Laundry Room Next to Master Bedroom

Laundry Room Next to Master Bedroom (Things to Know)

Laundry rooms can be structured and placed where the house owner wants but there are facts to placing it next to the master bedroom. Laundry is a chore for your dirty clothes. Laundry helps to keep your clothes sparkling clean.

So the question is, should the laundry room be next to the master bedroom? Since laundry is already a chore, moving forth and back maybe another chore. Therefore, the laundry room should be close to the master bedroom for easy access sake and to manage time and energy on your part. Laundry close to the master bedroom or at least on the top floor adds value to your home, especially in the case you plan on selling your house in the future.

The Laundry Room

A laundry room is a section of a house where one goes to wash clothes. It is regarded as one of the oldest chores. The act of laundry is just as old as man’s existence. You can simply say it was the first chore done on the water.

The idea of laundry does not acquaint with machines. It is exclusively about the washing of fabrics in order to make them clean. It was until during the industrial revolution that laundry machines existed.

The laundry room in a house was first placed in the basement and then a cut-off close to the garage in houses. This was because the house owner needed a space that is contained. An isolated place in a house that could not influence the living space through the noises of the machines, the temperature it oozes, and laundry fuss.

But now, the modern standard had proven why it should be on the top floor if not even next to a master bedroom, next to a kitchen, or the hallways. All in a bid to making the chore of laundry easy, time management, and energy saving. Some even preferred the laundry room to be in the middle of the house.

The laundry room has series of machines and tools that make washing easy and fast. They include washing machines which can be more than one, dryers, ironing boards, baskets, hanging rack, etc all these and more make up a laundry room.

Where Should a Laundry Room Be Placed

The laundry should be at the garage, in the middle of the house, in the basement, close to the kitchen, and next to the master bedroom, etc. It depends on where the house owner wants it to be. But If the house owner considers placing it in the basement or close to the garage, then, the house owner may not be hoping to sell this property someday. This is major because things are changing and people are starting to see the irrelevancy in placing the laundry room on the down floor.

The down floor of a house is a living space that shouldn’t be disturbed with laundry since dirty fabrics cannot and should not be found there. The nursery, children’s room, master bedroom, and hallways are mostly found on the top floor where laundry baskets dwell.

It could have been a hallway if a hallway was a contained and room-like space but it is not. Why the hallway? Air has easy access in the hallways. Children should not have to make their way through any section of the house to get in the laundry room. The hallway is a free space that is opened to everyone at any time.

Next to the master bedroom may serve as the best option for the place of a laundry room. In most cases, the master bedroom is occupied by the grownups of the house, not the children. The grownups which can be parents or grandparents are in the best position to carry out laundry and manage the laundry room.

However, having a laundry room next to the master bedroom saves time and energy. These grownups can make it a routine of taking out laundry every weekend for a wash and see to it that everything is done orderly.  Running to and fro to conduct laundry even when it is placed close to the kitchen is not a good option. Except the kitchen was on the top floor.

Should Laundry Room Be Next To Master Bedroom

The laundry room should be next to the master bedroom because that is where dirty clothes and towels are gotten from. The wardrobe is found in the master bedroom and every other room in the house, therefore, having the laundry room next to the master bedroom makes it easier to assess the laundry room to manage time and energy. It also helps add more value to the house in case you wish to sell the house in the nearest future.

We first considered it to be on the top floor which makes it very close to the bedrooms. But then, after striking out other options due to multiple setbacks, we settled for the master bedroom. Here we can agree that a section can be cut out through the master bedroom for the laundry.

Now, if the children are grownups who can do the laundry themselves, there will be no setbacks because the laundry room can have its entrance doors.

Reasons Why Laundry Room Should Be Next to Master Bedroom

It Saves Time and Energy

It is very much unnecessary to place your laundry room on the lower floor because it causes body aches to go to and fro just for laundry. You will do yourself a huge favor placing it next to your master bedroom to save you time and energy. It is the new standard that understands wasting energy is unnecessary.

Adds Value to Your House

Most people want to structure houses in ways they can sell at good prices. It should be noted that if a laundry room is not on the top floor people will always price it lesser and possibly excluding the amount they would use in removing the laundry room from the down floor to the top floor. House owners should always have this thought in mind when buying or building a house.

It is the Laundry Location

As have been pondered upon before, the bedrooms carry the laundries. How? The sheets, towel clothes, and other fabrics are found in the nursery, children’s rooms, and the master bedroom which is where the laundry doers are located, so, why not place the laundry room next to the master bedroom. On a laundry day, the grownups will just have to stuff laundry baskets and take them to the laundry room which is within the same location.

Easy Access

The fusses that come with moving up and down will not be thought of if your laundry is placed next to the master bedroom. It is just like going to the next room after your room, especially if the house owners are people who do laundry every day. Access made easy.

Things to Consider When Putting Laundry Room Next To Master Bedroom

Entrance Door to the Laundry Room

There are series of things to consider when putting a laundry room next to the master bedroom such as an entrance door. An entrance door in case you succeeded in expanding your master bedroom suite enough to have a master bedroom door connection. What about your grown-up kids that can do laundry themselves? It will not be ok for your kids to have to pass through the master bedroom to the laundry room. So, there should be an exclusive and private extra door to the laundry room.

Drain on the Floor

Another thing to consider is a drain on the floor of the laundry room that will be connected through the pipes to the sewer. This is to avoid water incidents in the master suite. If a water accident happens in the garage of the basement laundry, there wouldn’t be so much fuss and destruction. Don’t take this risk for your master suite. Just in case the washer happens to leak it will not cause irreversible destruction in your master bedroom if there is a floor drain.

Enough Space

Make the laundry room next to the master bedroom huge with spaces that can contain cabinets for storing things like detergent, bleach, sewing supplies, etc, and should be thoroughly ventilated.


Add a few windows and an exhaust fan to your laundry room if possible. It is next to the master bedroom, so, make sure the air that goes in and out is pure and fresh.


The laundry is actually a boring task. A chore people run away from but always have to run back to. If a laundry room is attached next to the master suite as a form of an extension, house owners will have no excuse to run from it anymore because it implies the same location. Energy and time will be saved because of the easy access to the laundry room.