Why are Bathrooms so Cold

Why are Bathrooms so Cold? (5 Major Reasons)

Why are bathrooms so cold? Why is it that whenever one enters the bathroom, it will be so cold? If your bathroom is not cold, then why is my bathroom cold?

The reason why bathrooms are so cold is because of the nature of bathrooms and the things we do inside, such as:

  • Being naked in the bathroom
  • Getting wet in the bathroom while bathing
  • The bathroom not designed to be conducive to warmth
  • The evaporative cooling effect in the bathroom, and
  • The bathrooms not heated as other rooms

The bathroom is one of the rooms every household cannot do without. This is because of the several yet important things we do inside the bathroom daily. We woke up using the bathroom and end the day using the bathroom.

I remember arguing with a friend one particular time that, as a house, we can do away with the kitchen, but we cannot do away with the bathroom. The reason being that the kind of modern bathroom we do have these days do have a toilet seat inside. You can install your gas and cook anywhere, but can’t poop or bath anywhere.

As long as humans exist, they must visit the bathroom either to poop, bath, and so many other things. Sometimes when we enter the bathroom, we discover that it is very cold; colder than the room. However, the question is why? Why are bathrooms so cold?

5 Major Reasons Why My Bathroom is Cold

Here are the 5 reasons why bathrooms are so cold.

You’re Naked in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are always cold because of their nature. Anytime you ask, why are bathrooms so cold? Think about the things you do inside the bathroom. Think about the context of a bathroom from other rooms in the house? Is there anything about the bathroom that is not usual with other rooms?

First of all, the bathroom is the central room where you are fully naked, unlike every other room. You can’t be naked in the kitchen while cooking even if you are alone. Even in your room, you can’t be naked for so long in your except you want to change your clothes or do one thing or the other.

But the bathroom is a place where you are stack naked from head to toe. However, the reason for the nakedness is no other than to take a bath with cold water. How can you be naked without clothes and expect not to be cold?

Bathrooms are a cold place but when you ask why are bathrooms so cold? It shows that the bathroom has metamorphosed from being just cold to being very cold, and the reason is that you are naked. Try and enter the bathroom with some clothes on and see the difference. It will definitely not be as cold as you felt when you were naked.

You Get Wet in the Bathroom

How do you expect to use cold water to shower and not wish to be cold? As I said earlier, humans do many things inside their bathroom, and bathing is one of them. You will definitely get cold if you bath with cold water, especially during the cold season.

However, during a bath, the bathwater will touch the bathroom floor eventually, and when that happens, and you step on the wet floor, your feet will be cold as well.

If there are tiles on your bathroom wall and it happened that water touched it during a shower, it will be cold. Moreover, even if water did not touch the tiles, it will be still cold. Tiles are made to be cold at all times not minding the room.

Bathrooms are not designed to be Conducive to Warmth

Bathrooms are designed to be cold. If you doubt it, go inside your bathroom and see how it is designed. The tiles run through the floors up to the wall and even to the ceiling. All these joined together make the place cold. That is why anytime you come in contact with the place; you will feel cold.

The tiles, bathroom mirrors, bathtubs, etc., all help make the bathroom feel much colder than other rooms in a building, coupled with the fact that bathrooms are usually smaller than rooms. No matter how large your bathroom is, it will never be larger than your room. 

However, with all the surfaces and how small it is, cold will definitely be the end result.

Evaporative Cooling Effect in the Bathroom

Most people have exhaust fans or heaters in their bathrooms. However, in normal circumstances, you are supposed to leave the fan on while you shower. After showing, it is a matter of time before you become cold again. As your wet skin begins to dry while you are still in the bathroom, you will become cold again.

When you finish bathing, your body will be wet. Because you bath under a fan or heater, your body temperature will be hotter than the average air. However, as the moisture evaporates, it makes the bathroom feel colder than it used to.

The Bathroom is not Heated as other Rooms

Bathrooms are so cold because they are not heated as effectively as other rooms in the building, and the reason for that is to ensure that the air in the bathroom can be exhausted adequately by the separate exhaust fan. Bathrooms usually have their heater that is separate from the ones inside the rooms. 

How Can I Make My Bathroom Warm

There are several solutions to a cold bathroom. Therefore, even if your bathroom is so cold, you don’t have to worry, all you have to do is follow any of the solutions below to keep your bathroom warm.

Use a Bathroom Heater

Bathroom heaters can provide enough heat to keep the bathroom warm while you shower. You can choose any bathroom heater of choice such as Broan NuTone bathroom heater is also good. 

Use a Towel Radiator or Towel Rails

Towel radiators and towel rails can help warm your bathroom while you bath. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs. Just get the one you like depending on the size of your bathroom.

Install an Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a way by which you can keep your bathroom warm. Underfloor heating has several advantages but can be very expensive to run. If you can not do it, you can go for heaters or radiators.

Use a Rug

You can use a rug in your bathroom to avoid cold feet from your bathroom floor. However, while placing the rug in your bathroom, make sure to put it where water won’t be touching it too much.

Final Thoughts

Bathrooms are usually very cold because of the reasons explained in this article. It is the nature of a bathroom to be cold. In that case, you can make use of any available measures available to control the cold in your bathroom.