How Long Should Curtains Hang Below Window Sill

How Long Should Curtains Hang Below Window Sill (3-Inches)

Curtains should hang 3 inches below the window sill and 4 to 6 inches above the window frame to have the perfectly matching window that brings beauty and glamour to your room and interior decorations. The Curtain rods should slightly extend left and right beyond the frame to ensure it completely coverers the window to avoid the penetration of light.

Having a fancy window is the ‘in’ thing in almost every modern house. Even when renovation takes place most people tend to focus on having a window that is so attractive because it adds to the beauty of the house and makes the building look more elegant.

The sill part of the window is that part found around the edge of the window, that beautiful and decorative covering that helps the window and protect where the window is attached to the wall thereby helps to avoid moisture and draft from coming into the house. This is the flat part found at the bottom part of the window.

The window sill has side jambs to the left and right of the window, while the apron sits directly below the window sill and the casing at the top of it, all put together totally contributes to protecting the window against any interference.

The best way to have your curtain hanged below the sill is by ensuring that your curtain rod is fixed 4 to 6 inches above the window top and having it extended up to 3 inches on both sides of the window. Ensure that your curtain is hanged 3 inches below the bottom of the window sill. With this, you have the perfect match that brings beauty and glamour to your house and interior decorations.

Window Sill: An Overview

The window sill is that horizontal architectural edifice found at the bottom of a window. They are there as a structural help and support in keeping the window in its place. The sill helps a lot in avoiding many unwanted things coming into the house.

The exterior part of the sill contributes its part by not allowing rainwater from the wall to enter the house through the window opening. That is why window sills are always placed downward away from the window and the wall to help make rainwater drip off instead of running down the wall.

Moreover, some sills are so beautiful and attractive because they are made of natural stone, cash stone, tile, concrete, and other non-porous materials that help increase the rainwater from entering the house.

If you find a window without a structural sill or without a sill that is water-resistant, the building engineers always ensure that they put a strip of waterproof and weather-resistant material (steel, PVC, vinyl) popularly know as sill pan to protect the wall and prevent rainwater from coming in. A sill pan is usually inclined and they protrude from the wall.

Another important function of the sill is to protect the home. When you place a level on the window sill, you will notice it angled slightly to the outside. This helps water to run outside other than running all over the floor of into the wall from the window track.

While closing a window is usually enough to keep the rain outdoors, any slight opening, either from leaving it ajar before the storm or through a defect in the window, could mean costly repairs without this simple ledge.

The first windows that were constructed had their openings in a wall, they heavily relied on the sills for protection of the walls and floors around them. The existence of sill windows is dated far back to ancient Egypt according to archaeologists.

How Long Should Curtains Hang Below the Window Sill?

The curtain should hang 3 inches below the window sill while rod hardware is fixed 4 to 6 inches above the window top, and having it extended up to 3 inches on both sides of the window to ensure that the beauty of your house and interior decorations are seen without penetration of light from outside.

Reasons why Curtains Should Hang Below Window Sill

  • To Completely Cover the Window: One of the major reasons why the curtains should hang below the window sill is so that the curtain can completely cover the window. Trust me, you don’t want to install a curtain that cannot cover the window completely thereby inconveniencing you. If the curtains did not cover the window sill very well. People will always see you while you do your thing inside your room.
  • To Avoid Light Penetration: You need to ensure to hang the curtain below the window sill to prevent light from penetrating the room and inconveniencing you. If you don’t hang the curtain properly, lights will penetrate the curtains when they are drawn and it can be very annoying.
  • To Bring Out the Beauty of the House and Its Interior Decorations: Hanging your curtains below the window sill can help bring out the beauty of your house and its decorations. These are the things that make a valid house.

Things to Consider Before Haning Curtains Below Window Sill

Size of the Window

You need to know the length of your window to avoid your curtains looking too short, messy, awkward thereby detracting the attention from the look of the room.

Room Shape

This goes a long way to keep the room in shape and coordinated. When the curtains are far above the window sill it makes the room look like an open field and makes it lack coordination. But having it below the sill keeps everything in order and in good shape.


This is very important because it will make it easier for you to mop, and clean the floor. Since the curtains are not touching the floor it saves you the stress of removing the curtains before moping, but just below the window sill allows you to mop without a lot of stress.

Getting the curtain stained

This is also another important thing to consider, you will not always have your curtains stained from the floor, and this helps keep the curtains away from the unnecessary laundry and fading away so fast.

Should Curtains Touch The Floor or Window Sill?

When you enter a normal or dressy room, you will see the curtains touching the floor. A se*y, romantic room deserves elegant, extra-long curtains that puddle on the floor. Having your curtains touching the window sill looks great but so practical in a kitchen.

The best positioning is ½ inch above the floor for free-hanging curtains. This distance creates good space and a chance for mopping and cleaning while creating the illusion that the curtain touches the floor.

Is it OK if my Curtains Don’t Touch The Floor?

Despite how many windows your house may have, curtains not touching the floor is the best option and most effective way of having it hanged totally straight from the top and this makes it float. If you want to have your curtains without any break at all, make sure that you hang them an inch above the floor.


Practically said, your curtain should be hanged just 3 inches below the sill. This makes it look great, elegant and gives you the freedom of not doing laundry always, therefore, making the quality fade off easily, and most importantly it helps the curtain not to be folded regularly during moping and prevents it from been rumpled.