Should Garage Door Match Front Door

Should Garage Door Match Front Door?

The garage door should match the front door especially if they are both facing the same street. It will help make your house stand out among others in the street and let passersby admire the beauty of your house. However, it depends on your preference. If you don’t want them to match, you can paint them different colors.

The type of exterior design seen in your house is as important as the type of interior you have adorned your house with. It is important to carefully plan both the inside and outside of your house to reflect the beauty you desire. Once you make a mistake on this, your house would be in shamble and no one would admire the building and your visitors would not be much comfortable when they are around your premises.

Getting the perfect interior and exterior decorations for either your newly constructed house or renovated house should be a priority to you, as this would in turn reflect your taste, standard, class, and fashion sense to people around you and to anyone that comes around your edifice. This would either get people attracted to you or scare them away from you.

However, the question is, should garage door match front door? For example, if your front door is painted navy blue color, it would be best to paint the garage door the same navy blue so that the garage door wouldn’t look like it’s in another building.

However, before you think of getting your garage door and front door to match, there are certain things to be considered. The type of materials used would go a long way in contributing if this would turn out good or bad. Since they are both at the exterior part of the house, what type of color should be a perfect fit for both? All these are determinant factors before considering if your garage door and front door should be a match.

Garage Door

Most houses are adorned with the garage because of automobiles and other things that need to be parked inside the garage. No wonder people are wondering if garage doors count in the square footage of a house. Garage doors can be manually or electrically opened. They are always big to accommodate the movement of the automobile and other things that need to gain entrance inside the garage. There are also some garage doors that come in small sizes depending on the building and the purpose they will serve.

Garage doors are always connected to the ceilings and they are made in different panels joint together to be rolled up and down when in use. Some garage doors are also made of metal, wood, fiberglass, etc.

Front Door

The major entrance of a building with multiple entryways is the front door. They grant you access to enter or exit an apartment at any time. Front doors are mostly seen in buildings that have direct access to the road. It equally comes in different forms, patterns, and quality depending on choice.

Should Garage Door and Front Door Match?

Yes, the garage door and front door can match. As a matter of fact, matching both doors in color will help make your house look more beautiful and attractive. It will help make it look more welcoming in the eye; that any eyes that see both doors with matching paint color will admire how well they both compliment each other.

Nonetheless, the most important determinant factor to consider before matching your garage door and front door is if both doors are directly facing the street. Remember that both doors are in the exterior part of the building, matching them most times enhances the beauty and elegance of the house. They would be entertaining and welcoming to visitors and guests, and they will upgrade the uniformity of the house. Painting them with bright color that goes well with the exterior decorations in your house would make it look great.

Garage door and front door can be a match. They enhance the beauty of the house. In most places the garage door covers 30% of the house exterior, getting it to be a match with the front door would not only look beautiful but can become a sort of attraction for guests that come around. Another important reason why both doors should be a match is that they help in making the building look more big, coordinated, and fashionable.

Reasons Why Garage Door Should Match Front Door

If the Garage Door is not a Complementary Door

In case you don’t want the garage door as just a complimentary door, then it would be expedient to match its color with that of the front door. This would add more value to what the door is used for and make it look more beautiful.

If You Want it to Attract People

If your desire is to make both garage and front door attract people or turn it into an adventure, getting a matching paint for both doors would not be a bad idea then. Remember that having too many colors on a house can cause confusion, get it simple and make it worth the while of people always coming around and admiring your color sense.

Color and Texture of the Paint

Depending on the texture and color of the paint you planned to use for both doors, some paints would not be good for a match, but if both doors are of the same texture, then having the same color painted on them would be a perfect plan. If the paint you intend to use is the classic type, then both doors are perfect to be a match. It is not about using any type of shiny color on your door but is about making it classic. With classic paint on both doors, your doors would not go out of fashion easily.

Size and Texture of Both Doors

Another important thing to put into consideration is the size and texture of both doors. For instance, if your garage door is a wooden door and your front door an iron door, you should know that not all texture of paint works on both wood and iron. You will have to get a color that would match both doors. Again if the size of the garage door is too big and the front door too small and you match them together, one might overshadow the other and that will not look too good on your exterior decorations.

Reasons Why Garage Door Should Not Match Front Door

If You Don’t Want it as an Adventure

If you don’t have in mind to make your garage and front door attractive to people, and you are the type that just wants it to be the regular traditional doors, then there would be no need to have both doors to be a match.

If There Are No Natural Exterior Decorations in your House

If your house is not adorned with natural exterior designs like stones, bricks, beams, and some other shinning, there would be no need to have your garage and front door color and texture be a match. If there are lots of such on the exterior part of your house, then having a wooden garage and front door would bring out the beauty and style of your house.

Color and Texture of the Paint

As earlier stated the color and texture of paint matters a lot. There are colors and textures of paint that should not be used on exteriors, having such on your exterior would cause distraction and confusion for your guests and people that come around your environment

Size and Texture of Both Doors

If both doors are not of similar size or texture, getting them to be a match might be a futile effort. It is important to take note of certain things like this before embarking on such a task of beautifying your house and making it look glamorous.

How to Decide If Your Garage Door Should Match Your Front Door

  • If you Always Want People to Admire it: This can make your house an adventure for people. It would make your house look significant and unique that people would always want to come around and behold the beauty and elegance. The appearance of your house would look outstanding from others.
  • Type of Exterior Designs in your House: Having natural and beautiful exterior decorations in front of your house would contribute so much to the beauty your garage door and front door would bring to your house. This is a determinant factor to getting your garage door and front door to match with each other.
  • Paint Color and Texture: Some friendly and bright colors would help to decide if it is good to get the garage and front door to be a match. Some colors can contrast the beauty and ruin the purpose of getting your house beautified and adorned with a good match of garage and front door.


As far as you have all it takes to make the garage door and front door attractive and to make your home look elegant and attractive to people, then getting them to be a match would be a welcome development. The advantages are numerous and cannot be overemphasized; it can either bring people more close to your house or scare them away no matter how much was spent on building the edifice.