Should Bedroom and Bathroom Colors Match?

Should Bedroom and Bathroom Colors Match?

The bedroom and bathroom are different compartments in the house. These sections are part of the spaces that make up a house. Being that, they are always feet away from one another makes the ‘should bedroom and bathroom colors match?” question intriguing. The colors are somewhat cool and reserved.

Colors carry with them shades, accents, and bases. Thus, bedrooms and bathrooms do not necessarily have to match up in colors. There could be a list of other possible matchups but not needful color. Whatever color that is chosen will always pop out and inevitably give that space the desired energy. Especially with the assistance of a professional.

The bedroom and bathroom colors do not need to match, since the bathroom is not opened to the bedroom. With the exception that the house owner wants it so.

Should Bedroom Color and Bathroom Color Match?

I’m still in search of that rule that states certain compartments in a house have to match up in color. No, no, no, they do not have to match up. There are series of choices that could be made along with a list of interior designs and decors but definitely not colors.

However, these compartments can carry the same design of painting but different colors because the bathroom is not opened to the bedroom directly, like a master bedroom. If it is a master bedroom and bathroom, a yes and a no will still be proven but with a list of closer possibilities to the affirming of the question.

It would be fine to opt for a different color strategy. You could take it as a matching up of the bedroom and the bathroom is outdated. Now, it is mostly about what works for you. If matching up works for you, why not? I mean, it is not about what the majority think is the trend or ‘should be’ but more about what you want for your bedroom and bathroom.

Pros of Bedroom and Bathroom Colors Matching

Matching colors in various compartments of the house has been a universal practice. It is as ancient and old as when the painting of houses originated. Nothing should stop you from making this a reality in your bedroom and bathroom.

Saves Time

Running with the same shades of paint on your bedroom and bathroom saves your time and energy especially when you are running on both the colors for the master bedroom and bathroom. It minimizes and manages your focus. You do not have to be in the bathroom and the bedroom at the same time. It is very much energy conserving.

They Give a Complimentary Matching Theme

The complementary theme gives it a sense of ownership feels. It retains the idea of unification. One house, one family.

Cons of Bedroom and Bathroom Colors Matching

The question of a cohesive look should not arise here because the bathroom is not opened to the bedroom. Individually, you can make your bathroom and bedroom unique using different colors. The act of matching up your bedroom and bathroom is archaic and should be a thing of choice.

It is Old-Fashioned

There is no rule that restricts anyone from choosing different colors for the bedroom and bathroom. As a matter of fact, the same colors should not be used in the bathroom and bedroom because of their archaic features. Using different colors is utmost possible because it brings out uniqueness and creativity in each section.

Searching for the best colors for each compartment can be time draining but every time and energy invested in it is worth it.

It is Irrelevant

It is very much irrelevant because it doesn’t give a complementary look. And if anyone is in a bid to actualize a cohesive look, matching up colors for your bedroom and bathroom doesn’t arise as a question. Yes. And this is because the bathroom is not opened to the bedroom. As such, its relevance is not seen.

It Becomes Boring

How is it boring when one continues to see the same color in the bedroom and bathroom every day? Imagine where you have your daily shower looks like where you sleep? When you are done having your shower, wouldn’t you want to go back to sleep? Now, you get it. Try using different colors, and create an energizing feel for yourself.

How to Match Bedroom and Bathroom Cabinet

This is not so far-fetched from matching colors together.  It is, even more, catchier than color blends.

The color used in painting the walls of the bedroom can be matched up with the bathroom cabinet. As a matter of fact, matching the bedroom wall and the bathroom cabinet is the best and easiest thing to do.

Gray is one of the best colors in actualizing the shades already on the bedroom wall on the bedroom cabinet. Here, the perfect shade of gray will be pale gray. Pale gray is known as Gainesboro.

If you make up your mind to match your bedroom and bathroom cabinet, try using shades of gray in your bedroom space, which includes pale gray, and mix it with some touches of navy blue. And as such, you can proceed with the assistance of a professional in making your bathroom cabinet out of pale gray and highlights with it navy blue on the fringes.

