10 Color Furniture that Goes With Dark Wood Floor

10 Color Furniture that Goes With Dark Wood Floor

Choosing a color combination for decoration in the house can sometimes be tricky because there are several things to consider. The fact that you are looking for the color furniture that goes with a dark wood floor means you may have used a wood floor for either one of your rooms. 

Remember, you are not advised to use wood floors for the bathroom despite how water-resistant the wood is. It’s better to use tiles for your bathroom as it is more durable than wood floors.

Not every color furniture goes with a dark wood floor. Therefore, asking what color furniture goes with dark wood floor is not weird at all. Color furniture such as white, grey, yellow, ochres, browns, dark red, light wood, green, blue, black, purple, etc., goes well with dark wood floor. All you have to do is to choose the color you desire and use it for your furniture.

However, when using a dark wood floor for your room, you must consider the wall and ceiling paint color. Sometimes, using too many dark shades can bring a negative vibe to the room. It may make the room look very dark even when it’s not yet dark. 

Moreover, you are not supposed to use dark wood floors when your wall paint is dark shades. It doesn’t give positive vibes at all. It is always better to mix darker shades with lighter colors to brighten the room and revive the atmosphere.

What Color Furniture Goes Well With Dark Wood Floor?

Below are the 10 color furniture that goes with dark wood floors are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Dark red
  • Lightwood
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black 
  • Purple


10 Color Furniture that Goes With Dark Wood Floor

Almost everything goes with white color. In fact, white color furniture is the best shade of furniture to match your dark wood floor. There are many things white furniture color will do to the room. They are:

  • It will complement and conform to the dark color of your wood floor
  • It will help change the atmospheric feeling and vibe in the room
  • It will help make the room virtually look larger than it seems
  • It will confirm and complement the lighter color in the wall or ceiling.
  • It will help to lighten and brighten other interiors in the room
  • It will create a dramatic contrast with the dark wood floor

However, as reiterated earlier, it is always advisable to pair dark shades with white color, and white is the best to use. Supposed you wouldn’t want to use white paint for your furniture as it might tend to get dirty, there are many other color options to choose from.


Grey is another great color that can pair well with a dark wood floor. Using a grey color for your couch or bedspread will make your room look calm and elegant. Apart from white, grey is another color that blends well with dark wood colors, so it doesn’t matter whether the dark wood is coming from your floor; it will agree and complement it, giving your room an elegant look. 

Imagine how having a grey wall, greenish-grey bedspread, dark wood floor, grey couch, and white ceiling will make your room look?


Indeed, light or bright colors pair well with dark wood colors, but some bright colors do not go well with dark wood floors, and one of them is bright yellow. It will make your room look too flashy. Anybody that enters the room will notice the shiny colors in the room.

Trust me, if you want something that can blend well with your dark wood floor, go for other yellow colors such as dusty yellow. This kind of yellow color can blend well with your wood floor. Also, dark yellow is another option. As they are not too shiny, they will give your room a striking look.


10 Color Furniture that Goes With Dark Wood Floor

Brown is a trendy color. It is one of the color furniture that goes with a dark wood floor. In fact, brown blends well with most light colors. Using brown color for your room couch, TV stand, shelf, and rugs, etc., will give your room a positive vibe. 

However, if your wood floor’s dark color resembles that of brown, it is advisable to use the exact brown color for your furniture to help make your room stand design-wise. It will make your room look accepting and accommodating.

Drak Red

Imagine using a dark red color for your room furniture? It will not just go well with the floor’s dark color; it will also give your room an elegant look it suppose to have. Someone once said that if he’s ever going to design his room, it will be red. When I heard him say that, I began to imagine how red color will look in the room. 

Trust me, I’ve seen so many of them, and it looks fantastic. Use a dark red couch or curtain for your dark wood floor to give it that look you’re looking for.


10 Color Furniture that Goes With Dark Wood Floor

One thing I like with light wood color is that it blends well with the furniture. Since your wood floor color is dark, it won’t do you any bad if you brighten up the floor with light wood furniture. You can buy a chair that has a lightwood leg.  

If you have a dining space and plan to get a dining table set, it will be keen to get light wood chairs and tables. Except you are the type that prefers glass, then you can add the light wood color to the leg of your chair, couch, parlor table, etc.


Using a mint green for your room couch will be awesome. It will complement the dark wooden floor while giving prestige to your room. Remember, not all green color can do well here. Some certain shades of green will provide you with what you are looking for. Just choose the green that goes well and use it for your couch, rug, or other interiors.


As reiterated earlier, not all blue colors can go well with a dark wood floor. I love blue couches. However, while using blue, use either dark blue or navy blue for the sofa. Please don’t use the typical blue color we all know as that will be too shouty for the room. Dark blue will complement the dark wooden floor and complement the white or grey hue on your wall and ceiling.


10 Color Furniture that Goes With Dark Wood Floor

Although we are always told to use lighter colors while decorating our house than darker colors, black can still complement your dark wood floor if you use it well. However, while using a black couch, be careful. You have to consider the color of the sofa’s leg and other interior colors you have in the room.


The first day I saw a perfectly designed purple chair, I wowed. It looks fantastic and will definitely go with dark wood colors. If you don’t want to have a purple couch, why not have a purple curtain or and duvet. It will look fabulous in your room.

Should I Use the Same Color for all My Furniture

No. Please do not use the same color for all the furniture in your bedroom or living room as it might make your bedroom look dull and boring. 

However, no one will punish you if you decide to use the same color for all the furniture in the bedroom or living room, but it will be best to mix the paint colors. If you plan to give your room a luxurious look, mixing the colors complementing each other is the best.

Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to choose a color combination that matches the bedroom dark wood floor. Choose one among the colors listed in this article and use it for your furniture. Be careful while mixing these colors, so you don’t overdo it.