Garage Door and Front Door Color Combinations

Garage Door and Front Door Color Combinations (With Pictures)

The garage door and front door color combinations are white and grey, black and light wood color, red and brown, navy blue and yellow, crisp white and pitch black, walnut brown and cream. But the best color combinations to use for the garage and front door are white and grey because of their unique characteristics and exposure.

Part of the house exteriors is the garage door and front door which is seen by everyone that passes the street. Exteriors of a house should create a match-up theme that mightily elaborates its huge and fine features. Though it is not compulsory, it is important. And your exterior doors should be important to you.

Whether it is wooden, steel, or glass fiber, there is always a way to create a color combination for a garage and front door. There is this unique identity a house carries if the colors of the exterior doors are somewhat combined.

The idea of color combinations on a garage and front door are quite unique and exceptional which makes a house carries an identity that depicts an elaborate and stunning edifice.

What Color to Paint My Garage Door?

Dove gray may just be the perfect color to paint your garage door because of the function it possesses. A garage is a place where cars are mostly parked. In some houses, it may serve as an extra place to keep things that have been deemed no longer useful in the house, or things kept for repairs.

Dove gray is cool for a garage door especially when the exterior of a house is painted with light colors like white, cream, tan, taupe, etc., which is usually the case for house exteriors. Somehow, the fringes of the garage door can be a darker shade of gray, giving it a creative look especially when the garage is in front of the house.

If the garage door is painted the same color as a house, it gives it a boring look and it becomes hard to differentiate between doors.  However, if the exterior of your house is to be painted with a dark color like gray, you should go for a white garage color. Whites are perfect for garage doors and make your garage looks huge which should be the case.

What Color to Paint My Front Door?

Whites, reds, and browns are mostly famous for front doors but it doesn’t make them better choices. The exterior of a house should acquire the house owner’s personality and should be boldly energizing, don’t you think so?

Among a list of others, why not pitch black? Pitch black for a front door has already informed passers-by, friends, and foes that it is your house and you own it. It is bold and powerful. It gives you the confidence you deserve.

Another point to make here is pitch black improves the tone of the house exteriors. What I mean here is black help illuminates other colors especially light colors. Pitch black best complements your exterior looks.

Tips for Painting Garage and Front Door

Generally, doors carry lots of fringes, edges, knobs, etc depending on the brand. As such one has to be careful especially during plans and startups. Painting doors is just the same way as painting other parts of your exteriors and interiors especially when it is windows and ceilings. Same tips, it is not so far-fetched.

Get Your Paints and Tools

Get a budget for everything you need to make the painting of your garage and front door through professional assistance and go shopping. Buy your paints, tapes, primer, brushes, and rollers, etc.

Wash Your Doors

I was not completely mistaken when I stated earlier that painting the garage and front doors is not a difficult task to do. Except painting was already a difficult task for you. One difference between painting your walls and these doors is the things that were used to make them. Steel, wood, and glass fibers are washable but not sandy-made walls. Wash your doors before startup. You don’t want your paintings to be rough after it’s done.

Set a Foundation

I heard there is a primer for every beautification startup. Yes. Even every part of a woman’s face during a makeover. Why not your garage and front doors? You can have a laugh but it is true. Spray a primer that fits in with the type of paint through the doors and wait for it to dry. It gives your door a smooth painting and makes painting easy.

Mask Up

Masking with a painter’s tape is really not compulsory except you want to exclude some doorknobs and fringes for the very first paint. This happens mostly in the case where you are using two paints for your door.

Paint and Re-paint

Apply the first layer of paint on your door. Wait for a little for it to dry. Apply a second layer. This makes the paint thicker and your door smoother. It eliminates the gaps that would have been seen if you hadn’t added another layer.  Whether you use a brush and a roller on the surface of your doors, the first application will never be enough.

Note that brushes are mostly used for the edges of your doors as a form of finishing because your rollers will not get to the edges.