This will bring out a perfect combination. Remember how neutral colors can go with other colors, giving it a balanced and cozy feel? That’s what will be experienced in this match-up.

What Colours Go Well Together in a Bedroom

A series of bedroom colors combo will be analyzed shortly in this passage. Some colors are incredibly cool and sweet looking but it is never enough because these colors may not come out well when combined with other colors.

  • Gray and blue
  • Light brown and muted green
  • Coral and blue
  • Orange and tan
  • Browns and creams
  • Turquoise and cream
  • Cream and white
  • Pinks and white

1. Gray and Blue

Should Bedroom and Bathroom Colors Match?

Remember the magic effects neutral colors have on the bedroom, whether mixed with light or dark colors. Here, gray serves as a neutral color, and when mixed with blue, it provides a perfect combo for cool and contented in the bedroom.

2. Light Brown and Muted Green

Light brown and the muted green depict warmth and complementary sight. Have you seen a light brown and muted green combo bedroom? It is unbelievably magnificent. The saturation of the light brown when mixed with a muted green makes your bedroom looking epic and graceful.

3. Coral and Tiffany Blue

There are different shades of coral, and in this case, we will be examining coral as a shade of orange. Coral is peculiarly arresting when in a combo with tiffany blue. Coral’s connectivity with tiffany blue in the bedroom illuminates energy and vibrancy. It is a perfect combo for a bold space.

4. Orange and Tan

Orange brings with it optimism to the bedroom space. It confidence outshines the tan in the bedroom and thus, creating a balance for warmth and intimacy.

5. Browns and Creams

The combo of browns and creams on a bedroom is sensational and majestic on sight. It thus showcases beauty and confidence.

6. Turquoise and Cream

The blue stands out due to its sharp and calm disposition, complementing the cream with its shades. Beauty sleep is inevitably derived in a bedroom like this.

7. Cream and White

In this case, none outshines the other. This combo gives a pure and clean feel. Free from any sense of cloudiness. There is an added form of texture with the cream and space with the white.

8. Pink and White

The color combo dignifies intimacy and calm. It is very much elusive on sight. Try to visualize your bedroom accommodating and cozy at the same time with these epic color shades. The color combos are powerful.

What Colors Go Well In a Bathroom

In this section, there may just be a few parings because of the humidity of the bathroom.  Most of the combos will work with white perfectly because it makes the bathroom much more elaborate.

  • Cream and white
  • Shades of gray
  • Aqua and white
  • Pink and white
  • Blues and whites

1. Cream and White

Should Bedroom and Bathroom Colors Match?

Cream and white are the most popular and perfect combo for your bathroom. Both complement one another in a beautiful way without outshining the other. The white makes your bathroom bigger and active. Moreover, cream establishes buoyancy.

2. Shades of Gray

Have you seen a bathroom painted with shades of gray? It is so bright and welcoming. one can be energized just by having a bath here. Trying using shades of gray in your bathroom walls and decors and get inspired every time you make use of your bathroom.

3. Aqua and White

It is already welcoming just by the sound of aqua. Aqua is a perfect combo with white on the bathroom. Decorating your bathroom with this combo gives you an inviting feel.

4. Pink and White

This combo is mostly recommended for the kid’s bathroom but it can serve as a perfect bathroom ground for newly wedded couples. This space exudes intimacy and privacy.

5. Blue and White

Everyone must have an idea of how these color shades work. This should be the second-best for your bathroom after shades of gray. It’s everything there is and should be in a bathroom space. It is inviting, accommodating, cool, spacious, and reserved.


If you were not hoping to match up your bedroom and bathroom colors, other options were made available in the cause of this passage. You could opt for matching your bedroom color with the bathroom cabinet. The act of blending colors of the bedroom with the bathroom is archaic but still practicable.

However, it should not be focused on the paint’s colors. There are other matchup considerations that could be made in making both compartments have a sense of oneness. Series of colors had been spelled out for you to patronize when considering color choices in the bedroom and bathroom.