Washer and Dryer Space Requirements

Washer and Dryer Space Requirements

When we talk about washer and dryer requirements, the first thing that should come to your mind is its usefulness after which you should ask yourself how is it very useful to you and your household.

Washer and dryer require a space of 54 inches and 1-inch clearance space on each side of the washer and dryer to function well with less noise and much air circulation. Because most washers are between 25 to 28 inches, while dryers are 25 to 32 inches, hence, require a space of 54 inches with 1-inch clearance space.

Washing machines and dryers come in various sizes that need some space where they can properly be installed. Meaning that before you hit that order button on Amazon or buys your washer or dryer, you need to ask yourself what are the washer and dryer requirements for these appliances. Will these appliances fit into the space where I want them to be. This is because failure to do so might warrant you spending more money to make the appliances fit into space.

The essence of washer and dryer requirements is to ensure you set out an appropriate space needed to install these appliances to avoid a story that touches at the end. You don’t want a situation whereby you bought a washer that cannot fit in the space where want it to be whether in the laundry room or the kitchen.

Do Washer and Dryer Need Space?

Yes, the washer and dryer need space. They need enough space to be installed and to function well. Having a correct space for the washer and dryer can make it function well with less noise from vibration.

However, if the washer and dryer need space, then what are the space requirements?

Washer and Dryer Space Requirements

The washer and dryer both need 54 inches of space wherever you wish to install them with 1-inch clearance to enable more air circulation around the appliance. 54 inches is enough to accommodate the washer and dryer.

One thing you should know is that washers and dryers come in different sizes. Some washer comes between 25 to 28 inches while most dryers come between 25 to 32 inches. Most top-loading appliances come around 36 inches while most front loaders come between 34 to 39 inches.

If you wish to get a washer and dryer combo, or if you have already gotten it, then you may have to check the height and width of the machine. Most washer and dryer combo come between 27 inches wide to 29 inches deep with 39 inches tall.

If you wish to place the washer and dryer side by side, then it requires 60 inches of horizontal space or 5 feet. When you measure the depth of the washer and dryer ensure to add extra inches for clearance and hoses that will be used in the connection.

You should at least give 6 inches for the hoses and venting and 1 inch on each side and between appliances for clearance purposes which will help reduce the noise from vibration.

Also, to be able to open the door, you should able to give 16 to 18 inches of clearance space. This is very important. If you cannot do this all by yourself. Please request the services of a professional licensed plumber to do the work for you.

You should call a professional licensed plumber to do the work for you. Besides this is not a DIY something because it involves a lot of expert experience to be able to successfully achieve all these plus you might need to get a permit before you can be able to install the washer and dryer depending on your location.

If you are using a stacked or stackable washer and dryer with combination units, you need at least 60 to 76 inches of vertical clearance space with 24 to 30 inches of horizontal clearance space. This is strictly for those using stacked washers and dryers and combination units. Don’t forget to give 6 inches of space for the hoses and ventings.

Be that as it may, when we talk about space, we should not be in a hurry to forget about the entrance door and of course, the laundry room door. The first space that should come to your mind when you hear washer and dryer space requirements is your house entrance door space.

While this might sound useless, it is actually useful. Imagine buying a washing machine that can’t fit into your house entrance door. How are you going to carry it inside? This will be a pain in the a** .

Trust me, you don’t want to find yourself in this kind of situation because even if you buy a washer and dryer that can fit in where you wish to install them if they can’t pass through your house entrance door, it will give you an unwanted headache.

While you consider your house entrance door, the next space you should put into consideration is the space in your staircase. This is important especially for those who wish to install their laundry on the second floor. You need to ensure that while the appliance passes through your entrance door, you should be able to carry it upstairs to the floor you wish to install it.

In this case, a width of 45 inches is recommended to able you to have a 90 degree turn when moving the machine to your desired floor. This is to ensure you can carry the washer and dryer upstairs.

For your laundry room, the same applies here. You should make sure the door is wide enough to carry the washer and dryer inside. Your laundry room door should be at least 32 inches wide to enable you to carry a washer and dryer of any size inside. If you wish to install the appliance in your open kitchen, then you don’t need to worry about this.

If you have a small laundry room, you should consider getting those small washers and dryers except you’re certain that the big appliance can fit in the small laundry room and you still have some space left. There are small laundry appliances that are made for those that have limited space to install the laundry. You can get such appliance if the spot where you wish to install the laundry is small

Reasons to Allow Space in and Around Washer and Dryer

There are numerous reasons why you should allow enough space in and around your washing machine. These reasons are:

To Enable You Move the Washer and Dryer to your Desired Place

The washer and dryer requirements are important because that is what will allow you to move the appliance into the house and the spot where you want it to be installed.

To Enable it Works Perfectly

If you wish your dryer and washer to always work well in perfect condition, then you may have to give it enough space to allow it to breathe while it works. Yes, you should allow it to breathe while it functions.

To Reduce Noise from Vibration

While working, all washers and dryers make a lot of noise, if you give enough clearance space when installing the appliance, it will help reduce the noise and make it work well. The vibration noise can make it uncomfortable for you while using the machine in the laundry room.


For you to be able to move the washer and dryer into your house and into the spot you wish to install them, you must ensure you follow the washer and dryer requirements explained in this article. Always remember to consult your plumber for advice if you cannot do any of these by yourself.