Is Public Bathroom Water Safe to Drink

Is Public Bathroom Water Safe to Drink?

Have you ever been so thirsty that you decide to drink water from a public bathroom but then you pause for a while and ask yourself; is public bathroom water safe to drink? Is it safe to refill your water bottle from the sink of a public bathroom?

Water from public bathrooms is not safe to drink, therefore, do not drink from any public bathroom or toilet, neither should you refill your water bottle from the sink of a public bathroom irrespective of how clean the water may be to avoid getting infected.

Water is very important to livelihood. What is life without water? You need water to do practically most things concerning life. You also need water to drink and quench your thirst but we all know that not all water is good for drinking. There is water one can drink and gets sick afterward.

There is also water one can drink without getting sick. That is because the water is clean and certified for drinking. You won’t have a second thought while drinking such water.

You shouldn’t drink water anyhow because it may lead to health complications. Trust me, you would not want to put yourself in a situation whereby you will be admitted to the hospital because of the water you drank from a public bathroom.

Is Public Bathroom Water Safe to Drink

Public bathroom water is not safe to drink. The reason is that, while a public bathroom may have clean drinkable water, what about the tank where the water is being stored? If there is no tank, what about the pipes distributing the water? How sure are you that there is no germ inside those pipes? Don’t you think it can pose a great health risk to you? It’s just like you asking if you can drink water from a hotel bathroom?

There are huge differences between bathroom water and every other water in the house such as bathroom water and kitchen water. So, drinking water from public restrooms is not advisable at all.

Is it Safe to Refill Water Bottle from a public bathroom Sink?

Yes if you are not meant to drink the water and no if you plan to drink the water at a later stage. On no account should you refill your water bottle from a public bathroom to drink? It is not hygienic at all.

Have you ever left some water in a bucket overnight? If your answer is yes, then you would probably know that sometimes by the next day, when you touch the bucket, it seems as if inside the bucket is slippery?

Now, imagine leaving water in a tank for a week, imagine how the inside of the tank will be. There is no certainty that the owners of these public bathrooms wash their tanks on weekly basis. Even if they do, what about the pipes? What about the taps? It is not advisable to drink water from a public bathroom or even refill your water bottle from the sink of a public bathroom.


I will advise you not to drink water from a public bathroom or faucets. Even if the water is clean, let’s try as much as possible to maintain very good hygiene and drink treated good drinking water. It won’t cost you much to buy bottled water at any store close to you.

Nevertheless, in a situation whereby you ran of cash and needed water badly, I suggest you take little water from the public bathroom to quench your thirst. Do not drink too much of it and allow the tap to run for a while before drinking from it to ensure that the water is clean. Aside from this, please don’t drink public bathroom water. You can only use it to brush your teeth, bathe, and wash.

Remember, you are only permitted to do so if don’t have any other option. Else, stay away from public bathroom water. Do not refill your water bottle from the public bathroom and do not drink from it. It may be dangerous to your health.

Anytime you are tempted to drink water from a public bathroom, I want you to remember how many people may have been inside the same bathroom. No matter how clean a public bathroom is, it is still a public bathroom and not the one you have in your home. Just do whatever you are doing there and get out without letting its water inside your mouth.