Can You Hang Back Tab Curtains With Hooks?

Can You Hang Back Tab Curtains With Hooks?

Do you want to hang your back tab curtains and are asking; can you hang back tab curtains with hooks? The answer is no, You cannot hang back tab curtains with hooks because back tab curtains are uniquely made and fixed in a different way, the curtains are fixed and slides into the rod through the open loops that have been sewn into the curtain with the help of some materials. That is the major reason why you cannot use hooks to hang back tab curtains.

Curtains have been an essential part of every home, there would hardly be a home without a curtain on the window. Even if the curtain is not decorative enough to make the room beautiful, every homeowner understands its importance for the house.

Some just use curtains to cover the window just to avoid the rays of sunlight from coming in at any time to disturb them, to some, it would serve them during the cold winter days, to some, it is just there for their privacy so that people from outside would not see or know what is happening inside the house or know if they are around.

To several home interior decoration lovers, curtains are just more than window coverings or a way to hide from people; they understand the importance of curtains more than the ordinary man that uses them for mere coverings.

This set of people understand that curtains can transform a home into something extraordinary, it can shape the room and transform its pattern into what an ordinary mind cannot imagine. They know that curtains can match with your home interior decorations and furniture; alongside the ceiling and wall color to give your house that aesthetic beauty you would not ordinarily have imagined or thought of.

Curtains come in different types, patterns, designs and all of them are unique form each other because they function differently. Back tab curtains are the type of curtains with some hidden stripes of materials sewn behind the curtain, the loops of this type of curtains can easily slide into the curtain rods or you use curtain rings to help the loops get clipped in.

The major purpose of using back tab curtains is when you don’t want people to see the type of rod used for the curtains. In other words, back tab curtains hide the rods without anyone knowing either the color or material used in manufacturing the rod.

Can Back Tab Curtains Be Hanged with Hooks?

Back tab curtains cannot be hanged with hooks because they are mainly hanged with some hidden stripes of materials seen sewn behind the curtain rod. They hide the rod that is used to hang them, since you cannot easily hide a hook that way without either spoiling the curtains or destroying the rod used to clip the hook, it is well clear that you cannot use hooks to hang back tab curtains.

The way of hanging back tabs is the use of rods and loops, the loops are sewn behind the curtains and fixed directly to the rod. In most cases, they hide the rods that one may not be able to see the rod, and in another case, you would only be able to see or view little parts of the rods from where the curtains have some sort of openings on them, but if the curtain has no sort of opening that all curtains are used to cover the rod, you would not be able to notice the type of rod used on the curtain.

Why Can’t I Hang Back Tab Curtains with Hooks?

Back tab curtains cannot be hanged with hooks because of the uniqueness they portray and how they are fixed to be in place. Remember that they are installed with the materials sewn behind the curtains, and you would not find it easy to use sown materials to cover a hook and in most cases, hooks are too obvious to be hidden.

You cannot hang back tab curtains with a rod because the rods slide in through the loops that are already created by the sewn fabrics down the tabs at the back of the curtain panel.

Other simple things that can be used to hang a back tab curtain are a pinch-grip ring and other types of rings, but using a hook to hang a back tab curtain is not feasible because it would either destroy the rod or damage the materials used in making the curtains.

How to Sew Curtains With Back Tabs

Measure and cut the Fabric

After determining the length of the curtain and cutting the fabrics, add 10inches to your desired finishing length. That is to say, if you have your material measured in 95inches, you would add additional 10inches to get a total of 105inches for the material.

Make the Tabs

Here you can cut 4.5 x 6inches pieces for your tabs. Ensure that the finished tabs would be 2inches wider. If you desire to get 6inches of space between the tabs, you will have to get 4 tabs for each panel.

Pin the Fabric and Lining

Get the main fabric here to face down, then center the lining with 5inches on each end and 1.5inches on the slides, pin them around all the slides then you have gotten it right this way.

Sew the sides and bottom:

Ensure the sides are folded over the edge like ½inches and iron them, and then you can fold it over again like ¾inches, iron it again, and re-pin them. For the bottom hem, ensure you fold the material in 1inch and iron and then refold with another 4inches and iron. Sew from the bottom part of the material and then the side. Make a pivot at the top of the fold and sew across to the next corner. Make another pivot and sew it along the side to the bottom corner.

Sew Top and Tabs

Repeat the same steps for the top as you did in the bottom, but before you finish the sowing, ensure you fold over the end of a tab with 1inch and iron them. Take the folded end and cut it under the bottom, repeat same for the remaining and ensure there is good spacing, pin them in place. Get the top to be folded at the end of the tab, iron, and pin. Do the same for all the tabs. Then finally get the side of the top corner sewn all around the tabs. Then you have gotten your back tab curtain.

Importance of Back Tab Curtains

There are many importances of back tab curtains, but we are going to highlight a few of them, below is some importance of back tab curtains in a house:

Decorates the Window

When you use beautiful decorative rods to clips the loops of a back tab curtain, it enhances the beauty of window treatment and decorates the beauty of both the window frame and other things that surround the window. Back tab curtains ensure that the window is also protected from the draft and would hardly allow some sort of dirt and other unwanted things to come into the room.

Easy to Fix

They are easily made and are not difficult for anyone, the back tab curtains are the easiest type of curtain anyone can think of either hanging or making. Once you follow some laid down rules on how they are supposed to be made and fixed, you would not have any form of challenge on them at any time.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Method

Most people like the do-it-yourself method of doing things because it helps them get exactly the type of pattern and design they want unlike when another person helps them to do it. The do-it-yourself method also helps you to take your time, carefully plan how you want anything done for you to get the best and perfect look, and back tab curtains fall in this category.

Protects the Rod from Sunlight

Since back tap curtains are used to cover the rods in most cases, it helps to protect the rods from the rays of sunlight or harsh weather. Not only does it protect it from sunlight, but it also helps the rods not to easily rust or have any form of damage easily done on them. They are one of the perfect ways of protecting the rods and other hardware you can think of using on them for installation.

Transforms the Room Shape

This type of curtains also help in transforming the look of the house from a traditional look to a more modern, classy, and well-designed room. Many materials used to make back tab curtains are mostly unique and beautiful, with this in place the room would have a new look. This new look and transformation in shape would add more comfort and make the house more hospitable for both the house owners and visitors that frequently visit the house at any time.


The materials are cheap and affordable, and since you can easily do it yourself without the need of hiring a professional home decorator, you would be able to save more money than you ever can think of. The do-it-yourself method also helps you in most cases to save cost in the sewing, this means you would also save money from paying for them to be sewn and fixed for you.

Temperature Control

Most back tab curtains are full-floor length curtains and are seen floating from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor, this helps and goes a long way to help control the room temperature depending on the season and weather during any time of the year. They are curtains that touch the floor.


Back tap curtains have a unique way of hanging them other than the use of hooks. A hook would not slide into a loop that’s why it would be difficult for you to use hooks to hang them. Ensure you go get the best orientation before hanging or making your back tab curtains.