What Happens When You File a Noise Complaint

What Happens When You File a Noise Complaint?

Noise is distracting and annoying. No one would like to be constantly disturbed by some inconsiderate neighbor. What do you do when your neighbor makes noise all the time? You file a noise complaint. But what happens when you file a noise complaint?

If you file a noise complaint against someone, the police will not arrest the person rather, they will visit the person and give him/her a warning. If the person ignores the warning and continues with the noise, the police will book him and issue him a fine.

Can You File a Noise Complaint?

As a citizen of a state or a country, it is your legal right to file a complaint anytime you wish if you are consistently disturbed by the noise produced by your neighbor.

Imagine your neighbor playing loud music after 11 pm, if after complaining to him and he played deaf ear, you can file a noise complaint against him to show him how illegal it is to play loud music after 11 pm.

Before we consider what happens when you file a noise complaint, let us look at when you should file a noise complaint.

As long as you are living amongst humans, it is normal that some level of noise will be made. If you are a tenant in a compound, you will not be new to this. Some tenants make unbearable and unnecessary noise that you are not comfortable with.

There is a good chance you will meet a tenant who makes an incredible level of noise even though you are a quiet neighbor. It is all part of life. This behavior by people can be extremely disturbing and difficult to cope with. What do you do in such circumstances?

You need to be sure you want to file a noise complaint against your neighbor. You can take some measures yourself to see if the problem can be solved:

Discuss with the Neighbor

It is possible your neighbor is not aware the noise they are producing is affecting other people So have a conversation with the neighbors and see if it can be resolved as soon as possible. Most neighbors are often sorry about their actions and make amends with regard to the noise.

Decide on a Time

If your neighbor needs to perform activities that involve high levels of noise, it is important you decide with them when such activities will end.

If you go to bed by a certain time, it will be helpful for you to inform your neighbor about your bedtime so they do not make much noise around that time.

Basically, just agree with your neighbors about the acceptable time’s such noise (if it is inevitable) can be made.

Try to Understand their Reasons

It is possible the noise produced by your neighbors is not within their control such as the cat meowing at odd hours or the dogs barking aggressively.

This noise is understandable and you can work around it but the noise from loud music at night or a night party without prior notice is irresponsible and unwarranted.

If you have taken these measures without involving outside help and you still can not find a solution to the noise produced by your neighbor, you can make the next move – file a noise complaint. It is normal for human beings to promise to make amends when they know they can be penalized for their offenses.

How do you file this noise complaint? You need to be careful with the procedures so you do not end up wasting your time and energy.

First of all, go back to your lease agreement and read it again. Go through the parts about noise complaints (if there are) and what to do about them. It is important to note that there might be quiet hours stated in the lease or something close to that.

If the steps to take in reporting a noise complaint is listed in the lease agreement, you know what to do. Follow these steps and make the necessary complaints to your landlord.

It is important to make the complaint in writing (physical or online), so you can have more evidence. If you wish for your identity to be hidden from your neighbor who is making the noise, tell your landlord as well. The landlord should endeavor to not disclose your identity when confronting the neighbor.

Also important to note, you need to make proof or evidence of the noise your neighbor has been making. You can make sound recordings or any form of evidence that shows your neighbor has been doing it regularly.

If you have reported to your landlord and your landlord can not do anything about it, you need to take the matter to the police. If you are taking a noise complaint to the police, you need as much information about the incidents as you can get.

The proof of your neighbor’s noise disturbances needs to be provided, the letters to your landlord about it as well as any other form of reports you made about the noise disturbances.

What Happens When You File a Noise Complaint?

If you file a noise complaint on your neighbor to the police, the police will visit the neighbor and issue some warnings. If your neighbor ignored the warnings, the police will book your neighbor and issue a fine.

Will My Neighbour be Arrested if I File a Noise Complaint on Him?

No, your neighbor can not be arrested when you file a noise complaint on him. The police will issue a warning for first-time offenders. If you make another report on him, he will be fined by the police.

Are Lawyers Involved When Filing a Noise Complaint?

No, lawyers are not needed when filing a noise complaint. You can do the processes on your own. However, if you want your lawyer to be present when you are filing a noise complaint, your choice. You can go ahead with that.

Most times, lawyers are involved when you need to sue your neighbor or file a suit against them. Going to court is usually an option when the police cannot control the noise your neighbor has been making.

Steps to Follow to File Noise Complaints

There are important steps to follow in filing a noise complaint. You need to make proof of the noise your neighbor has been making. You can do this by creating sound recordings or you can measure the noise level using a sound meter app and take screenshots.

Evidence is needed to make a successful complaint. Once you have your evidence, don’t go to the police yet. You can get in touch with your landlord. Make a written complaint about noise from your neighbor.

Once you have done that, you take your documentation with you to the police. State your case and file a noise complaint against your neighbor. It is helpful to go along with evidence because evidence-less allegations are not taken seriously. When you have the necessary proof, the police will be able to act on it effectively.

Merits of Filing a Noise Complaints

The following are the benefits of filing a noise complaint:

Due Process will be Followed

It is civil to not take such matters into your hands by beating up your neighbor getting into a heated argument with your neighbor over their misdemeanors.

That is only creating more problems for another neighbor around more cases can arise from that. Be sure to report to your landlord, the environmental health agencies, and the police.

Unnecessary Noise Will Stop

As much as you need to be free from your neighbor’s noise, you have to file a noise complaint. When you do that, the issue will be addressed and resolved.

Peace of Mind

When you file a noise complaint, the police will do their job and ensure your neighbor behaves properly. When this is stopped, it benefits you because you can now enjoy the peace of your rent and the serenity in your environment.


In conclusion, noisy neighbors are everywhere. One of these days, you will come across one of them. How you handle it is what matters. Do not cause a fight by approaching your neighbor with aggression and aggravating the matter. All you have to do is to file a noise complaint with the police and leave it to them.