Can You Use Curtain Hooks on Rod Pocket Curtains?

Can You Use Curtain Hooks on Rod Pocket Curtains?

Curtains are of various qualities, size and they can also be designed and fixed in different styles and formats. Getting a good blend of curtains fixed in a room can transform the room and make it look good, classy, and more beautiful. Getting it right the first time would add more impression on the room and create a good ambiance at the same time.

That is why it is important to critically study the various types of curtain designs, how to fix them, and the one that can be a good match with the other for you to get the exact beauty and great look you need for your room. Your house would look more beautiful; it will change the ambiance into something more romantic and give you that look of a warm, relaxed, and good atmosphere at any time.

So, can you use curtain hooks on rod pocket curtains? Yes, curtain hooks can be used on rod pocket curtains because they make the curtains easier to be used and moved at any time. When you fix the hooks on the rods, the curtains can easily be moved without stress. Not only would you find it easy to move the curtains, but your room would also have another beautiful look and great ambiance. It would bring out the good look of the hooks when fixed on pocket rods.

Curtain Hook and their Importance

Curtain hooks are parts of hardware used to fix a curtain to its rail. They can be tiny or big but the core purpose is to use them to keep a curtain in its place. They can be able to hold any type of curtain and at any place in the house.

Curtain hooks are mostly seen in the showers because of how easy they are to fix and remove at any time. They are made of standard and quality materials because they act as a barrier against rust and corrosion. They make curtains look good, stylish and also keep them strong in their place.

Importance of Curtain Hooks

  • Transforms the room appearance: They help in transforming the appearance of the room to a beautiful and classy look. They make it look better than the traditional rooms.
  • Easy friction and movement: It is so easier to shift or move the curtain sideways, the hooks easily roll with the rails, and once touched there is easy friction of movement between both the hooks and rails and this allows you to position and adjust the curtain to any place at any time.
  • Last long and hardly spoil: Because the hooks are made of high-quality materials, they stay longer and hardly get spoiled at any time.
  • Easy to clean: They are easily cleaned with wet water without them getting spoiled due to their quality and standard.
  • Enhances window performance: Curtain hooks are one of the best matches for a window, since they can be adjusted to any side at any time, it would be easier for you to enjoy the cool evening breeze and get your room to any desired temperature depending on the season.
  • Keeps the curtain strong and firm: This helps in keeping the curtain in its place at any time, the curtains fit strong to the window and hardly fall or moves out of their place at any time.

Rod Pocket Curtains and their Importance

Rod pocket curtains are the type of curtains neatly made in pockets or casing, they are fixed at the top of the panel of every curtain and they are seen covering the rod without you noticing the type of rod used on them. They are one of the most outstanding and fashionable ways of hanging a curtain.

They portray an easy and simple look in the room. Using this method for hanging your curtain does not require additional hardware apart from the rods used to hang the curtain. Imagine letting such curtains touch the floor.

Importance of Rod Pocket Curtains

  • Makes the room classy and fashionable: This is one of the most fashionable types of curtains to be fixed in a room. It brings out the classy look of the room and makes it fashionable depending on color and the type of interior decorations used in your room.
  • Gives the room a simple and yet attractive look: This type of curtain gives the room a simple and yet attractive look. The room would look so attractive and at the same time so simple because you would only be seeing the curtain covering the rod and fixed on the wall. Your room would also not look too occupied with many things.
  • No much hardware required while fixing them: No much hardware is required when fixing the curtains except the rods, it will make the curtains and windows not look so clumsy and busy. In other words, your window sides would not look too busy and occupied with many things.
  • Easy to fix (DIY method): With the rod pocket curtains you can easily do-it-yourself without hiring a professional or an interior decorator to help you do it. You and your household can make out time and get them fixed at any time it is more convenient for you to do.
  • Cost-effective: Since it is a do-it-yourself method, you will not be spending much money on either hiring a professional or an interior decorator to help you fix it, the money can be utilized for something else or can be used to add more beauty to other interior decorations in the house.

Can you use Curtain Hooks to Hang Rod Pocket Curtains?

Curtain hooks can be used on rod pocket curtains because they make the curtains easier to be used and moved at any time. When you fix the hooks on the rods, the curtains can easily be moved without stress. It will also make your toom have another beautiful look and great ambiance. It would bring out the good look of the hooks when fixed on pocket rods.

Rod pocket curtains are one of the best types of curtains and the most important thing is that they are very easy to use. Making the decision of adding a hook on the rod pocket curtains will not only turn the simple into extraordinary but would transform the look of the room and make it easier to use. This would make your curtain look more beautiful and elegant when hanged on the rails.

Therefore, it is possible to use curtain hooks on rod pocket curtains for your room.

How Do You Attach Hooks to Rod Pocket Curtains?

1. Get the Pin Hooks

You must ensure that the pin hooks are exactly of the same size and shape. You can also adjust any of the hooks to close tightly; with this, the hooks would never fall out of place on the curtain rings at any time.

2. Space the Pin Hooks

You must ensure that the pin hooks are spacious enough. Also, ensure that you hang a pin on each hook to make it look pinch pleat. If you are making 10 pleats, ensure you get 10 pin hooks for the 10 pleats with additional 2 pins at each end, making it 12 hooks. While making the spacing, mark the hooks in the middle and get the curtain folded on either side and mark them. Repeat this process and mark all the places you are putting the pin into.

3. Insert the Pin Hook

Put the pin hook at the same lines already marked out. To get the length from the top to the edge, get the pin hook eye screwed over the ring.

4. Insert the Pin Hooks at the End of the Headings

Get the same measurement from down to top with a pencil, fix the pin hook like 1 cm from the edge, and add buckram for additional support. Ensure that the pin hook is not obvious from the right side and repeat the same method for the other end of the header.

  • Ensure the curtains are ruffled and not too flat.
  • Put the ceiling into consideration.
  • Use long curtain rods.

How Do You Hang Rod Pocket Curtains on a Traverse Rod?

  • Ensure that both traverse rods and their support are well fixed, fix the rod in the support bracket, lock it up and get the rod secured to its position.
  • Get the exact width measurement of the curtain panel and cut a piece of pleater tape to the same size. (Pleater tapes are already sown pleat pockets).
  • Ensure the seam is sewn up to ½ inch across the top of the pocket curtains and get the right sides to be together
  • Fold the pleater tape at the back of the curtain.
  • Get the pleater tape to be at least half an inch from the top to the wrong side of the curtain, pin the edges together and stitch them together.
  • Place the curtain flat with the wrong side facing up and fix one curtain hook right inside the pocket of the pleater tape.
  • Ensure the first hook is exactly fixed at the end of the panel.
  • Do not pierce the curtain, rather let it be fixed down into the layers that make the pleater tape pocket.
  • Fix the curtain hook by getting an exact measurement of 4 inches and continue the same process at the top of the curtain panels.
  • Fix one curtain panel one at a time on the traverse rod. Fix the curtain into the hooks right on the sliders in the rod.


Following the various methods and formats of fixing both curtain hooks and rod pocket curtains together would add additional beauty to your room and make it look more elegant. It is better to seek advice from professionals if you cannot do it yourself and get the best blend from both curtains. Making a mistake at this stage can make the room look ugly and would also change the pattern of the room, and make it uncomfortable and for the occupants and visitors that come around, and at the same thing would not bring out the beauty of the other interior decorations used in the house.