you must understand the undertone of the woods, get similar woods that share the same elements and features together, ensure that the colors are well mixed when placing them in any angle of the room, and also ensure that light textured colors and neutral colors are well mixed together. These are some of the best and easy ways to mix and match wood furniture in the bedroom.

Can You Mix Different Wood Furniture in a Room?

It is very possible to mix different wood furniture’s in a room, but before embarking on that, you must ensure that you understand the undertone of the wood, this helps you to know the outstanding wood tone for the room, the one that looks more obvious than the others would determine the type and tone of other woods that you intend mixing up together in the room to get that great look that you desire.

To achieve this perfect wood mixing for a room you must do the following:

  • Shop with your samples in mind: Always go for wood shopping with the sample of woods you want to buy at hand or well pictured in your mind, this would enable you to know what you are actually going in for.
  • Identify the undertones of the wood: If you are confused about knowing the best woods that would be a perfect match for the room, it would be better to go for those that have similar color which is the undertone. Mostly they come yellowish, reddish, or orange as the case may be.
  • Keep common elements together: Ensure that all the woods you are trying to mix for the room makes sense, ensure that all of them have one or two common elements with each other.
  • Additional unifying piece: Make sure they all have an additional unifying piece.
  • Go for grain patterns and sizes of wood: Grain patterns for wood have been proven to be the best.
  • Fix them in different places in the room: While decorating and mixing the woods in your room, ensure that the colors are mixed to be closer to each other and not too far from each other. If you put all red-colored wood together in one place it would make that part of the room look like a shrine and this would end up truncating what you have labored hard to achieve. It is better to place the woods that have similar colors together to get what you want.

Remember, you have to be very careful when doing this because the color furniture that goes with the dark wood color in the bedroom might not be the one to match the light wood color furniture.

Can You Mix Furniture Color in Bedroom?

The normal traditional bedroom has been outdated as things are getting more interesting with interior decorators inventing more classy and quality color combinations for any part of the house including the bedroom. Your bedroom can be beautifully adorned in a classier and stylish look with a good combination of furniture colors in it.

You can definitely mix diverse colors to get the taste of what you are looking for in your bedroom. And for you to have a great color look and beauty in your bedroom while mixing the colors there are certain things to bear in mind, they are:

  • Use coordinating furniture colors that would match with other interior decorations for the bedroom.
  • Ensure your wood furniture’s are of the same style but beautifully adorned with different matching colors.
  • Ensure you mix bright colored wood furniture with neutral colored wood furniture.
  • Ensure you have a common thread for the colors.

Best Ways to Mix and Match Wood Furniture in Bedroom

Here are how to mix and match wood furniture in Bedroom:

1. Get the Undertone to be a Match

This is one important thing to get right before matching wooden furniture for your bedroom. The undertone of all the pieces of wood must be well stated and understood just the same way you will do when wearing a clothe to be a match, getting to understand and figuring out the undertone of the woods would go a long way to help you in the process.

You must carefully know if the most outstanding wood in the room has a welcoming, warm, confusing, or neutral tone, then once understood stay in line with this to achieve what you want to achieve.

Ensure that the undertone of the bed which is the most outstanding in the bedroom matches with either the wardrobe, the side stools, the pillowcase, bed sheets, curtains, blinds, and other things that are found to be a contributory factor in getting a perfect match in the bedroom.

2. Get the Contrast Right

Contrast can be so important while trying to adjust colors or get something to be a match and bring out a perfect look. Getting high-contrast woods can be a perfect match for another color of interior decorations for the bedroom. Peradventure the bed frame is light and warm in outlook; it can easily blend with a dark, inky chair or side stool color, with additional multiple wood-tone colors on the table and drawer beside the bed. Getting the right contrast with color can be attractive and at the same time give a more detailed in-depth design for the room.

3. Create Continuity with the Finishing

If you have multiple wood tones in your bedroom on some interior decorations, it would be so helpful for you to get other woods and colors to have a good finishing during the combination process. If you have a glossy curtain or bedspread in the bedroom, ensure you get a glossier wardrobe for the same room.

4. Add a Colorful Rug or Carpet

The carpets or rugs can go a long way in matching up with the finishings of the bed frame, chairs, tables, and drawers. This would help you create a good look between that furniture’s and they will fit in and blend very well without making your room look so outdated.

5. Keep it on Repeat

Immediately you find out that the blinds or curtains that would be a match for all the woods, repeat it. Getting reoccurring color shades for your bedroom would give you a structured and beautiful ambiance.

Advantages of Matching Wood Furniture in the Bedroom

Enhances Strength and Durability

If you want long-lasting furniture for the bedroom, then go for wooden furniture. Be it hard or softwood there is always stability and reliability on any type of good high-quality wood. This ensures that you get the value of the money spent in getting them and also makes it easy for you to maintain at any time, be it for waxing, oiling, or polishing without much stress and spending much money.

Ambiance and Feel

Woods create a high level of quality charming and welcoming ambiance, be it light or dark-colored wood. When furnished and produced by professional furniture makes the aesthetics of your bedroom be the talk of the town. Woods also help make everything look so natural and this enables you to have a good feel of nature right inside your bedroom. They also bring a good perfect warm look to an unwelcoming environment.

Enhances Sustainability

It gives you the opportunity to buy from the local furniture makers and wood makers in your community and this helps you to add up to your nation’s economy and GDP growth at any time.

Variety of Color and Look

Since woods come in different colors and look, it would help in defining the kind of a beauty you really intend to achieve in your bedroom. This allows you to blend multiple colors together and get something extraordinary out of it without you knowing you can even go that far.


Woods can fit into any type of setting in your bedroom, it is a good form of decoration for you, and when you blend different colors and species of wood together in the bedroom you will get exactly what you want.

Final Thoughts

Follow the procedures written in this article to successfully mix and match wood furniture in your bedroom. While doing it, it is important to be careful so you don’t overdo it.