Is Mr Heater Safe Indoors

Is Mr Heater Safe Indoors? (Yes or No)

Mr. Heater is one of the most popular brands in the market. But the question is, is Mr Heater safe indoors? Can I safely use Mr. Heater’s product inside the house?

Not all Mr Heater products are safe for indoor use. Outdoor Mr. Heater products are not safe indoors to avoid carbon monoxide poison. But, indoor Mr. Heater products are safe for indoor use because they come with Oxygen Depletion Sensor which turns the product off if the oxygen level in the air gets too low.

Mr. Heater is one of the most popular brands that is known for making heaters of different sizes. They make propane heaters, propane stoves, etc, for both indoor and outdoor use. They are indeed the leading manufacturers of quality portable propane heaters, propane infra-red, forced air, and convection heaters.

They have been in existence for so long that they have won the heart of many. If the number of people using propane heaters in the United States is 100, 76% of them are using Mr. Heater products while 100% of them know about Mr. Heater products. This is to show you how big the company is. They are well known not just in the United States but all over the world.

Is Mr. Heater Safe For Indoor Use?

Mr. Heater is safe to be used indoors as long as it is an indoor Mr. Heater product. The only Mr. Heater that is safe for indoor use is the products manufactured for indoor use only. It is not safe to use an outdoor Mr. Heater product indoors. It can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or death.

For example, it will be weird to use an outdoor propane heater indoors. Many people have asked if they can use an outdoor propane heater indoors. How can you even ask that kind of question? That is a very big risk.

If you have a Mr. Heater propane heater that is made for camping and other outdoor use, using such propane heaters indoors such as in the garage or in the room is very risky. You are highly exposing yourself to the silent killer called carbon monoxide and when it will strike you will not know.

In case you don’t know, carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that silently kills without warning. Do you know the reason why CO was given the name “silent killer”? It is because it kills without the person knowing that he’s dying.

Because carbon monoxide does not have any smell or odor, there is no way you’ll know that you are exposed to the gas or there is a carbon monoxide leak in your house except you installed a carbon monoxide detector in your house.

However, without the detector, you won’t know since you cannot smell it. Therefore, if you continue to expose yourself to the gas without fresh air, it will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or death.

When Mr. Heater manufactured these heaters for indoor use and others for outdoor use, there is a reason for that. It means that one has features that make it safe to be used indoors while the other does not have such features.

Moreover, if you look at indoor Mr Heater products and the outdoor products, you will discover that the outdoor products are very much cheaper than the indoor products and the reason is because of all the safety features the indoor heaters comes with which the outdoor heaters do not have.

The Mr Heater outdoor products are made for outdoor use having in mind that there is enough ventilation outside to dilute or carry the carbon monoxide produced by the heater away thereby making it safe for everyone around.

The company is also aware that that same amount of ventilation outdoor is not indoors, thereby adding those safety features to make it safer to be used indoor with the level of ventilation coming inside.

With that being said, you must know that whether you are using outdoor or indoor Mr. Heater products,  you need enough ventilation. If you use any of the Mr. Heater products without enough ventilation, you will either get carbon monoxide poison or die.

For example, if you are using a propane heater, you don’t need to ask how much ventilation do you need for such a propane heater. It’s like asking a question you already know the answer to. You need enough ventilation to use the product for without which you may suffer carbon monoxide poisoning or could die.

Can Mr. Heater Kill If Used Indoors?

Yes, Mr. Heater products can kill if used indoors without enough ventilation and other safety features. It can also kill if use carelessly without caution.

On December 5, 2019, there was a report of one Mr. David Dana who he and his dog were killed by a Mr. Heater product. The man was using the Mr. Heater parabolic propane heater to cook a roast on a skillet inside his van before his death. The heater was hooked up to a five-gallon propane tank. It was a long exposure to carbon monoxide that killed Mr. David.

First of all, The late Mr. David was using a parabolic propane heater that is meant for outdoor heating to cook inside his van without enough ventilation.

Secondly, Mr. Heater company has warned time without number that their products are not certified for cooking. I mean, how can you use a parabolic propane heater to cook or warm food? The company itself prohibits cooking on their heaters.

The reason why many people are not aware of this is because they don’t read the manual that always comes with these heaters. Inside that manual, you will be informed of all the safety tips and everything you need to know about the heater. Trust me, these companies know how dangerous these heaters can be if not carefully used.

Mr. Heater Buddy heaters are not certified as a cooker and are not meant for cooking. The company also prohibits the use of any type of non-approved attachment with its buddy heaters as third-party products. Therefore, the best way to use any Mr. Heater products, whether indoor or outdoor is to follow all the safety tips explained below.

Mr. Heater Saferty Tips

1. Do not Use Mr. Heater Outdoor Products Indoor

The number one safety feature you should know is never to use a Mr. Heater product manufactured for outdoor use inside the house. Irrespective of the amount of ventilation coming indoors, do not use it. There is a reason why it is made for outdoor use only.

2. Do Not Use Mr. Heater Buddy Heaters to Warm Food

Mr. Heater brand prohibits people from using their buddy heaters to cook or warm food. It is not meant for such and should not be used for such. Whether the Mr. Heater product is for indoor use or outdoor use, do not use for anything food cooking or warming.

3. Do Not Attach Third Party to Mr. Heater Products

While using your Mr Heater products indoor, do not attach a non-approved attachment to the buddy heater. The company has stated clearly that third-party products intend to change the intended operation of the buddy heaters should not be used in their products.

4. Read the Mr. Heater Product Manual

The mistake many people make after purchasing a product is not reading the manual. Products like propane heaters are not like a mobile phones you can just purchase, charge, insert your sim and start using without reading the manual.

You are advised to always read the manual that comes with the Mr. Heater products you purchased. The manual will of course contain all the safety features you need to run the product. It will contain how to use the product and what not to use the product with.

5. Allow Enough Ventilation

Anytime you are using a Mr. Heater product inside your house, ensure that there’s enough ventilation inside the room where the heater is being used. This is very important to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning that could lead to death. Allowing enough ventilation inside the room is one of the best ways to make Mr Heater safe indoors.

6. Do not Sleep While Mr. Heater is Running

No matter how safe it is to use a propane heater indoors, please do not leave it on while sleeping. Not that leaving it on while sleeping will kill, but it’s for safety reasons.

7. Install Carbon Monoxide Detector

As a homeowner using Mr. Heater products inside your house. You are mandated to install a carbon monoxide detector in your house. The detector will help alert you anytime there is a presence of carbon monoxide gas in the house for you to take immediate action.


Mr. Heater’s products are made for outdoor use and indoor use. It is not wise to use outdoor Mr. Heater products indoors. Therefore, ensure that you don’t make such a mistake. Also, For Mr Heater to be safe indoors, ensure that all the safety tips explain in this article and in the manual of the Mr. Heater product you are using are carefully followed.