Should Bathroom and Kitchen Floor Tiles Match

Should Bathroom and Kitchen Floor Tiles Match?

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Bathroom and kitchen floor tiles do not need to match because the kitchen is usually spacious than the bathroom as the bathroom often requires less flooring than the kitchen does. But if you wish, you can match your bathroom and kitchen floor tiles. It totally depends on your preference.

However, if you choose to make it match, you can select your bathroom tiles to have the same color but different sizes as the tiles in the kitchen because choosing large tiles may make your bathroom look tiny. You definitely have to consider the flooring options before deciding.

If you are obsessed with matching things for beautification purposes, you can go ahead and put the same floor on your kitchen and bathroom. For example, the tiles in my bathroom have the same color as the tiles in my kitchen, but they have different designs. The color is the only thing that matches. Also, the tiles in my kitchen are much wilder than the ones in my bathroom.

You should also consider the funds you have. Your pocket should be the one telling you what to do. If you have the money to put the same fancy tiles in your kitchen to the bathroom, then go ahead. If you do not, I will advise you to make use of the ones you can afford.

Bathroom Flooring Options

You can consider some flooring options that can work best for your bathroom. However, if you prefer to use tiles, then it’s okay. You can consider using waterproof bathroom flooring. These waterproof vinyl floors have two types; they are:

  • Wood-plastic composite (WPC)
  • Stone plastic composite (STC)

Wood-plastic composite (WPC)

Wood-plastic composite is a type of waterproof vinyl bathroom flooring made from a mixture of plastic and wood flour.

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This wood-plastic composite is made with a good wood-plastic composite finish which is suitable for both inside the house and outside. It is also slip-resistant wood flooring which is perfect for the bathroom.

The amazing thing with this wood-plastic composite flooring is that it is suitable for showers and even pools making it possible to be used inside the bathroom. However, it is easy to apply, safe to use, and easy to clean.

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Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)

Stone plastic composite comes from a mixture of plastic and wood floor. There are two components in SPC. They are plastic and stone.

Nonetheless, the question you should ask now is, what makes WPC and SPC vinyl flooring waterproof? WPC and SPC are made of waterproof because it has four layers. However, the layers may differ from manufactures. These four layers include:

Layers of SPC and WPC

Wear Layer

This is the area of the bathroom floor where you walk on or step on. It is the powerhouse of the waterproof flooring, which serves as the first defense for your flooring. As long as this layer is thick, it is durable because the thicker it is, the more durable your floor will be.

Printed Vinyl Layer

This is a layer that mimics natural textures. The reason for mimicking is because it’s man-made and not natural. Natural texture is made by nature, and a printed vinyl layer mimics that layer.

Waterproof Core

This flooring has a waterproof core so that it won’t ever absorb any form of liquid. Even if you leave any liquid such as water on it for a very long time, it won’t absorb it. It won’t warp, it won’t swell, and there won’t be any mildew.

Backing Layer

One work backing layer does to your floor is because it takes care of your underlayment, making it possible for you to fix your floor without having to buy separate underlayment. It smoothens out any imperfections from your floor and adds some spring to your floor.

Be that as it may, having known these, it is important to tell you some of the examples of waterproof flooring you can consider for your bathroom.

You can consider using plank flooring for your bathroom, but you have to make sure that the plank resembles traditional wood flooring, or you can make use of waterproof tile flooring.


Matching your bathroom floor with the kitchen can bring a home together and make it look beautiful, but while doing that, you need to consider the bathroom flooring options and make use of smaller tiles than the bigger ones in the kitchen. You can choose to make the color and design the same as long as you have the fund to cater to it.