Does Your Bathroom Decor have to Match your Living Room

Does Your Bathroom Decor have to Match your Living Room?

Does your bathroom decor have to match your living room? Do you really need to care about your bathroom decorations matching your living room? Does it worth the effort?

Almost everyone does house decoration. No matter how simple you may look, you still have to decorate your house to match your taste. However, the question is, does your bathroom decor have to match your living room?

Your bathroom decor does not have to match your living room if you don’t want it to match but if you’re the type that likes or wants everything in your apartment to match, decorating your bathroom to be the same as your living room is worth doing. It entirely depends on you and the funds available.

You should note that your bathroom is a place only you visit all the time, unlike your living room. It’s not as if your bathroom is a public one where every outsider has to come and use. It is your private property, which only you or your family use.

Decorating a master bathroom to match your living room does not matter. The reason is that you are the only one that has access to the bathroom. On the other hand, it matters if you are the type that wants fancy beautiful things.

This kind of question is not something someone should answer for you. It’s something you should answer yourself.

First of all, you need to ask yourself, do I mind decorating my bathroom to suit my living room? Will it give me joy? If the answer is a positive one, then you have to ask yourself, do I have the fund to do that? If the response is also positive, then you can go ahead and decorate your bathroom to match your living room.

When we talk of decorating a bathroom to match the living room, we mean painting the bathroom the same color as the room—or matching the bathroom tiles to look similar to the parlor’s tiles.

The same goes for the bathroom vanities, bathroom ceiling color, bathroom furniture, etc. The most important thing is having a positive feeling about it and doing it afterward as long as you have the funds.

However, if you are the type that does not care about matching colors, you can go ahead and choose separate colors for the tiles, furniture, and paint in the bathroom.

Does Your Bathroom Decor have to Match your Living Room?

Your bathroom and bedroom can be painted the same color if that’s what you want. However, most bathroom walls are decorated with tiles; you can use the tiles in the bedroom for your bathroom walls or use another tile similar in design to the one in the living room.

Suppose there are no tiles in your bathroom. However, you can go ahead and paint it the same color as your bedroom. Doing that will make it more colorful should in case someone visits you, the person will be amazed at how properly your bedroom and bathroom are arranged.

Using wallpaper in a house is not common. Not everyone makes use of wallpaper. Peradventure you have wallpaper on your bedroom walls, you don’t need to start putting such wallpaper in the bathroom.

What you have to do is to paint your bathroom to look like the wallpaper in the bedroom. This also means that you need to purchase a simple wallpaper that can easily be translated into painting.

Should you prefer tiles, you can verify if you can get tiles that have the same design as your wallpaper. If you didn’t see anyone, you could check a similar design if you did not find any. You can just let it go. It’s not a must that you have to decorate your bathroom to match your bathroom.

How to Decorate your Bathroom to Match Your Livingroom

1. Make use of colorful accessories

This will help beautify your bathroom. Imagine using a blue toilet seat instead of white. I have seen a pink toilet and pink sink. Use colorful tiles, if you prefer to paint, use different color paint to complement the bathroom decoration. You may have blue and white paint in your bathroom and a blue and white bedspread and pillowcase. Doing this complements the decor in the bedroom.

2. Make use of Attractive Light Fixtures

Doing this will help make your bathroom very attractive. The light fixture may not be exactly like the one in the living room, but it has to look similar and smaller because your room is obviously bigger than the bathroom.

Moreover, if the light fixtures in your bedroom are smaller or portable, if it is something that can fit into your bathroom, you can go ahead and add it to your bathroom.

Let the furniture in the bedroom Resemble the One in the Livingroom: Furniture such as bedroom cabinet. You can make it match the one you have inside the bathroom. Let the color be the same; let the design resemble each other.

3. Art

You can use a piece of art to beautify your bathroom. However, I don’t think it’s wise to use the same piece of art inside the bedroom in the bathroom. The reason is that when someone sees an art, they don’t want to see the same art again, they want to see another different art, even if the art is similar, at least, let it be something different from the one in the living room.


Decorating your bathroom to match your living room is a thing of choice. It is not something you should pressure yourself to do when you don’t have the fund. Remember, your bathroom is a private place used by you and maybe some of your visitors and family members. Just decorate it however you want, as long as it makes you happy.