Where Should Curtain Rod Brackets Be Placed?

Where Should Curtain Rod Brackets Be Placed?

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where should curtain rod brackets be placed are good questions to ask because the type of return used for your curtain rod bracket is a good determinant factor on how your curtains would hang on the wall or on the window.

Curtain rod brackets should be placed about 4 to 6 inches from the side of the window frame or be placed to fill the spaces in the window width. If you have a low ceiling, place the curtain rod brackets higher, if it is wide, extend the brackets to fill all the spaces in the window width. 

It is important to note that there are some determinant factors to where your curtain rod brackets should be placed. If you get this right then you are sure of having a good look for your room, but if you get it wrong then you might not like the ambiance it would create for your room.

The type of curtain you want to use, the length of the wall, the type of window you have, length of the ceiling determine where you would have your curtain rod brackets placed in your room.

Curtain Rod Brackets

Curtain rod brackets are the type of suspension hardware you use for curtains, in a particular panel be it curtain rods, poles, rails, tracks, or curtain holders. They are usually hanged above the windows or placed to be on the same level with edges of the window, or anywhere you decide to hang the curtains.

When installed either in the bedroom, living room, terraces, or any other part of the room, the curtain rod brackets are mostly decorated panels and finishing’s, but the reverse is the case when you see them in the bathroom. Most bathroom curtain rod brackets are just fixed without any form of decorative finishing.

They come in different types and designs depending on the manufacturer. Some curtain rod brackets are beautifully designed and adorned with fancy finishing’s which makes them look attractive and good in the eye.

People always look out for a curtain rod bracket immediately they enter or visit a particular home. Curtain rod brackets can either beautify your curtains or make them look like nothing.

They are majorly made of irons, steel, aluminum in different sizes and patterns. Without a curtain rod bracket, you would not be able to suspend your curtain to the best position you want them to be in your room, they go a long way to hold the curtain, control the floating, and prevent them from falling off easily at any point in time.

Furthermore, it is so important to go for the best curtain rod brackets when you are about installing a curtain in your house, the beauty and glamour would be overwhelming and at the same time give you value of whatever was spent purchasing them.

Importance of Curtain Rod Brackets

The following are the importance of curtain rod brackets for your room and curtain:

  • Helps in suspending the curtain to a particular position
  • They enhance the beauty of the curtain
  • Enhances the room ambiance as part of the room interior decoration
  • They help in the movement of curtain return
  • Enhances the projection of the curtain
  • Prevents the curtain from falling off
  • Helps to sustain the curtain rod/poles

Where Should Curtain Rod Brackets be placed?

Curtain rod brackets can be placed higher if you have low ceilings in the room, but if the window is wide, you can place your curtain rod brackets to fill all the spaces in the window width.

Also, if you want to make your window wide with more space, place your curtain rod brackets to be 5 inches distance from each other, and if you want the window space to be less, then you will need to place the brackets to be less than 5 inches depending on the type of window and ceiling you have.

Since the curtain rod brackets have the power to transform the entire space into what you don’t expect and can as well make it look too open, you must critically look out for the type of curtain you want to use, the length of the wall, the type of window you have, length of the ceiling before making a final decision on where to place the curtain rod brackets. You should also know when a curtain rod needs center support.

Things to Consider Before Buying Curtain Rod Brackets

Before going for a curtain rod bracket, there are three important things to have in mind.


This has to do with space in-between the back of the curtain and the window or wall. You must measure it from the back of the curtain to the wall or window depending on where you want to install the curtain.


This is where the curtain would be hanged immediately after you install it on the bracket rod. The inches from the wall must be measured from the center of the curtain bracket cup up unto the wall. This is the exact place you are hanging the curtain.


This has to do with the measurement of the full extension to be used on the curtain rod brackets. Here you measure from the mounting plate to the outside part, and also from the back of the bracket to the wall.

What Types of Curtain Rod Brackets Do You Need?

The most important part of hanging a curtain in a room has to do with getting the best type of brackets for the curtain rod because they help in holding up your curtain and keeping them in its place.

There are different types of curtain rod brackets, and the one to be used in a room depends on the type of curtain, window, and other hardware’s used for your curtain.

Here are the types of curtain rod brackets 

1. Single Brackets

If your curtain is just a one-layered curtain, this is the best type of bracket to be used for it. They come in sets and they are good enough to hold and keep your curtain in place. They come in different sizes and widths and in different colors too.

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2. Double Brackets

This is the most ideal bracket for a two-layer curtain. Curtains that come in different layers are multifunctional, they add more dimension to the window and gives your curtain more beautiful designs. Having an additional sheer with this can be a form of beauty and decoration to your house. They measure up to 5/8 width size and can go well with a 5/8 inch with of rod.

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3. Center Support Brackets

If you have a long window to cover with curtains, the best type of bracket would be the center support type. In case the windows are too long you would require up to 30-36 inches of support brackets for the curtain to stand firm. It is important to note that these center support brackets also come in either single or double depending on the layers of curtains you are hanging.

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4. Elbow Brackets

If you have a wall that comes in an angle form, you would surely need an elbow bracket for such a wall. The brackets must be placed in the exact corners to ensure that the rods are well realigned to the angle of the wall. It is good to get the measurement of the angled walls to help you determine and get the same measurement for the elbow brackets for the curtains you want to hang.

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5. Adjustable Brackets

As the name implies, you can easily extend or shorten this type of bracket to fit the type of window you are hanging them on. This type of bracket adds more beauty to the window depending on their projection.

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6. No-Drill Brackets

This type of bracket is used for walls to avoid damage or anything on the wall.

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How to Select Curtain Rod Brackets

What would be inserted on your window would fully be dependent on the exact type of return that your curtain bracket has, and it is also dependent on the curtain you have in your room, and the type of transformation it would bring to your room. Once you get it wrong there would be a big challenge and you may not be able to enjoy the essence of the curtain. Below are important ways of selecting a curtain rod bracket:

  • Select the best place to install the curtain rod bracket
  • Ensure that there is no form of obstruction for the curtain rod bracket
  • You must clear off anything on the wall in case you are Wall Mounting the curtain
  • In cases where there are shades and any form of treatment on the window, you will surely have to get a longer return for the curtain rod bracket
  • How many curtain rod brackets you would get is the determinant factor for the type of curtain rod bracket you would use
  • Do not make the mistake of getting a longer projection for the curtain rod bracket if they are not necessary. It would be better to contact home interior decorators for advice if you are in a confused state on the type of return that would be suitable for your curtain rod bracket if it should be long or short.
  • Ensure you have a standard or short projection for the curtain rod bracket. If you are going to use a shade or wood blind placed at the back of the curtain, a short or standard return would be the best option. Make sure that the return for your bracket is up to 3-4 inches.
  • In case you are using a traversing rod or telescoping rod, the return must be adjustable with a 3 ½ inch to 4 ½ inches for the return range of the brackets.
  • If there are other things on your window, then you would have to get an extendable projection for the curtain rod bracket.
  • Immediately your mind is made upon the type of layer to put behind the curtain, add two inches to the initial measurement, this would be the exact measurement for the return needed for your curtain installation.


Curtain rod brackets are so important in bringing out the beauty of the curtain and enhancing the ambiance of the room, they are also critical because they are a sort of suspension for your curtains. You must ensure to get the best type of curtain rod bracket depending on the type of curtain you are hanging, the type of wall and window you are hanging it on, and most importantly where to place them is of utmost importance. Placing them in the right position would add more beauty and getting it wrong would make the room look what you don’t want it to be.