How Many Windows Should a House Have?

How Many Windows Should a House Have?

Are you building a house and wondering how many windows should a house have? Wonder no more, for in this article, we will be discussing the number of windows suitable to be in a house. It is part of the things that makes a valid house.

Building a house is one of the most exciting things to do in any man’s lifetime. The feeling of having a house of your own even if you may not live in that same house is priceless. However, there are many things to consider when building a house, and there are several other things to put in place to make a house a valid one. One of those things is the window.

A house without a window is like a man without a nose. How can you be able to breathe when you don’t have a nose? How can you cope if you don’t have a window in your house? The question is, how many windows should a house have?

A house should have between four to nine windows depending on the number of rooms in the house. If you have a house with six rooms which includes a parlor and a kitchen, you should at least have up to eight to nine windows, meaning that, the number of windows a house should have depended on the number of rooms in the house as there is no specified number of windows a house should have.

Window: An Overview

Anytime you hear the word window, just know that it is an opening in a wall of a house or vehicle which enabled air, sound, and light into the room or vehicle. Every house on earth has a window, especially houses meant for human habitation. Even warehouses do have windows.

How Many Windows Should My House Have?

The number of windows a house should have solely depends on the number of rooms in your house whether bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, kitchen, powder room, basement, etc. They are the determinant.

As a matter of fact, some rooms in a house can have up to one or two windows depending on the position of the room. Now let’s do the maths, assuming you plan to have two bedrooms, one living room, two toilets, one kitchen, and one storeroom for your new house, if the two bedrooms have two windows each, then it means that there are already four windows just from the bedroom alone.

However, if there is one window in the sitting room, one window each in the two bathrooms, one window in the kitchen and storeroom, then it will be five windows plus the four-bedroom windows, making it a total number of nine windows.

Therefore, the total number of windows to have in your house is determined by the number of rooms in the building. And when I said rooms, I mean every sizeable entrance in the house whether it’s for sleeping, bathing, or for cooking.

Importance of a Window in any House

Like I always say, the importance of a window cannot be overemphasized. It is huge and it is important.

To Provide Good Daylighting

Windows are needed in every house to provide adequate daylighting to the rooms. It will be bad for the room to be dark at all times simply because there is no window to provide adequate daylight to the room.

Of what is worth, when the room is always dark, it may give a very negative vibe. Of course, there is a reason why people were told to desist from using dark hues for their room, and that is because of the negative vibe it may give. Now imagine having a room that is always dark.

To Provide Good Vibe and Good View

Windows are needed in every house to provide good vibes and a good view. Imagine seeing what is happening outside your house while you’re relaxed in your room drinking a bottle of wine. That is one of the coolest experiences ever.

Moreover, even though the bathroom is not considered a room, it is also part of a building where windows should be installed for proper ventilation. Now, imagine not installing a window in your bathroom? I know that the bathroom exhaust fan can be used but a window has a role it plays in the bathroom.

To Provide Adequate Ventilation

Windows are needed in a house for proper ventilation. We all know what ventilation is and despite the air conditioner, the ceiling fans, there is nothing like fresh air.

To Provide Beauty to the House

Design-wise, windows add beauty to a house. In as much as it makes a house whole, it equally makes it a valid place to live.

Things to Consider Before Installing Windows in your House

Here are the things you need to have in mind before making any plans for your house windows

Consider the Number of Rooms in the House

Like I said earlier, you should consider the number of rooms in the house first before the window

Consider the Position of the Bedrooms

The position or direction of the bedroom equally plays a very crucial role in deciding how many windows to install in your house. if the position of the bedroom makes it possible for two windows, you can then decide based on your personal preference to either install one or two windows. But when the reverse is the case, you have no other option than to install one window.

Consider How you want the House to Look

Like I said earlier, window adds prestige to the designs and looks of every house. Without a window in a house, the house may look like a naked dog. But with a window, it looks full and valid. Indeed, windows do add beauty to a house.

However, while planning for windows in your house, do consider calling or enquire from a licensed contractor to know the exact window height and position to avoid making a mistake that may cost you more money in the future.


Your house rooms and the position of your bedroom will determine the numbers of windows to have in your house.