What Direction Should Bathroom Be

What Direction Should Bathroom Be (North West or South West?)

The direction or position of a bathroom is very important because the bathroom is one of the essential parts of every residential building. As much as some facilities don’t have a bathroom, major building structures have a particular room for a bathroom and toilet.

When constructing a bathroom, there are specific rules to follow to make sure the bathroom is positioned in the best direction it should be. Going contrary to g these rules has its disadvantages.

It’s incredible how time flies and how things have changed. The idea of having both the toilet and bathroom in the same room came with time. Initially, there is always room for a bathroom and a different room for the toilet. Today, the reverse is the case these days.

In the olden days, building structures don’t usually have a toilet in the same building. At the time, the bathroom and toilet are built outside the residential building. However, today, the reverse is the case. People do not need to build a bathroom inside the house; they build the bathroom close to the room.

For example, I have a master bedroom, and my bathroom is right there inside my room, though it has its small room. The fact that it’s situated there in my bedroom makes it easier for me always to visit the toilet anytime. Plus, I’m the only one using the bathroom.

Nevertheless, the question is, what direction should a bathroom be?

What Direction or Position Should Bathroom Be?

The perfect direction to position a bathroom is the North-West part of the house because positioning a bathroom in the northwest during construction is perfect for easy elimination of waste from the bathroom. Never position your bathroom in the South-West direction of your home as it may lead to disadvantageous situations.

Direction and Position for Bathroom Construction

1. Bathroom Position

The bathroom should be positioned in the North-West part of the house.

2. Bathroom Entrance Door

It is important to make sure that your bathroom entrance door is positioned on the Eastern or Northern part of your home. It would be best if you never allowed the engineer to construct your bathroom door in the South-West direction.

3. Good Quality Wooden Door

After the bathroom entrance is positioned at the Eastern or Northern part, make sure to use an outstanding quality wooden door for the bathroom. You can use a metal door but be careful while using metal doors for your bathroom. Be mindful of rust and other injuries.

4. Bathroom Paint Color

You can always choose a color that is suitable for you, but you are advised never to choose colors that are too dark such as black and dark blue colors. You can use lighter colors such as grey, white, pink for the ladies, light blue, and pastel shade.

5. Toilet Seat

Since the bathroom and toilet are in the same room, it is crucial to make sure that the toilet seat is positioned in the South-West or North-West direction. This is the best place to position the toilet seat to foster the faster elimination of waste.

6. Water Closet

While placing the water closet in the bathroom, it should be aligned within the bathroom’s North-East axis. No matter what, it is not advisable to build your bathroom closer to the kitchen. Please, do not make such a mistake.

7. Mirror on the Wall

If you are the type that likes to have a mirror inside your bathroom, you should try to get an exhaust fan for your bathroom, and while placing the mirror, position it to be at the East or North wall of the bathroom.

8. Bathroom Exhaust Fan

While fixing your bathroom exhaust fan, it is crucial to position it in the East or North-East direction and allow fresh air and sunlight. You are always advised to turn your exhaust fan on while bathing or pooping to help control humidity and foul odor from circulating to the adjoining rooms. You are also advised to close the bathroom while using it.

9. Commode

When fixing your bathroom commode, make sure to place it in a position that will enable the person using the bathroom not to face the East or West direction. 

10. Bathroom Window

Some bathrooms do not have a window. Some bathrooms make use of a good exhaust fan in place of a window. However, if your bathroom has a window, make sure the window is at the East, West, or North wall of the bathroom. The position of the door should tell you the perfect place to put the window.

11. Bathroom Flooring

Constructing the bathroom floor to slope in the same direction will go a long way in draining water in the same order. Also, it may be beneficial if you construct the bathroom 1-2 feet higher than the ground, depending on the building’s structure.

12. Washing Machine

For those of us that could afford to buy a washing machine, when placing it in your bathroom, make sure to position it in the South-East or Northwest part of the bathroom. Please take full consideration of what is required of you for your washer and dryer.

13. Drainage

The best direction to position the bathroom drainage is the North, East, or North-East. 

Be that as it may, it is essential to note that if you mistakenly build your bathroom in South-West’s position and direction, don’t worry; there are several remedies to correct the mistake. You can place a Vastu pyramid on the outer part of the South-West toilet wall or put an exhaust fan in the bathroom and ensure that the door is always closed.


It is important to note that the bathroom regulation explained above is made by Vastu Shastra. However, you can decide to construct your bathroom; how you want it, but don’t just position it next to the kitchen.