Should Bedroom Curtains Touch the floor?

Should Bedroom Curtains Touch the floor?

Should bedroom curtains touch the floor? Curtains add exceptional fittings and beauty to every compartment of a house. It serves and is used in some houses as demarcating points. Whether curtains should touch the floor is going to be dependent on the section of the house.

However, the question is, should bedroom curtains touch the floor?

Bedroom curtains should not touch the floor rather should be 1/2 inches above the floor to avoid any inconveniences during mopping and vacuuming, etc.

It’s left for you as the homeowner to make a choice base on your preference but the best way to hang a curtain in a room is to hang it to be a little inch above the floor. It’s just like using a long curtain on a short window.

Bedroom Curtains: An Overview

Emphasis cannot be laid enough on the extraordinary suitability curtains brings to the beauty of a house. Prior to these times, curtains have been invariably used to delimitate rooms, knotted most times to wooden edges constructed as part of windows fringes.

Eventually, the beauty of these adorable fabrics was seen to add beauty to every section of the house and as such, it was maintained. In later times, matching up these fabrics to the suitability of each compartment made up was practical in the homes of the royals and nobles, most especially. As a result, the increased demand for these fabrics caused an increase in price.

Industries grew bigger in the growth of producing finer linens, silks, and cotton. These industries started producing curtains even specifically for royals and nobles. This was so that commoners can afford curtains to decorate and match up to their interiors. This proves that curtains have always had a significant role to play in the fittings of interiors.

Types of Curtain Fabrics

There are three types of curtain fabrics and it includes:

  • Silk: Silk is remarkably typical and superior. Silk is the oldest fabric used for curtains
  • Cotton: Cotton is the most moveable fabric, having great varieties and very much easy to maintain
  • Linen: Linen is often of low-density and plain. Whatsoever preference of these three will invariably provide a fine curtain

Importance of Curtains in a Bedroom

The importance of curtains in a bedroom can never be overemphasized, especially as it serves as shades or a form of a window cover. In addition, they serve to keep the lights, aids privacy, and dust prevention.

Serves as a Form of Window Cover

Questions that come to mind from the above statement is cover from what? But windows are made with constructed covers, whether wooden or glass cover, right? Yes, they are. However, those covers are not enough. Having a locked bedroom door which is always the case as it implies privacy and intimacy. The windows on the other hand allow ventilation in, and thus, cannot be shut. So, in order to manage ventilation, dust prevention, and the prevention of sunrays from the bedroom, curtains importance as I have stated before cannot be overemphasized.

Hides and Beautifies the Simplicity of the Bedroom

Curtains are complementary to the interior decors of the bedroom. It gives this added sophistication and toughness to the bedroom style. It improves the appearance of any bedroom. Also, depending on the fabric used especially with the choice of the house owner and the help of a professional, curtain fabrics can affect the atmosphere of your bedroom, causing warmth or cool.

Curtains Aids Privacy

There is always an added advantage when certain decisions are taken in improving any bedroom appearance. The need for privacy is one of the major reason curtains are used in the bedroom interiors. They have become indispensable attachments to house owners. Setting up curtains is admirably one way to manage privacy in any bedroom setting.

Should Bedroom Curtains Touch the Floor

Bedroom curtains should touch the floor because it gives the classiest of looks to the compartments of your edifice. However, it is basically dependent on the kind of look the house owners are trying to achieve.

Bedroom curtains should touch the floor but it should be above the mopping level, where one can mop or scrub the floor easily without any point of contact. Curtains should drop to 1/2 inches just before the floor.

The corporate, adorn, and mountainous feel it gives, making your bedroom looks longer is another reason curtains should touch the floor in any bedroom. The established idea of privacy when we hear the word ‘bedroom’ has already given professionals and house owners a ‘small space’. This notion can be changed by sighting your curtains touching the floor in your bedroom. The elongated feel of your bedroom changes this notion.

Pros of Bedroom Curtain Touching the Floor

The advantages of bedroom curtains touching the floor may be too numerous to mention. At the same time, the advantages may be very glaring to any eyes that dare visualize its extensive impacts. Since windows do not extend to the floor, the answer should be less logical. Curtains look best when they touch the floor of a bedroom, it gives the bedroom an alluring beauty and makes it more ceremonious.

It Elongates the Bedroom

What majorly comes to mind on hearing the word ‘bedroom’ is a ‘small’ private and sacred compartment where one sleeps. Thoug some people bedrooms are large.  Now, try to imagine using curtains that reach the hem of your bedroom floor. it exonerates the small feel of a bedroom, leaving it longer and taller.

It Gives the Bedroom an Executive Look

In a room where curtains touch the floor, do you not feel covered and protected? Having no space exposed or opened around you, especially when the curtains are drawn for the night is the ultimate. Since there are no exposed spaces, one doesn’t even have to use a duvet in covering any longer.

It Makes Your Room Formal and Stylish

Bedroom and simplicity go hand in hand. Yes, the bed, closet, maybe a piece of reserved furniture by the corner, an optional heat lamp by the side, a center carpet or rug, and a television set directly opposite the bed. The most simple compartment ever. But then, imagine using not just any curtain’s length, but long, floor touching curtains as a decor in your room. It gives it this adornment. Now, you have the fixtures of kings and you are hereby furnished with power and authority to rule your world.

Cons of Bedroom Curtains Touching the Floor

Curtains that touch the floor of the bedroom will require more than enough attention in the maintenance of the curtains. It becomes a challenging process to maintain both by the house owner and the wash person because of its extra lengths. it also makes the closing and opening of the windows even more difficult to swing.

Long Curtains are Hard to Maintain

Curtains that touch the floors of your bedroom can be very much hard to maintain. It becomes very much prone to picking and absorbing dust and as such, one has to be consistent in pulling it down for wash. Its added length makes it hard to wash even when it gets to the wash house. It is definitely not going to be easy for the homeowner to maintain or the washer person to make clean.

Makes the Closing and Opening of Curtains Difficult

In a bid to swing your curtains to an open, the difficulty may arise in the swift swing you applied. I want you to understand that it is not your fault. You have applied the right energy but to no avail. It is the length that is responsible for the slow swift. Since the curtains touch the floor, it automatically becomes hard to pull in a swift swing. This also serves as a setback in choosing long and flowing curtains in the bedroom.


Curtains have been used prior to this time as room dividers, causing demarcation between spaces. It was eventually discovered to add beauty to the interiors of the house and as such, was used to manage temperatures and sun glows. Curtains were first used to manage privacy and then, were discovered to add final decorative touches in any room. They are mostly needed by homeowners to increase and maintain privacy.

Therefore, if you are an admirer of long curtains, I hope it’s safe to say that letting your curtains hover by one and a half inches from the floor may be the best option. In the end, the look you intend to accomplish will not be derailed.