Can You Plunge a Garbage Disposal

Can You Plunge a Garbage Disposal? (Yes or no)

A garbage disposal works are very important in your kitchen wash cabinet. Every day, you get to spend so many food scraps in the garbage disposal, especially during cooking and washing.

While this might not pose a problem if you send the scraps down in small quantities, a problem might occur when large quantities of scraps go through the drain.

Garbage disposal is a tiny piece that is fitted to the wash cabinet so there is little it can take.  A large number of scraps can cause a blockage to the garbage disposal. Therefore, can you plunge garbage disposal?

Yes, a garbage disposal can be plunged to remove dirt from a garbage disposal. It is in fact the most used method because it’s an easy and fast way of clearing your drain. It automatically forces out the scraps by applying air pressure and sucking it up to create a passage.

Advantages of a Plunger?

  1. It has a Self-priming Capability: A plunger doesn’t need a machine to work. It has the capability to pump and suck in air and push down whatever obstruction by creating a passage. All you need to do is to apply human pressure to the plunger and we are good to go.
  2. It is very handy: This means it is very easy to use. In fact, in every house, there is a plunger lying somewhere in the corner of the room because even without a manual, you know what and how to use it. Basically, their efficiency comes to play.

Can You Plunge a Garbage Disposal?

It is possible to plunge garbage disposal. When you stuff things like oil, grease, rice, pasta, vegetables, or fruit peels in the garbage disposal, the tendency for it to get clogged is very high. This does not mean you throw away your garbage disposal. All you need to do is to plunge it and release the obstruction.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal with a Plunger

Now in the case of you getting clogged garbage disposal, how do you unclog it with a plunger. With these steps, you’ll learn how to unclog your garbage disposal

  • To plunge your garbage disposal, you need to turn off the power in your unit. After this, release the resistance under your garbage disposal with an Allen key.
  • Fill the garbage disposal sink with water preferably half full size of water.
  • Position your plunger over the garbage disposal sink and begin to push down and pull up until the water starts moving freely. Vigorously and continuously plunge the clogged disposal drain until you achieve a free movement of water.

It is important to note is that a kitchen plunger is different from a toilet plunger. A kitchen plunger has a flat round mouth while a toilet plunger is quite round, small, and long. The toilet doesn’t have a flat round so be careful not to misuse them.

One thing to note is that you must never put your fingers in the garbage disposal in a bid to unclog. It is very unsafe to do that.

Can You Plunge a Kitchen Sink With a Garbage Disposal?

If you have a kitchen sink with a double configuration, it definitely means you have one part for your garbage disposal and the other part for your normal darning.

It is not impossible to plunge a kitchen sink that has a garbage disposal. What you need to do is to plunge the clogged area till water flows through.

If you have a case where the water from one end of the sink flows to the other side. What you need to do is to plunge both sinks. First off, plunge the affected area by

  • Placing your plunger over your clogged drain and fill it with water.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly filled up.
  • After doing this, plunge continuously and vigorously to remove the obstruction.
  • Keep doing this until you are sure the water in your sink drains freely and faster and repeat this same process on the other part.
  • Run warm or hot water over the two drains until you are sure there is no obstruction again.

Can You Snake a Drain with a Garbage Disposal?

There is no yes or no answer to this question. This works in two ways

  1. If you have a single sink
  2. If you have a double sink

If you have a single sink: It won’t be possible to snake your drain if you have a single drain because of the obstruction from the garbage disposal. The only way you can make this work out is by going through an outer channel.

What you can do is to go out of your house and get the pipe that connects to the drain line in the house. There is a cap. Make sure to remove the cap.

The next thing is to insert your snake into the hole pipe as far as you can and wiggle continuously until you feel the restriction coming off.

Run water down your drain to see if it successfully drains smoothly. If it does, then you are good to go but if not, you need to repeat the process all over.

If you have a double sink: A double sink means your garbage disposal is one side of the sink while you have your other sink free.

The first thing to do is to look under your sink and check where the drain pipe from the free sink meets the pipe leading to the wall. In simple terms, check where the outer pipe connected to the sink drain meets.

If it is the garbage disposal sink, then you have to refer to the process from the single sink but if the pipe meets the free sink, then it is very easy to snake.

All you need to do is to insert your snake into the drain and push it down until it is unclogged. For more information, read How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink with Garbage Disposal.

Final Thoughts

If you are not sure about unclogging your garbage disposal or sink by yourself, then you need to get through to a plumber or a professional who has knowledge of this. You’ll prevent damage to your sink and be at peace even if you might have to sacrifice some dollars for it.