How Much is a Building Permit for a Shed

How Much is a Building Permit for a Shed?

You’ve been thinking about building a shed in your compound for a long time. You’ve saved up for it and now probably feels like the best time to carry out the project.

When planning to build a shed, note that there are requirements to satisfy before starting the building. A building permit is one of such requirements.

Building your own shed can be fun and less expensive though but it is important to get a building permit for it. Therefore, the question is, how much is a building permit for a shed?

Obtaining a building permit for a shed will cost between $15 – $25 which is usually based on the overall price of the shed to be built. If the shed will cost $5000 to be completed, the building permit would be around $50. Therefore, the fee is usually around 1% of the total cost of the shed.

Does Building a Shed Require a Permit?

From research, building permits are a type of approval (authorization) that must be issued by a government or a regulatory body BEFORE the construction of a new building can commence.

It is often described as an official document that gives you the build on a piece of land or makes adjustments to an existing building.

Building a shed requires a permit generally but not all sheds will require a permit.

How Much is a Building Permit for a Shed?

Generally, the building permit price varies but there is a standard of $15 – $25 for a shed. The amount is often based on the overall price of the shed to be built. If the shed will cost $5000, the building permit would be around $50. So, the fee is usually around 1% of the total cost of the shed.

However, you should make further inquiries on the cost of the shed in your locality.

Factors That Determines if a Shed Need a Building Permit

Some factors determine if your shed will need a building permit:

1. Size

Smaller sheds, most times, such as 6×8 and 8×8, do not need permits. But larger sheds will require building permits.

2. Purpose of the Shed

If you intend to use the shed as a business area, work, or residential area, it will definitely need a building permit.

3. Power Supply

If you will connect the power supply into the shed, you need a permit before construction commences.

4. Placement

Sheds cannot be too close to the main house, the fence, trees, poles, other buildings in the compound. A building permit is required to access the placement of the building.

6. Type of Foundation

Some localities have restrictions on the type of foundations you can use in building a shed. Places with severe weather conditions require specific foundation methods to be used.

7. Homeowners Association (HOA)

The HOA has regulations for every building construction. Verify your area for the HOA and make the necessary inquiries.

Importance of Obtaining a Building Permit for a Shed

What’s the need for a building permit? Why do you have to inform the regulatory bodies before carrying out a major building project in your home?

Building permits are necessary to ensure the safety, health, and structural integrity of a building. They also ensure that a building is compliant with the legislation, and the builders are registered. It equally offers the required insurance.

  • Safety
  • Structural Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Serves as a Guide
  • Insurance Validity
  • Resale Value


The main goal of any permits – building or electrical is to ensure safety. When the safety standards are ensured, the occupants of the building are guaranteed safety.

There will be a reduced likelihood of accidents and mishaps during construction. Most builders who build without permits are aware of the risk they take. The building permits provide the safety guidelines to adhere to in constructing a new building.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity ensures that the building is fit for the intended purpose under normal operating conditions and is safe even when conditions exceed that of the original plan.

The ability of the building to withstand its intended capacity without collapsing is structural integrity. It is highly important in building a shed.


Obtaining a building permit will keep you from cutting corners. If you hire the services of a contractor without getting your building permit, the contractor might not use the standard methods in building your shed. But when the permit is obtained, it ensures the contractor performs the job at the highest standards.

Serves as a Guide

If you intend to carry out the building of the shed yourself, the building permit will serve as a guide in the construction process.

The permit will actually provide some help to you throughout the process. Even though you are familiar with the construction process, never overlook obtaining a building permit.

Insurance Validity

Accidents are not rare in the building process. If you go ahead to construct a shed without the permit, your insurance will not cover it.

Building a shed with a permit shows that you understand the risks involved and you have been issued permission to go ahead with the construction.

Resale Value

Surprisingly, a building permit might sway away potential buyers of your property. If you want to sell your shed and you cannot provide the documents showing you had the approval to build it, some buyers will not buy the property.

No one wants to acquire a property with such risks. Save yourself from future stress and get that permit today! The same way building a shipping container home requires a permit, that is the same way building a shed requires one too.

Consequences of Building a Shed Without a Permit

Building a shed without obtaining a permit is costly. Multiple problems can occur when the right processes are not followed, such as:

  • Electrical Malfunctions
  • Cracking Walls
  • Windows Issues
  • Fines and Penalties.

The list is endless but we’ll stop at those listed above.

Electrical Malfunctions

Wires and sockets might not be installed properly. A loose wire is a looming danger. Permits help to prevent this by ensuring that the right methods are employed in building the shed.

Cracking Walls

It is not uncommon to see cracks in the walls of buildings. This is simply due to inefficiency on the part of the builder. When a building permit is obtained, it states the standards that MUST be adhered to, preventing issues like cracked walls.

Windows Issues

Failure to obtain a building permit can lead to window issues. Some cities have regulations on the type of windows allowed in sheds. If a contractor does not go through the document to see what it is allowed, there might be issues later on with the regulatory bodies.

Fines and Penalties

If the government finds out that you built a shed without a permit, you will be fined severely. Penalties could involve getting the shed demolished for safety reasons and so on.

Oftentimes, if the building is actually compliant, a heavy monetary fine will be awarded and you will still have to apply for the permits.


Building permits are essential documents to show approval of building construction. These permits provide standards that should be followed in building a shed. Sheds generally require building permits but not all do.

The importance of a building permit cannot be over-emphasized. Regulatory bodies are in charge of providing them and assessing buildings. Well, if you decide to go ahead with constructing your shed without a building permit, be ready for the consequences!