Why are there Suddenly So Many Cockroaches in my House

Why are there Suddenly So Many Cockroaches in my House?

Pests are a common occurrence in homes, especially cockroaches. Cockroaches constitute a nuisance in areas of the home, especially the kitchen. The sudden emergence of cockroaches in your home will be a cause of worry to you.

Cockroaches are unattractive and are a source of diseases. Few people get startled and experience anxiety at the sight of roaches. So, why are there suddenly so many cockroaches in my house?

The reasons why cockroaches suddenly appear in your house can be because of:

  • Food
  • Garbage Cans
  • Used food products
  • Watering Holes
  • Close outdoor sources
  • Accidental Movement
  • The Roof

By nature, cockroaches are nocturnal, meaning they only come out at night. They do crawl out of their places of hiding in the dark. But during the daytime, they hide in holes and tight dark spaces.

Why are there Suddenly So Many Cockroaches in my House?

The reasons cockroaches suddenly appear in your house can be because for many reasons, it is vital to know what they are so as to eliminate them and keep them far.

Common knowledge has it that for a cockroach to survive in any setting, three things must be in place: food, water, and warmth. 

1. Because of Food

The biggest attraction to cockroaches is food. If roaches suddenly appear in your house, you should check the way you’ve been keeping your food items.

Do you love food in the sink after eating, do you store food anyhow? All kinds of food, whether human food or food for animals are attractive to cockroaches.

Dirty plates and all should be washed away immediately after use, do not leave plates in the sink overnight, that’s a call for roaches.

Empty the bottom of your dishwashers always too. The places your store food items should be well sealed and covered. Crumbs should be swept away immediately after use.

2. Garbage Cans

Cockroaches love warm, humid places and it can be a haven for them if food is readily available there. Garbage cans are commonplace to find roaches. Obviously, due to the presence of food waste in them. If you use a garbage can without a tight cover, you are sending out an invitation to cockroaches.

If cockroaches suddenly appear in your home, you should check your garbage cans. How do you cover them? When do you empty them? The garbage can should be emptied regularly to prevent generating unpleasant odors which attract cockroaches.

3. Used Food Products

Those food wrappers, such as chocolates, beverages, and all, attract cockroaches. They could be the reason you have been visited by roaches of late. Dispose of these food wrappers properly in the garbage can.

Also, other paper items like newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper bags, and others attract cockroaches because they take in a chemical known as a pheromone. This chemical is released by cockroaches as a signal to other members of their families to come to a specific location.

Endeavor to secure your food bags and other containers that contain food items. It will go a long way in eliminating cockroaches from your house.

4. Watering Holes

As earlier stated, cockroaches love wet areas because of water. Cockroaches can be found in the sink pipes, the sink areas, beneath the fridges, around wet bowls, in wet plates, and on damp surfaces.

They can be found most times in the toilets at night because of water holes. To stop this, ensure all these places are left dry after use. Make use of a sink cover to close the drain when not in use.

5. Close Outdoor Sources

If you live in close proximity to people, the sudden appearance of cockroaches in your house might not be your fault. Your next-door neighbor could be living the dirty lifestyles – dumping garbage in odd places, dirty environments, breeding of insects, and others.

You cannot control that, so you should not blame yourself. If you observe that your neighbor’s apartment emits a foul odor and you see cockroaches around the place often, you can have a discussion with the neighbor about it and come to an agreement on what should be done.

Also, you can make use of door guards to prevent roaches from getting into your apartment.

6. Accidental Movement

It is not impossible that the reason you have cockroaches in your house is due to you bringing them home accidentally. It is very much possible.

Cockroaches can live and survive in very clean environments for long periods. Before you use your traveling box or bag, dust and clean them thoroughly before use.

Employ the use of insecticides in fishing out these pests. When you want to move things into your house, ensure that the boxes and containers are neat and free from roaches.

In addition, you can maintain your work bags or boxes by undertaking regular sanitation. This will ensure cockroaches are not brought into your house accidentally.

7. The Roof

In many houses, there are rooms and spaces on the roof. Ensure that your roof is cleaned from time to time, dust, and sweep out dirt that might have gathered over time. Remember that cockroaches love a dirty environment.

Can I Have Cockroach in my Clean House?

Yes, you can have cockroaches in your clean house.

You probably have a very neat house and you are wondering why you come across cockroaches in your house. Think no further, I’ll tell you why.

Cockroaches can be present in your clean house due to the following: damp spots and broken pipes, uncleaned build-up of food waste, a heap of abandoned bags, leftover food, among many others.

Check up, you have one of those in your house. That is what is attracting those damn roaches.

How Can I Eliminate Cockroaches in my House?

To eliminate cockroaches in your house, you need an effective insecticide. Nowadays, you can get a very cheap and efficient insecticide from the store down the alley or online.

When you get the product, prepare to use it in the morning when leaving for work. It is important to note that the best time to use an insecticide is when you won’t need to step into the house.

  • Close all the windows tightly and leave no space for cockroaches to go out. The house should be as air-tight as possible
  • Then turn off the AC and fans that provide ventilation inside the house
  • Make use of a nose mask
  • After this is done, begin to spray at hidden areas of the house: under the bed, inside the wardrobe, inside the racks, every hidden place.
  • Then spray the open areas consistently and evenly.

When you are satisfied with the spraying, leave the house and shut the door firmly. The door shouldn’t be opened till an hour later. Then, you can move inside and you’ll see dead cockroaches on the floor. Sweep them and enjoy your place of abode!

Tips on How to have a Cockroach-Free House

We’ve considered the reasons roaches surfaced suddenly in your house. Now, the solution. What can you do to get rid of them?

Most people use the quickest and simplest method – insecticides. But I’ll introduce you to some other things you can do to eliminate those pests.

Maintain a High Level of Hygiene

It is already known that cleanliness prevents a lot of pests and unwanted appearances. The fewer food items cockroaches have to eat, the less likely it is that they will come around. Take the garbage out every night/morning. Wash all used dishes immediately after use.

Close Open Spaces that are Entry points

Spaces in your walls should be closed with any solid object. Gaps in pipes, in the windows, the doors, the glasses should be filled with caulk. Even the spaces in tiles should be covered up. It helps to keep the roaches away.

Repair Leaks in the House

Cockroaches love to hang around watery surfaces so keep water away from the surfaces. Any leaks observed around the pipes should be fixed immediately.

Clean up Boxes and Pile of Newspapers

Anywhere you stack those newspapers, it’s time to visit there. You need to clear up the store and dump the newspapers in the garbage.

Cockroaches love to stay in old boxes that haven’t been touched in a while. So do well to clean the boxes from time to time to have a cockroach-free house.

Final Thoughts

The sudden appearance of cockroaches in your house can be due to a number of things, most likely the level of hygiene. Cockroaches can also be present in a clean house if the pipes are leaking, spaces exist in the walls and windows, and so on. It is your responsibility to take care of your environment and make it cockroach-free for you and your neighbors.