How to Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips

How to Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips

Are you looking for how to remove bathroom mirror with clips? Then you are in the right place because, in this post, I will extensively explain two easy ways you can successfully remove your bathroom mirror without breaking it.

We all know the nature of a mirror and how delicate it is. It is something that should be handled with extra care, less it breaks. It is also something you wouldn’t want to break as it may injure you if you’re not careful.

However, did you recently got a new house and are packing your belongings to relocate? Did you buy a new mirror and want to remove the old one? As long as your bathroom mirror was fixed with a clip, whether metal or plastic, you can remove it without breaking, and that is the reason for this post, to tell you the various steps to follow before successfully achieving that.

Before that, let’s take a look at the requirements, that is, the tools you need to have before removing the mirror. Note that each method has its own different yet similar removing tools.

Best Ways to Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips


Things you Need to Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips

  • Painters masking tape
  • Hand gloves
  • Putty Knife
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver


Cover the Mirror with a Masking Tape

The first thing you need to do is use the painter’s masking tape to cover the mirror’s front. It would be best if you did this so that peradventure the mirror cracks or part of it breaks while you are removing it, the tape will prevent the sharp glasses from falling all over the bathroom. It will also protect you from getting injured by the glasses. So make sure the tape covered the mirror properly.

Wear your Hand Gloves

After covering the mirror’s face properly, the next thing to do is wear your hand glove. It should be a thick hand glove so that even if something happens, the glass will not cut your hand or injure you. Please note that the gloves have to be very thick.

Pick your Putty Knife and Hammer

The next thing to do is to pick your putty knife and hammer. Put the putty knife under the clip’s bracket on top of the mirror and gently tap the knife’s head with your hammer. You have to do this gently and cautiously to avoid breaking or cracking the glass.

Do Not Apply Too Much Force

While tapping the head of your putty knife with your hammer, do not apply too much force. Do it gently, and be mindful of when the clip gets above the mirror.

Stop Tapping When the Clips Gets Above the Mirror

Immediately you notice that the clip is above the mirror, stop tapping. As it is, it will let you remove the mirror. However, depending on your bathroom mirror’s size, if you have more than one clip at the top of the mirror, you must apply the same method to remove them. If there are clips on the bottom of the mirror, do not touch that them. Leave it as it is.

Use the Putty Knife to Remove Anything Holding Mirror

After all the clips are above the mirror, the next thing you must do is to use the putty knife, place it inside the back of the mirror from the top, and gently apply some pressure to enable the mirror to pop out of whatever holding it at the wall. You don’t have to put your hands deep inside. When the knife is inside the mirror from the top, use your other hand to hold the mirror. Now use the knife as leverage until the mirror pops up.

Slide it Over

Most bathroom mirrors are placed under a flat edge. If yours has a border at the bottom of the mirror, slide it over until you hold it to your hands without any support. However, if you have clips on the bottom of the mirror, you don’t need to do anything about it. It will not affect you; just slide the mirror over.

Use the Screw Driver to Remove the Clip

After you must have detached the mirror from the clip, the final thing to do is to use your screwdriver to remove the clip from your bathroom wall. You can do this if you intend to use that same clip again, but I urge you to get a new clip. However, you can still remove the clip as it may not be wise to leave it there.

Do you know the reason why you need to put the putty knife at the back of the mirror? It is because, depending on the installation of the mirror, the person that installed the mirror may have added a double side tape or something else at the back of the mirror to help hold it firmly. Using the knife will give the mirror leverage and make it pop up without breaking.

Using this method is very easy and simple, but many people do not know that because it is nowhere to be found online. A few years ago, when I was at the shop, a man came to enquire about how to remove bathroom mirror with clips. The man is our customer. He always buys goods from us. So, I told him, google it tutorial or watch YouTube videos. He told me he had done that, and no one in the video has the same type of clip he has. Being that mirror is delicate and breakable, he didn’t want to take any chances.

I had to write down this method for him carefully. He went home and called me in the evening to thank me. He even sent me some tips (LOL). It was then that I realize that this exact method is nowhere to be found online. If the man and every other person that has followed this method did it safely without breaking the mirror, then you can as well do it without breaking your bathroom mirror. All you have to do is be very careful and pamper the mirror just like you pamper an egg.


Tools you Need to Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips

  • Gloves
  • Painter’s masking taper
  • Screwdriver
  • Eye Goggles

Apply the Painter’s Masking Tape

Knowing fully well how delicate mirrors are, despite how wide your bathroom mirror is, the first thing you need to do is apply the painter’s masking tape on the mirror’s face. Use the tape to cover the face of the mirror. Make sure the mirror is covered properly. The tape will help prevent glass pieces from the mirror from injuring you peradventure it cracks or brakes while you are removing it. It will also prevent the glasses from scattering all over the bathroom should in case it breaks. The masking tape is basically for preventive and protective purposes.

Unscrew the Clips

After you must have covered the mirror’s face, the next thing to do is to use the screwdriver to unscrew the clips holding the mirror. For this method, you have to start from the side clips first before proceeding to others. You can make use of your fingers to pull the screw out.

Loosen The Botton Clip

Depending on how your bathroom clips are, if you have a clip at the bottom of the mirror, you can loosen it. Please do not remove the clip as removing it will make the mirror to fall and break. I believe that is the last thing you want to see. However, if the clip at the bottom of the mirror is not a barrier from removing the mirror, you can leave it. Some bathrooms do have an edge where the bottom of the mirror is placed. The edge will help the mirror to fit perfectly.

Wear the Hand Gloves

It’s time to put on your hand gloves. Do not ever start this process without having a hand glove around to avoid stories that touch. You are expected to have tick hand gloves to protect you from the glass should something happens and break.

Hold and Remove the Clip

Now, it’s time to remove the clip. To do this:

  1. Hold the mirror with either your left or right hand as you remove the top clips.
  2. Remember that you are only mandated to remove only the top clips.
  3. Do not, for any circumstance, remove the bottom clip.

However, if the mirror is too large for you to do alone, you can get a helping hand. It could be your wife, son, daughter, or even a friend. Do not attempt to remove a large rectangular bathroom mirror all by yourself. It will not cost you anything to have someone around while you do it.

Remove the Mirror from its Place

The next thing to do is remove the mirror from its place and keep it in a safe place where it will not fall and break. Remove with cautiousness. Carry the mirror in a way it will not crack. Some recommended that the mirror be carried in a vertical position as moving it horizontally may stress the mirror, thereby leading to cracks.


These are the best two ways by which you can remove a bathroom mirror with clips. All you have to do is choose the one that works best for you, depending on the type of clip your bathroom mirror has and how it was installed. If you follow these procedures very carefully, you will be able to remove the mirror without breaking it.