Should Bedroom Curtains Match Beddings?

Should Bedroom Curtains Match Beddings?

Should bedroom curtains match beddings? Matching up your bedroom curtains with your beddings should be the most acceptable and easiest way to match up your room decor.

Beyond color matchups, fabric matchups have a long way to creating an extensive cohesive look in the bedroom. It is very much imperative here to state that the mixture of fabrics for bedroom curtains and bedding is very much welcomed but subjective to the components that merge them together.

However, the question is, should bedroom curtains match beddings?

Yes, bedroom curtains should match beddings to give the most noticeable cohesive look in your bedroom. In fact, when it comes to decorating the bedroom, matching curtains and beddings is one of the best ideas any professional interior designer or a homeowner will have as it will create a focal point in the room.

Curtains: An Overview

Curtains are made from fabrics that are used to make room demarcations possible especially prior to this time. Room dividers as they were anciently referred to, were used to manage privacy even in huge spaces. Ropes will be tied cut across spaces and these spaces will be shared among every member of the family to improve privacy.

Gradually, curtain fixtures extended to the usage of multiple functions. It was later seen that these fabrics can prevent excessive sun rays, filtering lights effects through the windows and doors, managing dust particles that may have breezed their ways into the bedroom.

Thus, the curtain becomes very much functional and was produced in multiple fabrics to satisfy the needs of anyone who dare use them. Among the most popular fabrics are Silk, linen, wool, and cotton. Others include synthetics, rayon, cashmere, and leather. Anyone who does not like silk can buy another fabric, whether cotton, linen, rayon, or even in merging fabrics to create a unified look in the bedroom.

Should My Bedroom Curtains Match My Beddings?

Should Bedroom Curtains Match Beddings?

Curtains and beddings matchup improves the cohesive look of the bedroom. Which house owner does not want an adorned look of the bedroom? This is the easiest merging of interiors to accomplish in the bedroom even without the assistance of a professional.

Colors, fabrics, and brands matchup can give you the intending look of your bedroom. Imagine using Mulberry silk which carries 90% of the silk fabric as the inner material of your curtain to merge with the finest of cotton fibers, Giza 45 as the main cover, with exact same merging for your beddings.

These fabrics have been tested to heat-absorbing in cold weather and excess heat routing during hot weather especially silk and cotton. Rayon and silk may also serve as a good combination, especially for your bedding. Choices as to the matching of Colour and design will arise after the settling of fabrics choice.

Here, there may be a series of controversies because just the same way fabrics have effects on the atmosphere, moods of the bedroom, that is how colors have effects. So, one has to be careful in the making of color choices more suitable for the curtains and beddings of the bedroom.

Pros Of Bedroom Curtains Matching Beddings

Matching the curtains of the bedroom with the beddings is the most decent and standard way to adorn the bedroom.

For Complimentary Sake

One way to acquire a dignified and personality feel of your bedroom is to match up colors, fabrics, and designs that will give you the complete look you desire.

It Develops the Style of Furnishing


As an added advantage, it helps match up the shade of the bedroom. It is possible to play it safe, securing and recreating a cohesive, super look. If you have sky blue beddings, for instance, you can pair them with blue-gray curtains. These pairings can deviate from one another.

Provides the Best Cohesive Bedroom Looks

Causing a similarity between your beddings and curtains in your bedroom automatically activates an ownership and personality feel of your bedroom space.

Cons of Bedroom Curtains Matching Beddings

To everything that has an advantage, carries with it a disadvantage, they say. Yes, matching up your bedroom curtains with your beddings is never an easy task and as such, it is going to be time-consuming and attention-demanding.

Before deciding to take up the unification of your bedroom curtains and your beddings, you have to understand if you do not give it your focus, you’re likely to make mistakes.

Time Consuming and Attention Demanding

Time-consuming and attention-demanding is a major setback to establishing bedroom curtains and beddings. This is a very important factor that serves as a disadvantage in carrying out this task because one may not always be available to make decisions on colors and fabrics in determining choices that will give the look any house owner desires. Even with the help of a professional, because it may turn out that the professional choice may not be the house owner’s choice and as such prone to making mistakes.

Money Consuming

It may be worth it, it is okay to acquire the standard look for your bedroom, but do you have the required amount for matching colors, fabrics, and brands to acquire that desired look? Yes, it is money consuming to match up your bedroom curtains to your beddings. You may not understand how this works but it is very much cheaper if you look the other way and do not create a matchup. This is a very huge setback in unifying curtains and beddings in your bedroom.

