Are Propane Heaters Safe Indoors

Are Propane Heaters Safe Indoors? (With 18 Safety Tips)

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The question; are propane heaters safe indoors has been asked by many people who wish to have a propane heater inside their home but wonder if it’s safe to use such a heater indoor. Well, in this article, we will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Propane heaters are safe indoors as long as it’s an indoor propane heater. Also, propane heaters are safe to be used indoors as long as the heater is installed on a non-combustible surface and far away from non-combustible materials. The heater must have a low oxygen sensor, high-temperature coated safety guard, overheat protection, and an automatic shut-off.

Propane heaters are an amazing way to heat rooms that are not heated by the central heating system in the house. It is a perfect heater to use where your central heating system could not reach. Instead of managing the place like that during cold time, you can easily purchase an indoor propane heater for these indoor surfaces.

Some propane heater comes with a thermostatic valve while others are ventless propane heaters that can be used anywhere even in the garage. There are several other direct vent propane heaters that work without electricity. Different varieties of propane heaters are on the market left for you to choose the one you wish for your indoor use.

Can I Use Propane Heaters Indoors?

Yes, you can use propane heaters indoors but it must be an indoor propane heater. Indoor propane heaters are the only type of propane heaters that are suitable for indoors and can be used indoors. Therefore, ensure you are using an indoor propane heater inside your house.

Are Propane Heaters Safe Indoors?

Propane heaters are safe indoors and are safe to be used indoors as long it is an indoor propane heater. You must also follow the safety tips stipulated by the manufacturer’s manual book of the propane heater you wish to use.

It is pertinent to note that the only propane heater safe to be used indoors is the indoor propane heaters. Indoor propane heaters are the type of heaters manufactured for the sole purpose of indoor use. On that note, do not use an outdoor propane heater indoors. It is not acceptable.

Many people have wondered if they can just use any propane heater indoors. NO. Not all propane heaters are suitable to be used indoors and when you make use of these propane heaters indoors, it won’t be safe as you think.

Know the type of propane heaters that are safe for indoors and go for them. While shopping for a propane heater to be used indoor or inside your house. Ensure to verify that the product can be used indoors.

If you are buying the product in a physical store, do not hesitate to let the sales rep know where you wish to install the heater to be able to give you the one that is suitable for that space.

However, if you are trying to buy a propane heater from an online store like Amazon, ensure to read the product description. Ensure it is written in the product description that the propane heaters can be used indoors before making your purchase to avoid buying heaters that are not suitable for indoor use.

Can I Use Outdoor Propane Heaters Indoors?

You cannot use outdoor propane heaters indoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning which may lead to death. Outdoor propane heaters are specially made to function outdoors, therefore should not be used indoors for safety reasons.

Safety Tips for Indoor Propane Heaters

Here are the safety tips to follow to make your indoor propane heater safe to use:

1. It Must be an Indoor Propane Heater

As reiterated earlier, the best way to be on the safe side while using a propane heater indoors is by buying the type of propane heaters that are made to be used indoors. This is your number one safety tip.

2. The Propane Heater Must Be the Right Size for your Indoor Space

Depending on the space where you wish you install the propane heater, ensure to buy a propane heater that is the right size for that space. Do not buy a propane heater that is too high for the space or is too low for the space.

If the propane heater is too high for the space, it will lead to overheating, but if it’s too low for the space, it won’t be able to efficiently keep the space warm. So, know the size of where you wish to install the propane heater and buy the size that is suitable for the place.

3. The Propane Heater Must Carry the UL Lable

When buying a propane heater you wish to use indoors, ensure you buy one that carries the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label. Very important.

4. Carefully Read the Manufacture’s Instructions

While many people don’t care about reading manufacturers’ instructions when they purchase a new product, it is not for a propane heater. Once you purchase the heater, the first thing you need to do is to carefully read the manufacture’s instructions.

The instructions will tell you everything you need to know about the propane heater you have and how to use it including various other safety tips. Please do not ignore the manual. It is important. If you cannot read, get someone that can read to do the reading for you.

5. Install the Propane Heater Far Away from Combustible Materials

While installing the propane heater in your indoor space, ensure you install it in a non-combustible surface and a place that is not close to any combustible materials such as clothes, furniture, curtains, and many more. This is to avoid the material from catching fire as a result of the continuous heat from the heater.

Also, if the type of propane heater you have are the types that should be installed on the wall. Ensure that it is installed far away from any combustible material.

If your wall is made of wood, please do not install the propane heater on a wooden wall. If there is any picture frame or plastic wall clock close to where the heater is installed, please remove it to avoid a story that touches.

6. Avoid Using Any Flammable Spray When the Heater is On

Once you turn on the propane heater, please never use any flammable spray such as deodorant or perfume, air fresheners, insecticides, and hair spray, etc. These sprays can cause a fire in the house if used when the propane heater is on. Please take note of this.

