Should Dining Room and Kitchen Lights Match?

Should Dining Room and Kitchen Lights Match?

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Should dining room and kitchen lights match? The dining room is a room used by both house owners and guests. This is where most people get a feel of hospitality, warmth, and value when they visit a house. There’s an old saying that “the eye eats before the mouth“, so many people would rate your kitchen, food, and personal hygiene with how good and neat the dining room where you serve them food is kept.

In most houses, the kitchen is the engine room and most respected place, it is a private room used daily by house owners for all culinary activities and skills. This is a special room that is treated with sanity because it would in turn reflect how healthy everyone that comes to the house would be because all meals are processed and prepared in the kitchen.

However, the question is, should dining room and kitchen lights match?

Dining room and kitchen lights do not need to match because of their differences and usage. Dining and Kitchen serve different purposes in the house and as such, there is no need to make the lights match. If the dining and kitchen are in the same place without a demarcation, just make adjustments in the type of lights you use in the kitchen to reflect creativity and make a good ambiance.

With most modern housing structures having open-concept layouts, there are so many homes that have the dining and kitchen fixed in the same room or would have the dining right next to the kitchen, with little or no separation.

Many people would love to have their lights bringing out the beauty of each other, but they should not be just the same. Matching lights in a house can make it unwelcoming and non relaxing for people, such would not reflect the good ambiance and beauty if lighted up with different species of lights.

Before setting up lights in both rooms you have to consider certain things like acrostic designs, paintings, curtains and blinds, chairs, tables, floor and table mats, accessories, etc.

Should My Dining Room and Kitchen Light Match?

A dining room is a general room used by everyone that comes to the house, and it happens to be a place where people feel free to talk and discuss some sensitive issues with a relaxed mind, while the kitchen is a secret room where all meals are proceeded and made, and not everyone is permitted or granted access to the kitchen except those that have business or service to render there.

Since both places serve different purposes there is no need to make the lights to be a match. Therefore, it would be of no value trying to decorate your kitchen with so much lighting to match with the dining room where people can admire the lights, designs, and features. Since not everyone is granted access to the kitchen, just make it look good, well designed with good ventilation.

As you may not know, lightning can be very expensive. Before putting up lights in a room, you have to consider what and what is inside the room, the purpose the room serves, and if it is a general place for everyone to have access to.

This can be costly to achieve, so you need not put more energy into having the same lighting system for both the dining room and kitchen, just save yourself the cost and keep the kitchen as simple as it should be.

When both the dining room and kitchen are found in the same place you can make adjustments in the type of lights you use inside it, to reflect creativity and make a good ambiance. The most important thing is to get the lighting right.

Reasons why Dining Room and Kitchen Lights Should Match

If the Dining Room and Kitchen Are In the Same Place

As earlier said, there are lots of houses that have both dining room and kitchen in a single space, this is as a result of open concept layout. If that be the case, you can design the lighting of both as the same so that when the light shines on the dining room chairs, it will reflect and give your dining and kitchen a soothing feeling.

Color and Visibility Choice

If the painting in both the dining room and kitchen are the same or similar to each other and can accommodate the same lighting, then you can go ahead and match the lights. Color and lighting cannot be separated, in fact, the color of a room brings out the beauty of lights and makes it attractive for people.

If You Can Afford The Cost

If you have the luxury to make the dining room and kitchen light match, then you can go ahead. The type of house you live in depends on the money you have, also following the old saying that “it is not good to use a rag and sow clothes for a beautiful girl“, you can design both lights to match as long as you can afford the cost.

Reasons why Dining Room and Kitchen Lights Should Not Match

Both Rooms Serve Different Purposes

The kitchen serves as the hub room for the preparation of meals and as such not everyone is allowed to enter the kitchen except the ones that have an activity to carry out there, while the dining room is where everyone comes to seat, relax and enjoy their meal. Having this in mind, the dining room and kitchen light should speak different languages and thus should not be a match.

