What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors?

What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors?

What color furniture goes well with light hardwood floors? Decorating a house is one of the fantastic things to do. Though it might not be easy in the beginning, at the end, when you see how beautiful the house is, you will be happy, and that’s when the fun comes in. I know someone whose love for house decoration prompted her to open a brand, and today, she is doing very well.

Choosing color furniture that goes with light hardwood floors can be difficult because of any mistake, or if you overdo it, it will show at the end of the decoration. However, in this article, I will be answering what color furniture goes with light hardwood floors?

10 Color Furniture that Goes Well with Light Hardwood Floors

Many color furniture can go well with light hardwood floors, but the colors listed below are the best color furniture that goes with light hardwood floors. These colors are:

  • Grey
  • Deep Purple
  • Brown
  • Black (dark colors)
  • Blond color
  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Ginger Color
  • Beige Color
  • Almond Color

However, while choosing a furniture color that goes with a light hardwood floor, ensure to consider your wall and ceiling color. You wouldn’t want to get a color for your furniture to compliment your hardwood floor, only for it to be off from the color on the wall and ceiling. Use a furniture color that complements bot to give your room a luxurious look.


What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors?

Grey is the perfect color furniture to pair with your light hardwood floors. It will bring out the beauty of the room and add more elegance to the room. The grey color will not only complement the light hardwood floor, but it will also complement the white paint color you have on your wall and ceiling.

Imagine having a white ceiling, a white wall, light hardwood floor, grey sectional sofa, and chevron area rug in grey and cream in the living room. Imagine how beautiful the room will look. If the kitchen is open that you can see it from the parlor, having a kitchen cabinet with grey or cream color will do justice to your decorating work.

Deep Purple

Please close your eyes and imagine what deep purple color can do to your room, especially when you mix it with another perfect color. It will not only add a focal point to the room; it will bring out the beauty.

Since light hardwood floors contrast with deep colors, try mixing the furniture with deep purple and taupe accents to give the room a fresh contemporary look it deserves.

You can get a sofa mixed with deep purple and taupe or, better still, get an all-deep colored sofa and mix it with the center table and rug color. However, make sure it also complements your wall paint color.


What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors?

The brown color is trendy when it comes to furniture. Unlike green and several other colors, it blends with the most color, and in this context, it is the perfect color to pair your lightwood floors.

When choosing a brown color for your sofa and rug, choose dark brown. The dark colors will work best than the lighter color. It will naturally give your bedroom the beauty it deserves. Get a dark brown couch, rug, center table for your living room. However, ensure that your wall color blends well with brown.


When I said black, I mean dark colors. A shiny black couch, deep brown rug, silver breakable center table, and black or brown kitchen cabinet will give your room a contemporary atmosphere. As too much black may bring negative energy to the room, black always goes with lighter colors as they complement each other. So while using black with your lightwood floor, ensure your ceiling and wall are not painted in a dark or black color, and it may make the room look dark and dull.

Blond Color

Why I choose the blond color is because of its simplicity, you can use it for your couch. Even though it’s not my favorite, it’s still okay to go with light wood floors. Choose the darker blonds and use them for your sofa. Then the rug and center table can have creamy color and grey color. While you use a blond sofa, make sure your rug is slightly darker than the blond color on the sofa.

You can go for a brown rug. You can even get a rug that has mixed colors. That will work best. Your center table should be wooden and brown while your wall is white or any lighter color, your curtain should be a sheer dark curtain to balance everything.


What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors?

Even though I support dark colors for the pieces of furniture on the light wood floor, white is still okay and can pair with the light hardwood color. However, white is not my number one choice because the floor is already a light wood color. Therefore, if you don’t manage the white color well, it will be too shouty.

While using white color for your furniture, please don’t overdo it. White ceiling, white wall, and white sofa can look too shouty, like an angels club (LOL). But you can use white for your kitchen cabinet, and it will match with the light hardwood floor.

Light Blue


Using a light blue for your furniture can go with light hardwood floors. Make sure that your wall is grey with white skirting boards. If you like to have a shelf in the room, let it be in white and then cream look center rug and a light blue linen or leather sectional sofa. If your wall is white, it is still okay. The light blue will blend in with the light wood floor, thereby giving your wall a contemporary look it deserves.

Ginger Color

You probably have seen ginger and how its color is. It is more like deep yellow that is not too light. While your wall is white or grey, the center rug should be creamy or grey or any mixed color. Then add a ginger-colored sofa in the bathroom and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere you deserve.

Beige Color

The beige color goes with light hardwood floors. While using a beige color for your parlor, make sure that your wall is painted white or grey, the ceiling white. Now get a sectional sofa with a beige color and place it with a creamy center rug or mat. Ensure that the rug’s color complements the beige color of the sofa. You can choose a glass center table or wooden table of similar color.

Almond Color

Have you seen an almond color before? It is a beautiful color. Using such color in a room with a light hardwood floor will be perfect. All you have to do is make sure that the wall complements the center rug and the almond color. In this case, you can choose a grey color for the wall. White will still be fine. But make sure the rug color complements the sofa and floor color. You can use a glass or wooden center table.

Should Wood Floors be Lighter or Darker than Cabinets?

It can be very tricky, choosing a color that matches. However, if your floor has a darker wooden color, it is best to use lighter cabinets, and if the floor is light hardwood color, then it is best to use dark wooden cabinets. It is to say that the only way you are permitted to use a lighter color for your cabinet is if your floor has a dark color vise vasa.

Is light Hardwood Floor Going Out of Style?

No. the light hardwood floor is not going out of style. As a matter of fact, current floor trends favor light hardwood floor than the dark floors because light hardwood floor complements with many other colors you can use for your furniture. It can lighten your room and gives it the positive energy it deserves.

What is the Most Popular Hardwood Stain Color

Currently, Jacobean is the most popular hardwood stain color. Imagine mixing jacobean and ebony colors as a stain for your hardwood floor? Your room will look more luxurious and elegant. Other popular hardwood stain colors include; dark brown stain shades, mahogany, cherry, walnut. These colors go with brown hardwood flooring, while espresso, ebony, and true black are other popular dark hardwood stain colors.

Final Thoughts

Choose any color listed and explained above for your light hardwood floor. But while doing, be careful, so you don’t overdo it. It is much better to choose your favorite colors and transform them into something that will always give you joy anytime you enter your room.