Should Home Office Desk Face the Window?

Should Home Office Desk Face the Window?

Should home office desk face the window? How focused and distracted can you be? This is the first question you should answer when inquiring about desk placement in your home office.

A home office depicts a more reserved and quiet section in the house where private jobs like reading, writing, carrying out research, philosophizing, or running online jobs are comfortably done.

So, your office will not be so busy with people after all, maybe just a secretary. All you need to do is find what works best for you. Some office owners prefer the light out and as such backs the windows with the desk, while others work more comfortably with the reflection and air on their faces.

However, the question remains, should home office desk face the window? Home office desk should not face the window to avoid getting distracted from a passerby or from what is happening outside of your home. Having the reflections and distractions directly on your face is not advisable except you are claustrophobic. Instead of your home office facing the window, let it back the window, by so doing, you will be less distracted to enable you to focus on your work.

The Idea of Home Office

The home office is a section in a living house that is strictly structured as an office. The home office wasn’t so prominent before now. I mean, no one cared about an official space in the house for home office before now. In those days, royals and nobles had parlors where private meetings, book clubs, etc were carried out.

A parlor not cut out for an office but carried out office-like duties. These parlors had a huge desk, differently made of chairs, coffee table, a shelf of books, interior knobs that juts out office-like peculiarities. Then, there was nothing like a ‘home office’ title.

Even in recent times, some folks use their bedrooms, dining space, and even the basement for office-like duties in the name of home offices. It has never been and it is not mandatory to have a home office in section and name in your house.

However, technology age brought a seriousness and need for privacy while working with it. Entrepreneurs, company CEOs, politicians, and prominent men and women in society have managed to make the home office an official space. There has been a rise in reasons why it became officially possible but that isn’t our focus. The need for privacy while working became the most important of reasons why the need for home office became official and this is why it is going to stay so.

The home office comprises fewer materials if compared to a public office but same format. It carries a desk which is the most important piece of furniture in this section. Also, a chair for working and in some cases, an extra two for visitation purposes, a shelf, a center rug, etc depending on the office owner’s office description.

Should My Home Office Desk Face the Window

No, home office desk should not face the window to avoid getting distracted from a friend or people passing by or from what is happening outside of your house. However, instead of placing your home office desk next to your window, let the desk back the window to minimize the rate at which you get distracted so you can be able to focus on your work.

Sincerely, the placement of your home office desk has to be completely dependent on you. What is normal and abnormal in an office space to you? What are you most comfortable with?

Home office implies a compartment where one can work in quiet and privacy. You want to get your job done quietly that is why this section was cut out for you and as such distractions are not needed. What distracts you? Light reflections? The sight of people?

You should consider all these things. But in the most relatable sense, your office desk doesn’t have to face your window because of certain uncontrollable distractions. Distractions like light reflections, the sight of people, visual noise, etc better still, make your office desk and chair back or be of a side view to the window.

This is one way of avoiding distractions and controlling distractions. Damning all forms of distraction as possible as can be should be the first thing that comes to your mind before and when structuring a home office.

Reasons Why Office Desk Should Face the Window

In as much as the home office desk needn’t face the window, there are some exceptions, especially where it makes the office owner uncomfortable.


Some office owners may still feel tightened to a corner especially when they are claustrophobic. In this case, it is not as though the office space is so small but that the window is not in sight may cause this complication. this is what a workable home office looks like for this person.

Can Work With Little or no Distraction

For some others, the uncontrollable distraction makes them feel at ease. It gives them the impression they are not alone and for this set of persons, things like noises, light reflections are no challenge for them.

The Home Office Owner’s Choice

I hope you do not intend to set up your home office desk to face the window because you see a few others do it. It has to be what works for you. Do not cause an unnecessary setback for yourself.

Reasons Why Home Office Desk Should Not Face the Window

It isn’t a public office but a home office. Distraction easily comes from placing your home office desk to face the window. The light reflection is enough distraction as it seems.

To Avoid Distraction

Home office as having been overviewed earlier on implies the need for privacy and quiet. By all means possible there is a need for a quiet environment to work effectively. I can clearly admit that not everyone appreciates the light and noise distractions like myself. Personally, having to deal with the light and noise can make me be automatically fatigued. Imagine working with a computer and the light comes on your face? You then have to strain your eyes. This is not healthy.

To Keep One Focused

It helps you stay focused. Keep you in the game consistently. Your home office desk shouldn’t face the window at all. You will get jobs done faster when focused.

To Face the Entrance Door

Your home office desk should not face the window so you don’t get to back expected guests. Better still, if you so much like the light and want any reflection of it possible, place your home office desk in a side-like view of the window. Here, you get light and see your visitors come in.

Things to Consider When Deciding Home Office Desk Placement

A home office depicts ‘I want my space, I want quiet, I need no distraction, I want my privacy’. Plan before you get started.

Sort Out What Works for You

To a greater percentage what works for you should be the first thing to consider when deciding on home office desk placement. It should be easy to place your desk in the home office after discovering yourself. You could set up light fittings in the center of your ceiling and stay right underneath it, if it’s the light you need to stay away from the window.

Even if you try to make a balanced, ‘no too much natural light and I want to face the entrance door’, set up your desk at the center of your home office, turn your desk in a side-like way. This way you own a bit of the natural light and who comes in and goes out from your office.

Office Design Strategy

Here, your office should be structured in a way that satisfies your needs and that will get you comfortable. Set up your lights, sockets, and shelf where you want them to be. In other words, design your home office to your spec.


A home office is a section in a living house where jobs are easily done because of the quiet and privacy it implies. It is recommended when you run away from certain distractions in your public office, or you want to officially work from home, etc. There is no need of opting for a home office if you can’t do well with distractions. Let it be that you have discovered what works best for you before proceeding.