How to Make Your Room Smell Good Without Air Freshener

How to Make Your Room Smell Good Without Air Freshener

Do you have guests coming immediately and you are excessively far from where you can buy air fresher to give your room something inhalable or most likely you are falling short on cash and would need to leave it regular and straightforward?

Well you can keep things basic and decent, it simply requires a couple of touches to the home and appearance. So, how can you make your room smell good without an air freshener?

Can Your Room Smell Good Without Air Freshener?

Yes, a room can smell good without an air freshener.

Before the coming up of air fresheners, homes have been smelling good. With a few natural touches in your room, it can smell good without having to spend an enormous amount of money on getting a long-lasting air freshener.

There are natural methods for ensuring your room smells well, with a lasting effect, without having to pick up an air freshener; it requires a few natural procedures and a little touch to the atmosphere and yes, you will have your room scenting like the roses of an expensive garden.

How to Make Your Room Smell Good Without Air Freshener

To make your room smell good without air freshener, you must:

1. Clean the Room

Even with the best air freshener, a dirty room is still a no. Imagine a nicely decorated home with food leftovers hanging in every corner of the table, fermented and erupting dangerous smells, or having stinking shoes all around the house, and many other unhealthy habits.

It is improper to leave your room dirty and expect a pleasant odor. Daily chores like having the dishes washed, laundry cleaned, mopping the floor, having your clothes well arranged, dusting all corners of the room, and disposing properly into the waste bin.

These steps won’t give your room that pleasant smell, but it is sure not to give it a bad one. A clean room keeps the atmosphere fresh.

2. Give Your Room Enough Ventilation

A glutted room is likely to develop dangerous air because of a lack of ventilation. Giving your room access to fresh air will keep the room less damp.

Since rooms, including bedrooms, must have a window, having your windows opened once in a while will ensure a regular circulation of air in the room. To have your room less damp, air needs to go in and out.

A constant flow in and out of the cool breeze will prevent the room from developing an unpleasant scent.

3. Having Other Air Support Systems

You can’t undermine the effect of having an air conditioning system or a blowing fan in the house. It prevents unpleasant scents and allows the circulation of fresh air. Running frequently will keep the atmosphere refreshed.

A refreshed room is sure not to get you throwing up because of an unpleasant odor. Investing in owning air-supporting systems is advisable. There are varieties of prices; you can always find one for your budget.

4. Having a Dehumidifier

A humidifier prevents dryness by introducing moisture into the air. Depending on which part of the nation you live in, regulation of the humidifier is advisable to prevent a room from becoming excessively humid.

5. Boil your Cinnamon

Cinnamon possesses varieties of different uses, ranging from acting as a blood sugar regulator to the reduction of arthritis pain and causing a warm scent in the atmosphere.

It is one of the cheapest means to make your room smell better than good. You can simply boil cinnamon by combining it stick and water in a pan. Boil until the water turns brown, and the smell fills the room.

6. Ground Coffee to Kill Dangerous Smells

The presence of nitrogen in coffee can help neutralize offensive smells in the atmosphere. This is very economical as it won’t cost you excess.

Purchase a preferred portion of organic coffee and have it grounded. Ensure you place it in locations where you want to intensify the smell and you have your room smelling like a newly furnished apartment.

7. Having Flowers in the Room

Living flowers produce scents that edify the mind and keep the nostrils sniffing for more. Flowers can easily be planted or bought.

Find out about a splendid type, plant it or buy it,, and then place it on your dining table or other shelf and strategic places.

8. Baking

The baking of snacks can fill the room with pleasant scents. It keeps the nostrils busy and the atmosphere refreshing.

Having the fan or air-conditioning working at this moment can spread the smell all over the room, making everywhere pleasant to stay.

When baking, don’t restrict yourself from enjoying the moment of pleasant bakes running through every corner of the house. It is edifying, you should do more of it.

9. Clean Your Room with Fruits

Cleaning your room with fruits can help make your room smell better. A perfect example of such is lemon. Apart from removing germs in the room, lemon can go a long way in helping change your room scent before your visitor arrives. Try it out today.

Benefits of Rooms that Smell Good?

The benefits of rooms that smell good are:

  • A room that smells good makes the inhabitant comfortable: Aside from a broken heart, another factor that the body detests is being uncomfortable, majorly when it relates to the contents that the nostril inhales.
  • A good fragrance helps the body’s system inhale better because of a friendly atmosphere for breathing. When we breathe fine, we live longer.
  • How comfortable are you in places where the smell won’t help you breathe well? You feel less comfortable, right?
  • It is the same way the nose will adjust by ruling out excessive intake of such a smell. A room that smells good makes the inhabitant comfortable.
  • A room that smells good will accommodate more people: Everyone detests foul smells. You possibly won’t convince people to stay in a place that restricts their breathing ability.
  • If you want more visitors into your room, you need to put in a measure that ensures the room smells well.


You can be very economical and still have your room smell nice. It requires a few of the listed points and you are ready to fight down unpleasant odors. Select the best fit for you and keep the ventilation system ever working.