How to Make Shower Curtains Slide Easier

How to Make Shower Curtains Slide Easier

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Is your shower curtain difficult to slide? here are how to make shower curtains side easier without much stress.

Truth is that anytime one trys to slide the shower curtains and it doesn’t slide the easier way it supposed to, it can make someone furious. It can be frustrating. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the possible ways on how to make shower curtain slide eaier.

Best Ways to Make Shower Curtains Slide Easier

There are certain ways to help the shower curtain to slide in easily to the rod and maintain a firm balance. Below are some of the easy ways to make your shower curtain slide easier:

1. Apply Petroleum Jelly Along with the Rod

This is a form of smoothers that can be used on a rod to give it that easy friction movement and a smooth look. Once the rod which is the major thing is smooth, you can easily slide the curtains into the rod without having any challenge and without the curtain getting hooked one-sided which can, in turn, make the curtain look unbalanced or fall off at any time.

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2. Lock in Hooks

Get curtain hooks that can easily clip on them, this are hooks that you can easily lock in on each other and they will relax on each side of the hook showing an unbroken circle. With this in place, the curtains can easily slid through the rod and at the same time the rod cannot slip off the hooks at anytime and the curtain would not fall off. It would always be firm and maintain a balanced weight in the rod without anything falling off.

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3. Thread

Use the thread to lock each of the hooks through all the holes found in the curtain

How to Stop Shower Curtain Rings Catching on Extendable

To stop shower curtains from catching on extendable, make use of Ezy Glide Tape. The tape will help the shower curtains to stop catching on its extendable (poles) especially at the joints of the poles which a times is very difficult for the curtains to pass by.

The tape will also help save you the stress of lubricating the poles. It will help your curtains to extend to any length smoothly and once the curtains are moving in smoothly with enough friction and force on it, there would be no catching on the poles or any type of extendable you are using for the curtains. This tape also works perfectly well on other type of poles to enable the curtain fit in smoothly.

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How to Stop Curtain Rings Catching on Telescoping Rod Joint

The best way to stop or prevent shower curtain rings from catching on telescoping rod joint is to make use of Ezy Glide Tape or curtain rod joints ramp. The tape will ensure that the curtains move smoothly without catching on any telescoping rod joints.

The curtain rod joints ramp will also make sure your shower curtain never catches on the telescoping rod joint.

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Final Thoughts

Apply any of the methods explained in this article to either make your shower curtains slide easier or stop your curtain rings from catching on telescoping rod joint.