Galvanized or Aluminum Duct for Bath Fan

Galvanized or Aluminum Duct for Bath Fan: Which is Better?

Having a working exhaust fan in your bathroom is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself when building or renovating a house. The reason is that the bathroom exhaust fan not only controls humidity and moisture in your bathroom but also goes a long way in making sure that the unpleasant smell coming from pooping is taken care of. 

In our last article, where we wrote about the idea of leaving the bathroom door open or close when the exhaust fan is on, in that article, we gave an extensive review of the various functions of an exhaust fan in a bathroom. Trust me; there are many excellent things an exhaust fan can do in your bathroom. 

However, the question is, between galvanized or aluminum duct for bath fan, which is better for the bathroom exhaust fan?

Both galvanized and aluminum ducts are suitable for a bathroom fan. However, galvanized ducts are the best ducts to exhaust your fan because they are more reliable, durable, affordable, and last longer than aluminum ducts, which are soft, bendable, and expensive to implement.

Galvanized Ducts

Whenever you hear a galvanized duct, the first thing that should come into your mind is that it is a means by which zinc or another metal coating is applied to a dense base black metal. The idea of using a metal coating for this is to give the duct the anti-corrosion and surrounding environment elements.

There are many reasons why galvanized ducts might be the best duct for your bathroom duct. First, it anti-corrosion. We will discuss that later. However, when a metal is not galvanized, there is a high probability that such metal will become oxidized and corrode at a faster rate. Because it is not galvanized, it will be exposed to elements and risk. This is when it will start rusting.

However, with galvanized ducts, you are sure your bathroom fan is properly installed, and you don’t have to worry about moisture making the metal rust, this and that.

Advantage of Galvanized Ducts

Below are some of the advantages and importance of using a galvanized duct to exhaust your bathroom fan.

1. Anti-Corrosion

When buying a duct for your bathroom exhaust fan, the first thing to look out for is the type of ducts that are anti-corrosion. With galvanized ducts, you will save yourself the stress of thinking that the ducts might start rusting in no time.

Most ducts used for bathroom fans might start getting rust because the zinc coating is scratched too deep and exposed. Because, during installation, the duct’s zinc coating might get a scratch deep enough to expose the duct, it may begin corroding. But with galvanized ducts, you are certain that the duct won’t rust.

2. It’s Affordable

Another advantage of using galvanized duct for your bathroom fan is because it is affordable. Unlike other ducts out there in the market, galvanized ducts are very cheap, meaning anyone can afford them. You don’t have to spend too much money on buying a duct for your bathroom fan. Its affordability means that it may not cost too much money to install even if you hire a professional licensed roofer to install it for you.

3. Can Resist Mechanical Damage

When we talk of galvanized ducts, we’re talking about the ducts with a special coating metallic structure. The metallic structure will ensure that the duct resists mechanical damage. Like I said earlier, if the duct had a deep scratching during installation, it wouldn’t be exposed to rusting. Moreover, it may be hard to get that kind of a deep scratch because of the special metallic structure used in making the duct.

5. Durable

When buying a duct for your bathroom fan, you want to buy a durable one, one that can do what you want it to do without any issue. You don’t want to buy something that will depreciate in no time. Galvanized ducts are durable.

6. Easy to Maintain

When you are looking for a duct that will be easier for you to maintain, galvanized ducts are the ones you are looking for. There are no strings attached to its maintenance. It is very easy to maintain, meaning that it won’t cost you so much money, time, and energy to maintain.

7. Long-Lasting

If you are searching for ducts that can last for a very long time, the galvanized ducts are the ones you are looking for. Most galvanized ducts are expected to last up to 50 years. Something that works for 50 years has done well. However, some may last between 25 to 50 years, depending on whether you are in a rural or urban area.

Aluminum Ducts

Whenever you hear aluminum duct, know that it is the type of duct that can bend while resisting substances. Aluminum ducts are soft. They are more flexible.

Advantages of Aluminum Ducts

1. Flexible and Soft

Aluminum ducts are soft and bendable, making them flexible enough to resist substance during and after installation.

2. Resistant Against Corrosion

Just like every other duct, aluminum ducts are highly resistant to corrosion. Meaning that with this kind of duct, you don’t have to keep worrying that the duct with which you installed your bathroom exhaust will rust in no time. Note down the word highly there.

3. Can be Used in Any Moisture Related Area

One advantage of aluminum ducts is that it can be used in any moisture area, meaning that you can comfortably use this type of duct in your bathroom without having to worry that water will destroy and make it rust. Because it is anti-corrosive, it will not rust. It will stay intact and do its job.

4. Available Insulated or Non-Insulated

Another advantage of the aluminum duct is that it is available in both insulated and non-insulated. Whichever one you want to buy, you can go for it. However, bathroom exhaust fan ducts need to be insulated since it’s going through the attic to avoid animals intruding from the ducts.

5. Light Weight

One noticeable advantage or attribute of aluminum ducts is that it is lightweight. It is not heavy at all, making it easy to carry along.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Ducts

1. Expensive to Implement

One notable disadvantage of aluminum ducts is that it is very expensive to implement. Aside from that, aluminum ducts are more expensive to run.

2. Not Suitable for Abbrassive Application

One of the advantages of aluminum ducts is that it is soft. However, its softness can become a disadvantage, especially when you want to use it for abrasive installations.

Similarities and Differences Between Galvanized Ducts and Aluminum Ducts

  • Galvanized and aluminum ducts are both anti-corrosive, but aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • While galvanized ducts are affordable and easy to implement, aluminum ducts are expensive to implement.
  • While galvanized ducts are suitable for abrasive applications, aluminum ducts are not because of how soft it is.
  • While it is very easy to bend aluminum ducts, galvanized ducts are not so easy to bend.
  • Both galvanized ducts and aluminum ducts can be used for a bathroom fan.
  • Galvanized ducts are expected to last longer than aluminum ducts, but that doesn’t mean that aluminum ducts don’t last long.

Galvanized Ducts and Aluminum Ducts, Which is Best for Bathroom Fan

Both galvanized and aluminum ducts can be used for your bathroom exhaust fan because they are both anti-corrosion, but galvanized ducts are the best duct for bathroom exhaust fan because it is more durable and affordable, and last longer than aluminum ducts.

Final Thoughts

Having known the similarities and difference between galvanized and aluminum ducts, we’ve come to conclude that even though both ducts are suitable to exhaust bathroom fan, galvanized ducts are better because it is more durable and affordable.