What Is the Best Color for Bedroom Curtains and Beddings for Bedroom

Whether light or dark colors for your bedroom curtains and beddings depend on what you want. Both shades of color serve different purposes yet have their special benefits. But since the question says ‘what is the best color for bedroom curtains and beddings, for bedroom, we are going to fish out best colors for curtains as per window covers and best colors for beddings as to accommodate sleep for any bedroom.

Best Colors for Bedroom Curtains

Here, it is going to be dependent on the colors of the bedroom walls if already painted. Now, in most cases bedroom walls may have already been painted, so, the next question is whether the shades on the wall are dark colors or light colors.

One cannot have dark colors on the walls and use dark colors on the curtains because it becomes extremely dark and torturing. Like one is in a prison of their making. Dark colors will always complement light colors in any fashion or settings.

So, if the walls are painted with dark colors, let us say, dark blue, the best matchup color for the curtains will be blue-gray since it is a neutral color and it gives a tinted and version of blue.

Another best color for your curtains may be pink, to complement a darker color on your wall. Pink is a very popular curtain color for a bedroom since it brings this coziness and manages intimacy.

Neutral colors for your interiors may also be a great choice, from the walls even to the beddings. Because neutral colors are versatile, they can go with any wall paint in the bedroom, whether dark or light shades.

Best Colors for Beddings

Neutral colors have been recommended for beddings nonstop. But the best color for any beddings remains blue. Whatever shades of blue the house owner choose can work because blue has been tested to be the best in achieving good sleep as it is most comfy to the nous.

Blue as a color has been recommended as the best color for any part of the bedroom interior. However, house owners and professionals have managed all shades of this color in mixture with other colors as paint for the bedroom or even in curtains, etc. But when it comes to your beddings, blue is highly recommended especially because of its cool nature. We all know it is easier to sleep in cool weather, so why not bring this weather in form of fabric and color to your beddings?

Tips for Choosing Matching Curtains and Beddings for Bedroom

There are relatively some tips that can guide any, whether a professional or a house owner into making the best and fast choices in the matching of curtains and beddings in a bedroom. They include all and are not limited to the following;

  • To construct a matchup of these interiors is not cheap. One has to be financially ready to run with this task. Try to make appointments with your interior guide and collect a budget for the above task.
  • Visit the market and make choices in relation to fabric, color, and design that is most comfy for you.
  • Different colors are usually most catchy, so your choices should center around different shades of a particular color. For example, if your first choice of color is blue, you should use shades of blue. Like sky blue, tint blue, soft blue, blue-gray, dark blue, etc.
  • Fabrics can be mixed but you should maintain the same color. You can mix different textures of fabrics used for your bed sheets that are most soothing to the skin and sense. If the choice of your bedroom curtains becomes silk and cotton, cotton and rayon can be a perfect mix for a duvet.
  • In choosing fabrics, the usage matters a lot. The functions of the sheets are different from the functions of the duvet, pillows, and curtains.

How Do I Match My Bedroom Curtains With Beddings?

When making this decision, the first thing to consider is spicing your bedroom with a mix and match colors, from your furniture, walls to your beddings and curtains. All must carry shades and bases of the same color. This is to achieve a complementary effect in the end.

This match-up may only cost you but it will not be a huge task. Try choosing neutral colors for your bedroom as your first choice. Then, move on to fabric choice. Try to mix your beddings with different fabrics. Using dark blue mulberry silk for the inner part of your duvet and a sky blue Giza 45 for the duvet cover.

Linen, on the other hand, is used for a variety of purposes but is strictly recommended for your bedsheets. Using a sea blue color bed sheet of the linen fabric would not be a bad idea. It could carry alongside it dark blue flowery designs if possible. This means that the silk part of your duvet will match up with the bedsheets. How? Remember the mulberry silk in the duvet was dark blue, same way, the flowery designs on the bed sheets are dark blue.

Same way, your curtains can matchup. Trying to match up your beddings with your curtains, imagine using a sea blue, mulberry silk, as the inner layouts, as parts of the curtains drop, and using a dark blue, cotton fabric, as the curtain cover. It is going to be a beautiful sight to behold. The cotton fabric as the curtains cover can as well carry the flowery designs. Yes, exactly the same we used on the bedsheets.

Final Thoughts

Matching up your bedroom curtains with beddings is not a huge task but an expensive one. It does not only add a sense of cool but gives your bedroom a standard look. Therefore, choose the colors that best suit your taste and match them.