Cost Implications

With the way the price of things are rising on daily basis, it will not be advisable to make the lightning in both the dining room and kitchen to be a match because if you do, you might end up spending much more than you have in your budget.

Different Interiors

Before putting up lightning In a place, the first thing to consider is the interior design. The dining room and kitchen have different Interior designs and specifications and matching both lights might end up causing a disaster.

Best Dining Room and Kitchen Lights Combo

Wellmet Farmhouse Chandelier Glass

This is a fine fit for the foyer or a dinning area for illumination with adjustable heights, it can be easily installed on sloped or flat ceilings. The light can be dimmed to your choice depending on your brightness fantasy. The finishing is well painted and clothed with metal and glass with up to 300 watts, 110-220v and 5 bulbs. The simplicity comes with adjustable height, easy installation, and hard-wired.

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Luxury Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

With a large size of 15.75 in height and 36.75 widths, it is perfect for dining and kitchen. The chandelier produces warm ambient lighting and is made from high-purity steel with ornate brushed nickel and superior workmanship. It comes with 1-year electrical components and a finish warranty.

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Laluz 4-Wood Kitchen Island Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

This product is made in a farmhouse style and large in size. It is designed with a wood frame of 27.6 inches in length, 9.8 inches in width, and of course 9.8 inches in height. It also comes with an iron base and natural wooden frame which will help make your kitchen and dining look good.  It is guarded with UL listed for your safety and that of your family.

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LynPon 8 Lights Farmhouse Chandelier

This light comes with 8 Candle shaped stem located on curved iron arms. With the 59-inch iron chain, you can hang the light on a relatively high ceiling and power up to 60W and total power of 480W. Safe for you and your household, you can dim the lights when you use dimmable bulbs and a dimmer switch that fits the light. One of the disadvantages of this light is that it doesn’t come with any light bulb. You have to be the one to buy 8 E12 bulbs.

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Industrial Metal Pendant Light

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This pendant light will meet your needs and bring you convenience. It can easily be installed and packed up without stress. It has 110-130v voltage and 60w wattage. The light is wonderful and fully dimmable and offers you the best experience.

CINOTON Farmhouse Pendant Light

This light can be easily installed in the dining room and kitchen, it works well with any E26 base bulbs with extra metal hanging chain that makes it more sturdy and safer to hang on the ceiling. You can adjust the length of both cord and chain to your satisfaction. It provides high quality outdoor and indoor LED light all-around your house. It brings tons of brightness to your home with adjustable length and two detachable metal rings on the hanging chain, this light is just perfectly made with high-efficiency just for you.

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Black Pendant Light with LED Bulb

The pendant light is well designed with a wood-look metal top and black shade that would adorn your home ceiling perfectly. It creates elegance and a unique feeling with a high-quality wood pattern and painting. The lighting creates a quiet atmosphere and the standard base socket is compatible with a variety of LED, incandescent, and halogen light bulbs. The adjustable plastic screw on the ceiling plate makes it easy to install and safe for you.

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KDG Chandeliers 10 Lights Modern Chandelies

Well crafted with 10 black lights, the gold plated technology makes it more textured and as such cannot fade very easily. The light looks sleek and as such will add a modern feel to your interior decoration. Another important thing about this light is that it is easy to assemble with all thanks to the in-house wiring texture that makes it possible and easy to assemble. You can rotate the fan between 10-170 degrees. It equally brings out color and ambiance with its E26 bulb up to 40 watts. It is fully dimmable especially if you install a dimmable bulb on it, it will bring out a sense of fashion to your home.

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There are so many options without end for you to illuminate your house. It can either become a blessing or a disaster; blessing because there are endless possibilities to have different options available to match your taste, but a disaster because if you make the wrong choice it can become overwhelming. Put there factors above in mind and make your dining room and kitchen a heaven on earth for people to admire.