How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture Around Baseboard Heaters

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture Around Baseboard Heaters

  • Arrange the bedroom furniture at least 12 inches of space around the baseboard heater to avoid fire outbreaks.
  • Build a fine cabinet piece around your baseboard heater so it does not cause a need to panic or set a distraction in your bedroom.
  • Round up the furniture in the middle of your bedroom in a circular style and trim your drapes. 

Baseboard heaters are basically recommended to be installed far off any form of property (furniture) so as to work very effectively and prevent fire outbreaks. There may be one way around this though, that’s creating a mini cabinet around the baseboard heater for it to stay hidden.

Baseboard heaters are installed in a compartment to carry out heating procedures. They are hell-bent on generating heat only to zoned areas in a space. Meaning, the heat that emanates from the baseboard heater is distributed to the areas colder in a bedroom enough to balance the space temperature.

Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters are heat-generating machines. It can be installed in the home, office, or anywhere that is habitable by living things. There are different types of baseboard heaters and they all do well in creating heat when activated.

Baseboard heaters function a lot better when they come in contact with cool air. It flairs up when in contact with cool air that emanates from the window, this is why baseboards are recommended to be installed few inches above the ground and just below the window.

Baseboard heaters can thus generate heat when it is winter and the weather is very cold, bringing in cool air. The heat concentrated cool places in a house and thus generates heat to create a hot balanced atmosphere. Hence, it works very effectively in restricted compartments, a section in a house that is very much secured.

These heaters start working less when dust or any form of dirt enters them. No wonder many argued that new baseboard heaters are more efficient. The duct from old baseboard heaters can even result in spoilage most time. So, there are certain cautions that come with it that will teach one how to make the best use of it. This is one reason baseboard heaters are highly recommended to be installed inches above the ground.

Also, baseboard heaters cannot do without thermostats. Thermostats are the control buttons of baseboard heaters. They are used to regulate and manage the temperatures whenever there is a need for change and these thermostats are installed just alongside the baseboard heaters.

There is also a digital thermostat that can be installed away from the baseboard heater in any part of the bedroom or hallways. All you have to do is to set a temperature using the thermostat and then, the baseboard heater does the rest.

Types of Baseboard Heaters

As have been mentioned before, there are types of baseboard heaters and in this passage, the notable two (2) are going to be mentioned and they include the hydronic (hot water) baseboard heater and the electric baseboard heater. These two heaters just have but a few differences but one focus, distributing of heat to zoned areas in a bedroom or any space whatsoever.

Hydronic (hot water) Baseboard Heater

Just the same way the water supply system in a house takes in water and distributes it to the kitchen, bathrooms, and wherever water is needed in a house. It is the same way the hydronic baseboard heater gets water. The water supply in a house supplies the hydronic heater.  When it is supplied, the water is boiled by a central boiler located in the heater and it is distributed through the pipes to every part of the house. In turn, heat is generated through the house and balances a moist atmosphere and the goal is achieved.

If and when the water becomes warm, it finds its way back to the central pot, and fresh hot water is distributed again. The hydronic heater can be powered by gas, oil, or even electricity.

Electric Baseboard Heater

The electric baseboard heater may just be slightly different. Instead of hot water, electricity is the major heat-generating power. It is the most famous baseboard heater there is and it comes highly recommended.

There is the installed electric baseboard heater and the uninstalled. Meaning, one can just connect as a standing fan is, to a socket and the other can be installed.

When installed or connected to a socket, it does the same thing the hot water baseboard heater does. It all, depending on how the thermostat is set.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture Around Baseboard Heaters

There are tricks in keeping your baseboard heaters away from the bedroom furniture. However, I don’t think there is a special way except just keeping the bedroom furniture 12 inches away from the baseboard heater. This is basically to prevent a foreseen fire outbreak in your bedroom.

There may be no list pointier on ways to arrange the bedroom furniture away from the baseboard heater but think about it, when you hear twelve inches, what comes to mind? Well, what comes to my mind right now is, let the furniture serve you in the middle of your bedroom.

Baseboard heaters are and had always been placed and installed just below the window of a bedroom. Two things should be considered here. The windows and furniture of a bedroom.

The window says, ‘I don’t want a blockage or an interference of any kind’, and the furniture says, ‘I don’t want a foreseen fire outbreak’.

Those are the conditions. Now, how do you deal with it?

The bedroom has with it in most cases, a few sofas, a side lamp table, and maybe a reading table. The bedroom furniture can be set in the middle of the bedroom, away from the window. It is as simple as I made it seem.

If you have made up your mind to have a baseboard heater in your room, redecorate it. Safety should come first, don’t you think so? No matter how small-sized a bedroom may be, it can always give space for the baseboard heater even if it means reducing the furniture in the bedroom.

Then, the typical style of flowing curtains in a bedroom will not be possible here. Your curtains should never interfere with the workflow of your baseboard heater. Otherwise, you will not get your desired result. Let it be that your curtains are trimmed above the baseboard heater for better performance.

Build a fine cabinet piece around your baseboard heater so it does not cause a need to panic or set a distraction in your bedroom. Round up your bedroom furniture in the middle of your bedroom in a circular style and trim your drapes. This is how to arrange your furniture around your baseboard heater.

Can You Put a Bed Against a Baseboard Heater?

Baseboard heaters can work most effectively when it is installed in a ventilated space. However, this will not be possible if you were to put a bed against a baseboard heater because to put something against implies touch and closure. Therefore, you should not put a bed against a basement heater.

A bed is an extensive piece of furniture in a bedroom. Baseboard heaters are expected and highly recommended to stay 12 inches away from any furniture whatsoever the design, fiber, or style. None of this matters as far as we talk about baseboard heaters. The bed shouldn’t sTay for or against a baseboard heater.

Electric Baseboard heaters need air regulation to function perfectly. Otherwise, an installation of a baseboard heater may be a waste of money and time.

Can You Put Furniture In Front of Hot Water Baseboard Heater?

Furniture can be put in front of a hot water baseboard heater but it must be at least one to two feet away from the heater. All heaters generate heat; it is when there is no air to help regulate this heat that it degenerates into a fire if a flammable object dares get close.

Hydronic or hot water baseboard heaters run at a natural low temperature when compared to electric baseboards. But every heating machine deserves a space exclusively to breathe. Yes, I said breathe.

Furniture whether in the living space or bedroom should be far off the heater for safety’s sake.

How Far Away Should Objects Be From Baseboard Heaters?

Originally baseboard heaters are designed to have a breathing space of about twelve (12) inches from any properties whatsoever, even drapes. However, 12 inches were the least inches given. Maybe because of the small modern cutouts by architects of different compartments styles which include the living room, bedroom, and even office spaces in the name of ‘the smaller, the sophistication’.

Notwithstanding, 12 inches became the least space. So, adjustments should and can be made in accordance with this change if you just made up your mind to install a baseboard heater.


The function of baseboard heaters can be maximized if cautions are taken to make it possible. If you have made up your mind to have one, reach out to an agent and installer that can make it happen and heed every guide on the manual as provided by the manufacturer. Your baseboard heater should be annually maintained at least for the best of performance and should be far away from your bedroom furniture.