If you wish to use your deodorant, hair spray, or insecticide, please turn off the propane heater for a while before using the spray and turn the heater back on after some time you used the spray to prevent any fire outbreak.

7. Always Turn the Propane Heater Off When Not Indoors

Irrespective of the space where you wish to install the propane heater, you are however mandated to always turn off the heater once you are about to leave the place except you know you will be coming back in no time. Do not leave propane heaters running indoor when no one is there. Please take note of this.

8. Always Turn the Propane Heater Off Before Sleeping

If you wish to sleep in the space where an indoor propane heater is installed, you are mandated never to sleep while the heater is working. This is a matter of life and death. Once you want to sleep, turn the heater off. However, once you noticed that you are feeling sleepy, off the heater. Do not sleep while it is on to avoid death.

9. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you must use propane heaters in your indoor space, then you must install a carbon monoxide detector. It is not by choice. It is a must thing to do. You are mandated to have carbon monoxide detectors installed as soon as you install the propane heater.

The detectors will alert you anything there is excess carbon monoxide in the space as a result of the heater. This is important to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning from the heater.

10. The Indoor Propane Heater Must have a Low Oxygen Sensor

For safety reasons, make sure to purchase a propane heater that has a low oxygen sensor. The low oxygen sensor is responsible to ensure that fuel is shut off if the oxygen level in the air gets too low.

Be that as it may, the oxygen level in the air suppose to be 21% which is normal. However, when it drops from 21% to 18/5% by volume or below, the low oxygen sensor on the propane heater will shut off the fuel, therefore, protecting you from any unforeseen circumstances.

11. The Heater Must have a High Temperature Coated Safty Guard

It is also important to ensure that the type of propane heater you are using indoor has the high temperature coated safety guard feature. This is to ensure that high temperature in your indoor space is managed. It is responsible to withstand high temperatures in a space.

12. The Heater Must Have an Overheat Protection

Having overheat protection is just like having overcharge protection in your rechargeable fan. The overcharge protection prevents the fan from overcharging while the overheat protection protects the propane heater from overheating.

13. The Propane Heater Must Have an Automatic Shutoff

Please ensure that the type of propane heater you want to use indoor comes with an automatic shut-off. The duty of this is to turn off the heater when it tips over. Should in case of the heater tip over when you are busy without knowing what had just happened, the automatic shutoff will shut off the heater.

14. Your Propane Heater is not a Table

Since your propane heater is not your table, please do not place or keep anything on top of the propane heater. Do not try it for safety reasons. Whether flammable or not, you are mandated not to put anything on top of the propane heater.

15. Don’t Move the Propane Heater While It’s On

If the type of heater you have in your indoor space is the portable indoor propane heater, please do not move it while it is on. If there is a need for you to move the propane heater from one position to another, please turn off the heater first and wait for it to cool down before moving it. Remember not to move it to a combustible surface or near combustible materials.

16. Always Check the Color of the Flames

Please anytime your propane heater is running indoors, always monitor the flame. Ensure that the flame is always blue. Anytime you see a change in the flame or the flame turns to orange or yellow color, please turn off the heater immediately and call a technician to come to rectify what the problem is. Do not continue using it. The fact that the flames turned to another color means that something is wrong.

17. Always Vacuum Up Any Dust on the Heater

Anytime you notice dust on the outside surface of the propane heater, you are advised to use a vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to carefully vacuum up the dust. You can also check the propane heater manual you are using for instructions on how to clean the heater. It will be specified there.

18. Always Have the Propane Heater Inspected

Please ensure to always inspect your propane heaters especially if it is a vented propane heater. The inspection will help figure out any problem or any future problem that could arise on the heater or from the heater. You can call a technician that works on propane heaters to inspect it.

What Propane Heaters are Safe to be Used Indoors?

The type of propane heaters that are safe to be used indoors are the Campy Gear 2 propane heater, Dewalt DXH12B Portable propane heater, Martin Indoor Propane heater, Dura Heat propane heater, and Mr. Heater indoor propane heater. These are the propane heaters that are safe to be used indoors.

Why Can’t You Use a Propane Heater Indoors?

The only reason why you can’t use a propane heater indoor is when the propane heater is not an indoor heater. If the type of propane heater you have is an outdoor propane heater, you cannot use it indoor to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning that could lead to death.

Can a Mr Heater Be Used Indoors?

Mr Heater propane heater can be used indoors but you must ensure that the type of Mr Heater heaters you wish to use indoors are made for indoor use. The only type of Mr Heater heater that cannot be used indoors is the Mr Heat outdoor Propane Heaters because they are made to be used outside the house.

Final Thoughts

Propane heaters are safe for indoors and can be used indoors as long as you are equal to the task. You must make up your mind to be careful around propane heaters installed indoors. Just as you are careful with your cooking gas, the same goes with the propane heaters. Ensure to follow the safety tips explained in this article to be on the safe side. Trust me, the last thing you want to see is your dream house burnt down to ashes because of a propane heater that was not properly managed.