Can you Use Long Curtains on Short Windows?

Can you Use Long Curtains on Short Windows?

Can you use long curtains on short windows? A room without a curtain is like a car without good engine oil. The car would not be lubricated and therefore there would be no friction and movement, so it is with a room without a curtain. The room would look so empty, uncoordinated, without shape, and unfashionable no matter the type of interior decorations used to beautify such room. A room is not yet complete with the absence of a curtain in it.

However, the question is, can you use long curtains on short windows?

The answer is yes. You can use long curtains on short windows to bring the window into proportion with the room and to make it look good and fashionable.

Curtains can easily make any room become a focal point because they blend well with the interior decorations. They are an integral part of any room and cannot be separated. In most cases, the primary functions of curtains are for privacy, blocking of light, heat, sound, and cold. Getting the best curtain fit for a room would bring the room into life and make it look so admirable.

Long curtains are good for short windows because they cover a lot of things for the window. A short window with a long curtain is like an ugly lady with beautiful make-up. You will not notice the real face, and actual face type of the lady unless she removes her makeup. So it is for a short window with a long curtain, no one would notice the actual size of the window or how ugly the window looks like.

Can Long Curtains Be Used On Short Windows

Yes, the best way to make short windows look good and fashionable and be in good shape with a room is with the presence of a long curtain in the window. If you have a house with short windows and have been wondering what to do with it and how to make it look better, the answer is at the tips of your fingers and that is to use long curtains on such windows.

Every house owner wants their room beautified and admirable, people like it when their guests come into the house and feel relaxed, feel welcomed and ask “how did you come about such a beautiful design and curtains”, and would not even notice if the windows are short or not, that is the work of having long curtains on short windows.

Unwanted interference, privacy, and look coordination is also another thing you will enjoy when you have long curtains on short windows. It brings the house into unity and acts as a barrier against any unwanted interference that would have made its way into the room.

Pros of Using Long Curtains On Short Windows

  • Adds Beauty to the Room
  • Keeps the Room Coordinated
  • Adds Glamour to the Interior
  • Covers the size of the Window
  • Keeps the Room from unwanted Interference

Cons of Using Long Curtains On Short Windows

  • Blocks enough air from entering the Room
  • Automatically keeps the room hot always
  • Constant Laundry
  • Makes the quality wear out due to constant Laundry

Advantages of Curtain in A Room

Light Control

Though curtains add style to your home, it’s additional values are enormous. Some rooms in your home need light control, the curtain is the perfect tool for controlling light in your home.


Apart from providing more light control to your room, thicker fabrics with dark colors give more privacy, and it makes them even better for bedrooms. Much privacy may not be required in the living rooms, that is the reason sheer curtains are perfect for it.

Window Insulation

It is obvious that 50% of the air that enters your room can easily go out through the window. Thick curtains provide insulation for your room, in other words, the thicker the fabrics the more insulated your room would be, it also keeps your room comfortable and adds energy to it.

Creates A Barrier

Curtains make your room become a sanctuary family and acts as a blocker for intruders. And it provides an extra barrier for your window.

Noise Insulation

Curtains help to reduce noise from outside and also give your home thermal insulation.

Adds Value to Your Home

Curtains are another great way of adding extra value to your home. It is another high-quality fitting for the home.

Enhances Your Decoration

Another important thing curtain does for the house is making it look great. It can completely transform the feel and look of your room and change it to your desired taste.

Secures Your Home

Extreme security is one of the most important things curtains provide for your home. It protects you from intruders, harsh climate, and insects.

Transforms a Space

This helps to transform the outdoor and setting your space into a beautiful room you can enjoy always.

How Long Should Curtain Be for Short Windows

Curtains should be 63 to 144 inches long on your short window depending on how long and short your ceiling is. One of the easiest ways to increase the importance of the window and getting it to be in the same proportion with the room is by having long curtains on the window. Note that this option should be harnessed despite how many windows you may have.

Long curtains are the best option for short windows except there is a radiator or deep sill by the way. Length of 63 to 144 inches is good for short windows, all you need to do is to measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod, and round up.

Having short curtains on short windows drives a lot of attention to the window and reduces the room’s significance and window style. What you want to use the room for is a determinant factor of the typical length of curtain used in it. Long curtains would help minimize the ugly look and style of short windows.

Does it Matter if Curtains are too Long?

Despite the fact that you can decide on what length you want your curtains to be in your house, Having long curtains matters. Long curtains contribute immensely to beautifying the room. Long curtains make the room look formal, elegant, and impressive. It makes the room look dramatically good and sophisticated. If you want your room to be romantic go for long curtains. Having long curtains also makes the room look spacious and cool.

What Can I do if my Curtains are too Short?

One of the most important things to put in mind before hanging curtains in your home is to get the right length. Short curtains would make your room have an awkward, stubby look. It would also cut the length of the room wall, and make the window and the room look smaller than they are.

The easiest ways to lengthen your curtains if they are too short are as follows:

Add Curtain Rings

Adding curtain rings would help add several inches to your curtains, and this will help give you the length needed to have your curtains get to floor level.

Adjust the Bottom Seam

The bottom seam of a curtain normally has a large quantity of fabric folded over it. Unfold them and add smaller quantities of fabric and sow them together. The secret is to adjust the seam and create a new one from the bottom edge where additional quantities of fabric are folded together.