Color Combinations For Garage Door and Front Door

Here are the best garage door and front door color combinations suitable for you:

1. Black and Light Wood Color

Garage Door and Front Door Color Combinations

Black and lightwood color is one of the best garage door and front door color combinations. It is expected to make your garage door stand out from the front door as well as your house. What a lightwood garage door will do to a black front door is that it will make it stand out and be different from each other, yet complements each other. It will help people to easily notice the difference between the two doors.

2. White and Grey

White and grey are another perfect garage door and front door color combinations you should consider. Instead of painting your garage door white, why not use grey color for the garage door since the front door is already painted white. These color combinations will help differentiate your garage door from your front door.

3. Red and Brown

Garage Door and Front Door Color Combinations

For those that like bold colors, red and brown are a good color combination to choose for your garage door and front door. From the picture above, you will see that the garage door is painted red while the front door is painted brown. With this, you are able to know which door lead into the house and the one that leads to the garage.

4. White and White

 Garage Door and Front Door Color Combinations

White and white is also great for garage door and front door color combinations but the only problem with this is that it may make both the garage door and front door look the same. People may find it difficult differentiating between them.

5. Navy Blue and Yellow

While your front door is painted navy blue, your garage door can be painted yellow. It is true that yellow is too colorful and bold. It will help draw people’s attention to your house.

6. Crisp White and Pitch Black

Crisp white gives your door an adorable look. No one will dare knock off an adorable thing. Now, see how pitch black perfect combo illuminates crisp white. These combos keep your doors looking stunning, pure, and gallant. Trust me, never tone down your door colors except you are trying to prove a point.

7. Dove Gray and Shades

There are no doubts whatsoever gray as the neutral color works perfectly with any combo but we talk about your garage and front doors here. Neutral tones keep your house exteriors looking balance and reserved. I don’t see anything wrong with being reserved. When we mention ‘gray’, we gravitate towards sophistication. Don’t take anything else for this. It is perfect for your doors. Let your exterior doors look exclusively cool and calm with shades of gray.

8. Walnut Brown and Cream

Walnut brown depicts stability and growth. Let the entrance to your house exude vigor by maintaining these combos on your garage and front doors. You can decide to use brown on the surface of the door and use the cream on the edges and knobs. It explains a personality of a unique kind. If you want your house doors exteriors to have a personality, look this way.

Things to Consider When Deciding Colour Combination for Your Garage and Front Door

This may be basically up to the house owner’s choice. How do you want the exterior of your house to look? What is the texture of your garage door and front door? You want it to look huge, complementary, or personalized? What is your focus when it comes to making a decision for the outlook of your house? Everyone has what they think the outlook of their house should prove while just a few others don’t.

The Doors Texture

There are types of door textures. The fiber your door was made from should be the first thing to consider when deciding on the color combos for these doors. Doors can be made from a series of fibers and they include, glass, steel, wood, etc. If and when your doors are made with glass, the first color and maybe the only color that should come to your mind is white. When you see your doors, then with the assistance of a professional, decision-making becomes easy.

Colors of Exterior Walls and Windows

Another important aspect of things to consider before proceeding with a color combo choice for your garage and front door is the windows and the paint on the walls of the surface of your house. Except you want to change the paints on the exterior of your house (windows and walls) to match up with the garage and front door all over again. You should not even think about using multiple colors in the name of creativity on the surface of your house. It is very devastating. Make sure to choose the best paint to use for your garage doors.

The Outward Look

A professional on the ground will be ready to interpret whatever your choice of color seems to be and then, you decide. What this means is that many homeowners know what they want the outward look of their house to look like. However, the color choices in their mind may be interpreted differently by a professional on the ground and as such, choices will have to be remade.


The exterior doors of your house should mean a lot to you even as to match them up as regards color combos. Yes. Since it is not a prison, it is okay to match them up. It is most beautiful to combine colors on your garage and front doors as it should always prove something to anyone on the outside. Let it be that every passerby has something epic to say at the sight of your doors.