Should Bathroom be Painted Light or Dark

Should Bathroom be Painted Light or Dark?

When it comes to choosing the best color for your bathroom, it tends to be a hard thing to do because of the several things that need to be considered before arriving at a final decision. The different colors can sometimes make it complicated. But the question is, should bathroom be painted light or dark?

You can paint either light or dark colors in your bathroom but the most recommended color for the bathroom is light colors, especially if it’s a small bathroom. You can use a dark color in your bathroom if the floor tiles have a bright color. Use a slightly lighter color for the trim to make the bathroom look clean and exciting.

It is a time you find yourself sitting on the fence, conflicting with yourself, battling to choose a color. Perhaps after you must have finally decided to choose a color to use, the bathroom decorations, cabinets, and other interior designs must be considered before making final your decision.

Then, you begin to ask yourself, does this go well with the cabinets, sinks, toilet seats, toilet paper holders, and other things in the bathroom. Trust me; it has never been easy choosing a color to paint the bathroom.

Should Bathroom be Painted Light or Dark?

Choosing the best color to paint your bathroom depends on you entirely. So asking should bathroom be painted light or dark. It all depends on the color you like. However, using lighter colors like white, grey, etc., will help bring out more beauty to the bathroom while dark paints bring out the dimension of the bathroom.

What Color Should I Paint a Small Bathroom to Make it Look Bigger?

A light color is the best color to use in a small bathroom to make it look bigger. You can make use of white, grey, ask, milk color, etc. However, you also need to extend the color to the bathroom ceiling. Doing all these will help broaden the bathroom.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Paint Color for the Bathroom

You have to consider many things before deciding whether to go ahead with light or dark paint for your bathroom. They include:

1. The Size of Your Bathroom

The bathroom size plays a significant role in determining the perfect color for the bathroom. Some paint colors work best for a smaller bathroom, while other paint colors work best for more oversized bathrooms. Different paint colors work well for both. For example, lighter color works well for both small and big bathrooms.

Now, what I want you to ask yourself is, how big is my bathroom? Is it big or small? You will remember I stated that dark colors do not go well with a small bathroom if you can recall.

The argument is valid. Dark paint colors do not go well with a small bathroom. The effect is that it will make your bathroom look smaller and close to each other. Using a darker color for a smaller bathroom will always remind you that your bathroom is a tiny one anytime you enter.

There are other effects a dark color can bring to a smaller bathroom. It will not help during makeup, so if your bathroom has a section where you can sit for makeup, etc. Using a dark color will badly affect you. You need a lighter color to compliments lightings during makeup.

However, many painters have argued against this assertion, affirming that dark colors can be used in a small bathroom as long as the owner is comfortable with it. They said that if a shadow can naturally give depth to a scene, using it in a bathroom is not bad.

They advised that if you want to use dark paint color for the bathroom, you have to use it carefully, especially when your tub, shower, tiles are lighter in color. In that case, you may want to use dark paint in the cove that exists along the top of your bathtub or shower. By doing so, the light colors on the floor, showers, tubs, sinks will help compliment the black color used in the cove area.

From the above statement, you will come to realize that you are not being advised to use a dark color for the whole bathroom; instead, use it in some specific targeted area to compliment the lighter colors on the floor, sink, bathtub, showers, etc.

2. The Type of Bathroom You Have

Your type of bathroom helps determine whether to use light or dark paint for it. Is your bathroom a full bath, half bath, or powder room? You have to consider all these before making a decision.

As reiterated earlier, if your bathroom is a full bathroom with every facility, the bathroom is big and lighter color is best for such a place. If it’s a half bathroom, but you still change and do makeup there, using a lighter color is still the best. On the other hand, if the bathroom is a powder room, using a bold and light color is recommended.

3. The Existing Furniture, Fixtures, and Accents

It is important to consider the existing furniture, fixtures, and accents such as faucets, tiles and towel racks, etc., in the bathroom. You have to do this, especially if you purchased an existing house and want to do some remodeling and renovations.

However, if you’re just building the house for the first time, you still need to consider the paint color that will be on the tiles, toilet, sink, bidet, bathtubs, cabinets, and many more. Doing that will help save you the headache of choosing another color that will match the colors you’ve already painted on the wall.

Trust me; I’ve seen a pink and blue toilet, sink, and bathtub? What will you do if you have already painted your bathroom wall with colors that don’t match your blue or pink sink? Considering all these will help you make the right choice for your bathroom.

4. The Lighting Fixtures in your Bathroom

It would help if you also considered the lighting fixtures in the bathroom before making a decision. If you are building a new house, you have the consider this before buying any paint. If you just moved or purchased a home and are renovating, check the lights, you will be using in your bathroom and use a paint color that will compliment the lightings. Imagine using green light for a bathroom painted in green color. Everything will be too green.

5. The Number of Windows in your Bathroom

Most bathrooms have one window. The fact that your bathroom has two windows indicates that your toilet is ample. Considering the window will help because the bathroom window plays a vital role in bringing lights inside the bathroom.

When to Use a Light Paint Color on your Bathroom

  • When your bathroom is small
  • If you will be dressing up and doing makeups in the bathroom
  • As long as you are comfortable with light color then, you can paint your bathroom with it.
  • Use a lighter color for the trim work and molding in the bathroom. Doing so will create a more modern feel and creates a reflective surface that attracts attention.
  • When the color compliments the interior design in the bathroom

When to Use a Dark Paint Color on your Bathroom

  • When you don’t mind using any dark color
  •  If the bathroom is broad
  • If you won’t be dressing up or doing any form of makeup inside the bathroom
  • When you want the dimension of your bathroom to stand out. Painting dark colors will bring out the size of the bathroom, and if the bathroom is small, it will make it look smaller and closer to each other.
  • When the color compliments the interior design, such as the cabinets, bathtubs, sink, etc., in the bathroom
  • If the bathroom has two or more windows

Final Thoughts

You can paint light or dark color in your bathroom as long as you are comfortable with anyone of them. It’s your bathroom anyway. But it is recommended to use lighter colors in the bathroom as it brings positive energy and helps make the room look wider than it is than the dark color. If you wish to use a dark color for your bathroom, ensure to mix with a lighter tone for complementary purposes. I hope this answer satisfies your question of “should bathroom be painted light or dark.