How Many Windows Should a Master Bedroom Have

How Many Windows Should a Master Bedroom Have?

Are you building a house and are wondering how many windows a master bedroom should have? Well, wonder no more cause in this article, you will get everything you need to know about windows in a master bedroom.

Windows are very important to every house. Its importance should not be underestimated. It gives joy, relieves stress, and allows the passage of daylighting into the room.

However, if windows are very important in every house, then, how many windows should a master bedroom have?

A master bedroom should have one to two windows depending on the position or direction of the room. If the master bedroom is positioned in the direction that enables two windows, the homeowner should decide based on his personal preference whether to go for two windows or just stick with one.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom type of room that has a master toilet; that is, a toilet and bathroom inside. Master bedroom and master bathroom go hand in hand. The master bedroom is the type of room found in most households these days. As a boy growing up, my parents had a master bedroom which we the children were not allowed access to use except when it’s our turn to clean it.

The master bedroom gives the room owner easy access to the bathroom and toilet. This can be handy at midnight when you might find it difficult going out of your room to go ease yourself. With the master bedroom, you can quickly rush to the toilet and do your thing.

How Many Windows Should a Master Bedroom Have?

A master bedroom is supposed to have at least one to two windows depending on the direction of the room and the personal preference of the homeowner. If the master bedroom is positioned in a direction where you can only install one window, go ahead, and if you have space for two windows, you can install two windows in your master bedroom.

The only time the personal preference of the homeowner comes into action is when there is an option for two windows, you can decide to install either one or two.

However, in a situation whereby you only have the option to install one window in the master bedroom, you should at least make the window large to allow enough ventilation and daylighting to the room. Remember, a room without adequate daylighting is said to give a negative vibe.

Moreover, if the position of the room allows for two and it’s okay for you to have two windows, then you should go ahead with it.

I prefer two windows in a room to one. Two windows allow enough ventilation inside the room. The room won’t have to be stuffed up. There will be enough air flowing and enough daylighting in the room.

In my apartment where I currently live, I have only one window in my master bedroom but my two neighbors have two windows in their master bedroom and that’s because of the position of their rooms.

They are the first and last rooms you will see once you enter the building, thus giving the homeowner an opportunity to install a double window for them and one window for my room because my room is in the center, thus, no space to install two windows.

Things to Consider Before Deciding the Number of Windows for Master Bedroom

Before you start deciding on the number of windows your master bedroom should have, you should try to consider all of the following:

1. Consider the Position and Direction of the Room

AS reiterated earlier, where the master bedroom is positioned or directed is what determines the number of windows to install. It is equally what determines the type of choice the homeowner will make irrespective of his personal preference.

I strongly oppose that a homeowner installs the number of rooms based on its preference. It’s not as if the assertion is not true but it is not the first thing that determines the number of windows a master bedroom should have. The position and direction of the room are what come first.

For example, since the owner of my apartment installed two windows in the master bedroom of my neighbors, he would have equally installed two windows in my master bedroom as it is obvious that he prefers two windows to one.

However, he did not do so because the position of my room or, where my room is situated did not give space for two windows, hence, I ended up having one window in my room.

Be that as it may, the position of the window is also very important to determine the size of the window to install. You don’t need to install a floor-to-ceiling window to a master bedroom is that is facing the street to avoid what I termed ‘see finish’. This is to give the room owner the privacy he or she needs.

My bedroom is faced outside. I know what I pass through each time I open the window. People can just look through and see some parts of my room. My neighbors will not pass by without looking at it because, once it’s open, it draws attention to itself.

2. Consider the Amount of Day Light you Need

While installing windows in your master bedroom, the amount of daylight needed in the bedroom should be considered. This will allow the homeowner to install whether small or large windows in the room.

3. Consider the Physical Looks of the House

It’s obvious that windows add more beauty to a house. Have you ever seen a full-blown house without a window? Well, I’ve not seen it. Now, imagine how ugly the house will look if there is no window. The installation of different designs of windows gives the house a good look.

4. Consider the Ventilation

Some prefer to have small windows in their master bedroom for one reason or the other. However, while making such a decision, don’t forget that you need enough ventilation in the room to avoid the room always having an offensive odor.

There is indeed a fan, air conditioner. However, a time will come when you would want to open the window for fresh air. Trust me, there is nothing like fresh natural air. Therefore, if you are installing one window for your master bedroom, you can have a large window for proper ventilation.


From what we’ve read so far, we’ve come to understand that choosing the number of windows for the master bedroom does not entirely depend on the personal preference of the homeowner, rather, the position of the room itself will leave the homeowner no other choice than to install either one or two windows in the master bedroom. Moreover, having one window in a master bedroom is not a bad thing. It is better than not having at all.