How to Make Rod Pocket Curtains Slide Easier

How to Make Rod Pocket Curtains Slide Easier

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Rod pocket curtains can sometimes become very difficult to slide, so the question is, how to make rod curtains slide easier without having to put too much effort trying to slide the curtain?

To make rod pocket curtains slide easier, either use a dry silicone spray on the rod or use a curtain slide tape on the curtain rod or better still buy custom-cut curtain rods. You can also use measuring tapes or hang the pocket curtains with rings. Any of these methods can help make your rod pocket curtains slide easier.

However, rod pocket curtains are very beautiful on windows; they give you that great and attractive look and change the ambiance of a room. They give the room a multilayered feature and they are installed with multiple curtain rods on a single window. They hardly go out of fashion and style and they always maintain the classic home feature at any time.

It is important to note that rod pocket curtains are not meant for opening and closing at any side of the windows or doors, once they have been fixed directly on the rod and all parts are positioned well, they are supposed to be there without shifting it to either position of the window or door.

Peradventure you want to try opening and closing them, it will make the design not to be as it is supposed to be thereby losing that classy, fashionable, and attractive look it gives the room, and at the same time, may not give the room that great ambiance that makes it different from other traditional rooms.

Rod pocket curtains can easily slide into their extendable by widening the pocket itself and lubricating the rod with a dry silicone spray, this would smoothen the surface of the rod and allow the curtains to easily slide into the rod and maintain a firm balance without any ugly look on them or in the room.

What Causes Rod Pocket Curtains to not Slide Smoothly?

Here are reasons why rod pocket curtains don’t slide easily, they are:

What You Use as a Connector

The joint of the connector to the curtain can be a challenge to enable you to slide in the curtain to the rod. This is mostly seen on the type of rods with different shorter interlocks and slides. The joints where you can connect them are not easily seen and this may end up allowing your curtain to slide one-sided, in other words, one side of the curtain would easily slide into the rods while the other one in the other direction would not be able to slide in well. It will be caught up on the connecting joints of the rod.

Wooden or Painted Rods

Wooden rods or painted rods do not have enough friction for easy movement. The curtains would not be able to easily slide into the rod neither would it find its way out when forced. It is better to make use of smooth rods and avoid wooden rods and painted rods. Most painted rods are damaged at the process of painting them after fabrication and most of them are mostly not made to be used for hanging curtains.

Dirt and Dust

Over time, people tend to forget about cleaning the curtain rods. Most people do not find it necessary while washing their curtains because they don’t know its importance to the curtains. Accumulated dirt and dust can become a big impediment on the rod, to the extent that there would be no friction to enable the curtains to slide in easily into the rod. Without friction, you will find it difficult to fix a curtain in the rod and if you force it so much, it can damage the curtain or hook it up in a certain way that would not be appealing to the house and good for the room.

How Can I Make My Rod Pocket Curtains Slide Easier?

Rod pocket curtains are specially made to give space for all parts of the curtain to be properly fixed; this makes it easier for you to fix them easily on rings, pin hooks, or rods along with their pocket. The ring enables the hook to be firm and strong.

Here are how to make rod pocket curtains slide easier without much stress.

1. Use a Dry Silicone Spray

This is in form of a liquid that does not stick to a rod and dry up easily when sprayed on a particular surface. If you spray this at the top of your curtain rod, it gives the rod a smooth surface that would enable the rings to easily slide into the curtains. It would not attract any form of dirt from the rod to the curtain because it doesn’t stick to anything and nothing would become an obstruction for you to slide in your rod pocket curtains easily.

3-IN-ONE RVcare Slide-Out Silicone Lube

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This is one of the best silicone sprays for curtains that refuses to slide easily. The spray is waterproof and by that, will ensure that your curtain rod is protected from any form of rusting and corrosion, thereby sliding easier.

2. Use Curtain Slide Tape

This is used on top of the curtain rod to get a smooth look on the rod. It works perfectly just like the silicone spray. One unique thing about the slide tape is that it doesn’t only create a smooth look on the rod to enable the curtain to slide in easily, it also smoothens the rods to allow the rings to pass over the connecting joints of the curtain.

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3. Custom-cut the Curtain Rods

If the challenge in sliding in your curtain is mainly from the extending joint seen in the middle of the curtain, you can easily buy a custom-cut rod. This type of rods is measured and cut to the exact length you want them to be. This is to say that there would be no need to extend the curtains, it would be a single material and there would be no connector joint seen at the middle of the ring to prevent the curtains from sliding into the rod.

4. Measuring Tape

This would help you to bypass the connecting joint of the curtain by cutting out 6 inches from the measuring tape and use double-sided tape on it.

5. Hang them on Rings

Hanging the curtains on the rings can actually help.

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Pros of Curtains Sliding Easily

There are some advantages in having your curtains sliding in easily to their extendable and here we would discuss some of them as follows:

  • Folding it onto the sides: When you are able to get your curtain slide easily, it will help you fold the curtains on both sides and this helps you to create a dividing space and protection as well within the curtain.
  • Easy to move and use: You can easily move the curtains at any time for any purpose and you can make them become varieties of options for you in the house. You can use them to divide a room, protect a workstation in the room and use them as storage for a particular thing in the house.
  • Protection: you can use them as a good form of protection against water, dirt, and cold at any given time in the room or for an outdoor purpose.

Final Thoughts

Rod pocket curtains are classy and beautiful to behold. There are few ways to help you slide in the rod pocket curtain into their extendable to get that beautiful taste and to enable the room to look coordinated, and match with other interior decorations in the room. Once those steps are carefully followed and observed, you can easily slide your rod pocket curtain at any time with any of the extendable without stress.