How to Call the City on your Neighbor

How to Call the City on your Neighbor (2 Best Ways)

Having neighbors who make you want to go off your limit can be really tiring. Every day, you find yourself living on the edge. If you have a plan to call the city on your neighbor, then this means he or she has probably gone overboard.

Communications do not fix it nor subtle warnings. This is a point where you know you need the intervention of other community members, the local government, or the homeowner’s association.

Calling the city on your neighbor does not necessarily mean calling other homeowners and raising your voices at your neighbors.

Calling the city officials on your neighbor is to rather bring peace and find a solution to the erring problem you are currently facing.

Can I Call the City On My Neighbors?

You can call the city on your neighbors if you happen to continuously have a recurring issue with your neighbor.

Calling your neighbor is not out of your right to do so. In fact, you are very eligible to call the city for your safety.

Nobody wants to continuously be on the verge of their neighbor’s nagging and not do anything about it.

It is in fact a good step to take which will, in turn, make your neighbor to:

  • Thread with caution because a repeat of the same issue which was talked about can result in payment of a huge fine or eviction from the city.
  • Apologize and be gracious to you.
  • Let you be even if he decides he does not want to be kind. It doesn’t lift hair from your body.
  • Respect your boundaries and know his or her limit.

In the long run, everything works together for your benefit. This is one of the major reasons for so many associations in your city or neighborhood representing the interest of every homeowner.

If you dutifully pay your dues and are not on the erring side, you are entitled to having a stress-free life in your home.

When Can You Call the City on Your Neighbor?

Different issues call for different processes. You can’t just call the city officials on your neighbors over something that can be well resolved between both parties, you can rather call the city on your neighbors if you realize your neighbor;

  • Keeps flouting the rules and making you uncomfortable.
  • Refuses you to speak with him or her about the contending issue
  • Becomes emotionally and physically violent

If you see your neighbor exhibiting these signs, then you know, at that point, you need an intervention from officials.

How to Call the City on Your Neighbor?

Calling the city on your neighbors means going through official means. Having access to the city officials is not a difficult thing to do. Every community has a phone directory that gives them access to numbers that would address these issues.

In some other states, there are specific numbers for specific issues. So for example, if you are having to battle loud noises from your neighbor or crossing boundary or fence lines into your property, there are numbers peculiar to each state and province that would address these situations.

If you do not have access to it, you could as well ask the Home Owners Association to give you access to these numbers.

And if you think you want to take the matter to the police, there is always an emergency line to call. However, it is important to be conscious of the time to call the cops for a better response.

What Can My Neighbor Do to Make Me Call the City on Them?

Things your neighbors can do to make your call the city on them are:

1. Unleashing their Dog and Letting them Run Free

Many communities have leash laws that should be strongly abided by.

Having a dog and you let it run free when outdoors, your dog may enter into your neighbor’s house and that can be a very uncomfortable situation for them, especially for those who do not like dogs.

Your neighbors would have the city officials come after you and this might get your dog to the animal control center.

2. Constantly Blowing up Loud Power Tools

If your neighbor has the tendency to invite friends over and they constantly blow up speakers, use the microphone, play extremely loud music all in a bid to have fun, while disturbing the peace of the neighborhood, then you need to call the city officials to give them a stern warning.

Some communities have curfews and if yours is like this, then automatically they are in the law’s hand.

3. Keeping Long and Overgrown Bushes/Hedges

Your neighbor’s overgrown bushes and hedges can obstruct your view. You barely see what’s in front of you. Most home rules give a maximum of 8” to 12” length of hedges and if this is the case, then you can call the city on your neighbor.

4. Violating Parking Rules

For example, parking on the sidewalk where pedestrians have to walk can land your neighbor into the city’s hands. Parking a boat or a kind of vehicle that is not acceptable can cause you to have them in the law’s hand.

5. Keeping Overgrown Lawn

I bet you dislike overgrown lawns. Nobody does! An overgrown lawn can give your home or neighborhood a bad and ugly look. To curb this, you could call the attention of the city municipals to do right by the law.

6. Erecting Illegal Signs

Signs are regulated by city ordinances and rules given by the Homeowner association. When you constantly find your neighbor going against this rule, then it is time to do the needful.

Signs near the street, campaign signs, yard sale signs that are placed illegally can call for attention from the lawful hands.

7. Illegal Burning of Waste

While your neighbor can burn their waste, it is quite harmful if and when they are doing it in a way that is unsafe. Burning waste during dry seasons is not acceptable in some communities.

If you see your neighbor burning up waste openly in hot and dry weather, you need to call the attention of the city officials for your safety and others as well.

8. Going over the Property Line

A property line is majorly to create boundaries. If your neighbor crosses the boundaries of the property line. You can inform him about it and if he doesn’t do the needful, then you can call the city on him. Under no circumstances should your boundary be infringed upon.

These are some of the many situations that your neighbor can be up to that can make you call the city on them. So do well to notice and do right so you’ll enjoy your stay in your community.


Peaceful co-existence cannot be over-emphasized and if it means reporting to officials to achieve this, then you need to, for your peace and sanity.

After doing all of these and your neighbor still acts up, then the best is to call your lawyer for intervention or if you can afford it, it is better to move houses.