When Does a Curtain Rod Need a Center Support?

When Does a Curtain Rod Need a Center Support?

Curtains are best hanged above the wall or on the outside of the window molding because they allow the curtains to drop-down full length and float at any point without any major obstruction to its beauty. If at all you have a very good and well-designed window frame that you don’t want to see covered with the curtain, you would have to get the curtain hanged from the outside mount or a curtain hanged with tension.

Curtain rods can be easily secured by using a line or clothe all depending on the type of home interior decoration design in place. You would easily put up a hook above the center of the curtain rod, wall, and ceiling and get it well-aligned and connected to the curtain rod. You must ensure that the lines are well-tensioned to enable them to support the weight of the curtains you have.

To get your curtain rod well stabilized, you would have to hang the brackets on the topmost part of your window trim, get them tapped in firmly. A good general rule for a curtain rod bracket would be to get at least one bracket for each outside part of your window with a bracket at the center of the curtain rod. And you can also add more brackets to the curtain rods depending on the measurement between the middle and outer layer of the brackets, especially if they are measuring up to three feet or more.

However, the question is, when does a curtain rod need a center support?

Curtain rods would need a support system at the center if:

  • The rods are heavy
  • The size of the windows is long
  • If the diameter of the rods are long, and
  • If you want to ensure that the rods and the curtains stand firm without falling off at any point in time.

All these are some major reasons why you would require adding a center support system for your curtain rod.

Curtain Rods: An Overview

A beautified edifice with a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and other rooms would be incomplete without a curtain, and a curtain cannot stand without a curtain rod. Curtain rods are integral parts of a home interior decoration, they add to the beauty, elegance, style, and class of the room. They are also a sort of support system not only for the curtains but for the windows, window frames, and window treatment.

Curtain rods are manufactured in different varieties, materials, colors, lengths, shapes, and versions. They are the best fit for curtains on grommets and curtains on hooks. They are also good for curtains with eyelets. Curtain rods can create a good composition between the curtains, walls, and windows. They ensure that the windows and curtains have a good relationship, and they ensure the returns and appearance of the curtain in a room.

Curtain rods are of different types and they include:

  • Metal curtain rods
  • Wooden curtain rods
  • Double curtain rods
  • Single curtain rods, and
  • Fasteners.

All these types of curtain rods enable you to create a good design for the room, and each of them has its different functions and window types they are suitable. They create the best ambiance that is good for an eye, and they create a balance to the room. Modern curtain rods are aesthetically designed for just the best you can ever think of.

With the best curtain rod in place, your curtains would have a good balance, and the windows, as well as your room, would be well beautified to any extent you want, and you would enjoy the comfort that comes with it irrespective of how big or small your window is.

Importance of Curtain Rods

Support System to the Curtain

Without the curtain rods, the curtain would not look beautiful when hanged. They would either be slanting or would not be firm to the wall. With the curtain rods in place, you are sure of having your curtains well supported and standing firm.

Support System for the Brackets

Curtain rod brackets are also an essential part of the curtain. Without the rods, there would be no place to fix the brackets. So the rods stand to support the brackets and help them beautify the room.

Enhance the Room Ambience

Beautiful and multicolored curtain rods can change the room’s ambiance and change it into a good and beautiful palace. They add more beauty to the room’s interior design.

Beautify the Window Design and Frame

They are also part of good enhancement for the window frame and the window treatment itself. With the curtain rods, the window would look more beautiful, bigger to any size of your choice.

When Does a Curtain Rod Need a Center Support?

Curtain rods will need center support if the window is too long for the rod to go straight through it without falling off or slacking down. The longer the curtain rod the more center support it would require. For poles measuring up to 1/3rd inch in diameter, you would need a sort of center support for it. Also, double curtain rods brackets that measure up to 60 inches width wide, that is 5 feet, would definitely require center support to help it stand well.

Furthermore, curtain rods that are up to 60 inches require support as well. Center supports help in managing the weight of the curtain rods so that it doesn’t fall off or do what it’s not supposed to do.

How Do You Support the Middle of a Curtain Rod?

You can easily make support at the middle of a curtain rod if the curtain rods themselves are very far from the window when you have them mounted so that the pile rail tie would work, you will get this support system by using a long heavy screw hook. It is important to note that screw hooks are familiar to eye hooks. In other words, you make a support for the middle of a curtain rod with the help of a screw hook.

How to Measure the Diameter of a Curtain Rod

  • Measure the two curtain rods mounted on the window and divide the measurement you got to enable you to get the center of the rod.
  • Measure from the left or right of the mounted curtain rod bracket up unto the center and get it marked with a pencil.
  • Place a pipe rail on the wall or window trim at the place marked with a pencil. Make sure you place the screw holes on top of the bottom of the mounting plate. If you put the screw hole vertically it will allow the rod to go all the way through the middle and stay firm on the bottom of the pipe rail tie interior.
  • Ensure the part of the screw holes is marked with a pencil, then remove the pipe rail tie and bring the rod down from the window.
  • Make a pilot hole on the entire screw hole you already marked. Ensure you use the type of drill bit that is exactly a match with the diameter of the screw or any that is a little bit smaller than it; ensure the pilot drill is up 1 inch deep.
  • Ensure you place the screw holes in the pipe rail tie together with the pilot holes you have drilled already. Tight the tie with a screw measuring up to 1 ½ inch on each of the holes you have, and you can do this using a very good drill.
  • Differentiate the curtain rod by making it slide (that’s if it can be adjusted) into tow-parts. Push one into one half of the rod and the other to the other half you have left. Peradventure is a single rod, get the left ending of the rod filled up through the pipe rail tie and push the other curtain on the left ending of the rod.
  • Tight the brackets ending of the rod and get it mounted on its brackets.
  • Ensure that the slender bolt you are using is dropped with the pipe rail tie from the holes on top and the bottom of the curved portion. Once you have fixed the rod, the bolt would easily drop into the tie that is behind where the rod is rested on. Get the nut that is at the bottom of the bolt twisted.
  • For the pipe rail tie to be firm on the rod, ensure they are well tightened with a nut, while doing this it is important to use small pliers of a wrench that can be easily adjusted. This would make room for you to squeeze the curved part of the tie.


Curtain rods require a center support system due to their weight and length, this support system helps to keep the rods in place without them falling off frequently. Without a center support system for your curtain rods, house and minor damages can occur either to the wall or any furniture or home interior decoration if they eventually fall off from the wall. They can as well injure a human being at any time especially in the head, arms, elbows, legs, and shoulders. Also, it is very important to get a good center support system for your curtain rods to avoid certain things that may happen as a result of not having them in place.