How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

Grommet curtains are characterized with ease and sophistication. It is most beautiful when attached with sheers or where sheers curtains are decorated to create a form of base for it.

The metal rings make it incredibly balanced and in most cases, because sheers are not the same as grommet curtains that are characterized by metal rings, they are usually used to form a base for grommet curtains either on the background, that is, independently, grommet curtains or the sheers are these metal ringed curtains to be in between them where they will take their place at both edges.

Sheer curtains can be decorated to stay in a squeezed form in the middle of the rod while grommet will stay at the edges or sheers can also be decorated to form a base backward independent of grommet curtains.

Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains are sophisticated curtains made with ease and balance. They are usually used alongside sheers to create a luxury and epic modern look. These curtains are characterized by metal rings at the top which makes them easy to install on curtain rods that even a toddler can make happen.

Grommet curtains are just as expensive by the way and very much worth it. It can be used alongside curtain blinds or sheers in any part of the house. It is available in different fibers depending on a house owner’s choice. This is to say that there are light and thick grommet curtains that are fiber definitive.

Grommet curtains are easy to install just as it seems, where the confusion lies most times is in the combo with sheers or curtain blinds and in this case, a professional’s assistance cannot be overemphasized.

All a house owner has to do when it comes to hanging grommet curtains is to provide oneself a curtain pole that is of the same size with the metal rings attached to the grommet curtains which has its edges knots where it is knotted at the end of the installation.

Proceed to fix your grommet curtains through the rings provided above it, when done, knot the pole at the edges so it doesn’t slip off and there you have it.

Types of Grommet Curtains

There are types of curtains which mostly uses rod for fixtures. These curtains have their specific beauties alongside the installation.

It is no news that there are different people with different specs and preferences when it comes to interior décor specifically and most of them may not succeed in describing what they want on their windows and doors.

This is why just a few curtains with rod features will be elaborated upon in this paragraph. These are types of grommet curtains that can work alongside grommet particularly.

1. Grommet Top Curtains

These curtains are also known as eyelet curtains because of its rings design. This style of grommet curtains has left mostly interior décor professionals in awe due to its ease and sophistication. Ease here is where you get to easily slide it on your curtain rods.

2. Back Tab Curtains

Back tab curtains design can be said to be most prominent in average homes. It has a back-sewn space created for a rod slide and can be beautifully dropped. This design is elegant and nice and has a specialty in hiding curtain rods.

3. Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtains can be deeply associated with back tab curtains in a specific way because both have pocket space for curtains rod but these pocket are positioned differently in a sense that while back tab curtains have a tab pocket attached at the back, rod pocket curtains has it in the middle and as such can carry the heaviest of draperies. This curtain design is balanced definitive.

4. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are lightweight curtains that can be made from various fabrics like cotton, polyester, chiffon, silk, linen, etc. It is mostly used as a base curtain alongside a grommet or any other curtain design. It is also important to note that sheer curtains can stand effectively on their own making a room look soft and airy.

Can You Hang Grommet Curtains with Sheers?

Yes, you can hang grommet curtains with sheers to have the perfect softness grommet needs to be luxurious and legit. Grommet curtains and sheers are both used together to form a complimentary luxury look in the bedroom, living, or dining room.

Grommet curtains are sophisticated designs and so are cheers. They are used to form a complimentary luxury look in the bedroom, living, or dining room; being that cheers are mostly lighter in texture and need to be balanced alongside thicker curtains for any spacious living space.

Grommet curtains are mostly associated with sheer curtains because sheer curtains have the perfect softness grommet needs to be luxurious and legit. However, do not get it twisted, grommet curtains can work perfectly on their own just as much, likewise sheers.

Sheers have been tested to be very complimentarily to grommet curtains. So, yes, both can be hung together because they can easily work together.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

Grommet curtains may just be one of the easiest curtains to ever install on your windows. There are various steps to make this happen and trust me, it is just as easy as stipulated here.

  • To hang grommet curtains with sheers, you need to first shop for double curtain rods since you will be hanging both curtains in one window.
  • A measurement must have been carried out before now, so set up these rods and check if it fits especially to the width of the window panels slightly above the top panel.
  • Take the rods down, fix the sheers on one of the rods, and let it be made to gather mostly at the middle and knot both edges of the rod.
  • Attach your grommet curtains to the second rod through the eyelets as instructed.
  • Let it be that the grommet curtains are separated from one another to fall closer to the edges of the rod. This is so that the previous installed sheer curtain to shown beautifully behind this sophisticated design of grommet curtains.
  • Knot the edges of your luxurious grommet rods at both edges and here you have it. A combo of sheers and grommet.
  • Give it a final look a little touch to make sure the curtains are arranged equally on rods for them to look elegant. These are how to hang grommet curtains with sheers.

How to Measure Grommet Curtains

Start by going shopping from a curtain accessories shop or online on Amazon. The importance of this paragraph implies the possibility of the installation of your grommet curtains. If this isn’t done, then you don’t want to install grommet curtains.

Here are a few steps to make grommet curtains achievable:

Shop for; Stepladders. (measuring tape), Grommet rods set, and Pencil.

  • Use a measuring tape in measuring the window panels first.
  • Measure the length and width of the window so you will know how far your curtains will be spread and fall using a pencil to mark these areas for accurate measurement.
  • Shop for your grommet curtains or design with measurements gotten from your windows same with sheers.

Can I Hang Grommet Curtains on a Double Rod?

It is possible to hang grommet curtains on a double rod but not just on any double curtain rods, it has to be a double rod curtain bracket. This only makes your grommet curtain larger on your window.

However, the base of this design still has to be the base of a sheer curtain. Sheers will bring out the beauty any house owner looks for in a combo with grommet curtains.

There should be an intentional focus to make the grommet look fuller with tiebacks that will bring out the beauty of this combo.

Pros of Hanging Grommet Curtains with Sheers

This combo can be said to be luxury definitive. Should we also talk about elegance and style? What about standard and sophistication? It is everything there is to any living room space.

Easy to Install: Grommet curtains combos are the easiest to install and the most beautiful combo there is. Since they are rings embedded, one slide can put it all in shape and accordance.

It is Standard: It is luxury and typical for hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and libraries. It is everything there is to a living space. It is air and vent managing and very efficient in any space. Even when the tiebacks are used, the beauty won’t go out.

Numerous Materials: Grommet curtains can just be made with different materials as sheers. There is no specific fabric to be used in grommet rings embedded curtains.

Cons of Hanging Grommet Curtains with Sheers

There are just a few cons as regards this combo and it can be easily deduced.

Rod Becomes Transparent: As I said before about the cons being easily deduced, check out the grommet on your walls and see how the rods are exposed especially when it is mostly used with tie backs. This is why specific rods have been recommended for the fixtures of grommet curtains.

Difficult to Maintain: This combo can be very difficult to maintain because it is not just anyone’s curtains. The drapery sheers can easily carry dirt to being that it suffers the incoming dust and bad air. Maintaining a combo of this magnitude wouldn’t be easy.


Grommet curtains are luxurious when in a combo with sheers. However, this combo isn’t cheap as there is a lot of shopping to be made and it just can be as time-consuming. But it is all worth it when you take some step away in admiration. It gives the room a modern look and it has been recommended for offices and living space because of its effective method in blocking or softening sunlight and dust. This combo is a yes for any of your interior decor professionals because of the ease in installation and decoration.