Can Curtains Hang Above Baseboards

Can Curtains Hang Above Baseboards?

Can curtains hang above baseboards? Decorating a house is a fun thing to do yet, one of the difficult things to do because there are lots of things to put into consideration.

Curtains are one of the major things to consider when decorating a house. The type of curtain to use for the room, the quality of the curtain, the size, and the proper way to hang it, which brings us to the question; can curtain hang above baseboards?

You can hang curtains above baseboards as long as the baseboards are not an electrical baseboard heater of which the curtain should hang a minimum of four inches to twelve inches away from the baseboard heater.


A baseboard can also be called a skirting board used for various purposes such as covering a wall to protect it against wear and tear. Baseboards can be in two forms which are wooden and vinyl boards. They both perform the same function of covering the lowest part of the wall to protect it.

The importance of baseboards cannot be overemphasized. Baseboards are not just suitable for bathroom alone, it is equally suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, etc., especially those areas in the house where kids play a lot.

The baseboard will make sure that the lowest part of the wall is protected from your kid’s toys or vacuum cleaner hitting it at all times. Instead for it to hit and damage the wall, it will hit the baseboard which is strong enough to withstand the hitting.

Can I Hang My Curtains Above Baseboards?

Yes, you can hang curtains above baseboards as long as the baseboard is not an electric baseboard heater. However, even if you wish to hang the curtain above the electric heater baseboards, make sure the curtain is hanged far away above the baseboard to avoid the curtain catching fire.

Electric heater baseboards can cause a fire in the house if you bring a flammable material close to it. That is why you are not advised to let your curtain close to the electric baseboard heaters.

However, the best thing to do when you have an electric heater baseboards in your home is to hang blinds in your window as it will be a guarantee that the heater will not cause a fire.

Peradventure you are using the normal baseboards or skirting boards without an electric heater, you can go ahead and hang a curtain above it.

Types of Baseboard Materials you can Hang Curtains Above

MDF Baseboards

MDF is one of the baseboard materials you can hang curtains above. It is very affordable and lasts very long. With this type of baseboard, you won’t have to worry about it wearing off as a result of the constant hitting from your kid’s toys, mop, or vacuum cleaner.

Since MDF baseboards are not water resistance, it means it can be used in the room without any worries because it is meant to be used inside and not for exterior use.

Vinyl, PVC, Urethane

Whatever you call it, you can comfortably hang curtains over this type of baseboard in your room as it is very durable, moisture-resistant, and paintable. The painting feature of this baseboard makes it easier for you to paint it to your desired color after installation.

Most skirting boards come in white color. But as long as such baseboard is paintable, you can easily paint it to your desired color after installation.

Moreover, this type of baseboard is great for both outdoor and indoor use and since it is moisture resistant, you can comfortably use both in your bathroom, basement, and other rooms in the house.

Pinewood Baseboard

Pinewood baseboard is made out of wood meaning that you can comfortably hang curtains above it. However, the baseboard can be used both for exterior and interior motives. It can as well be painted and surprisingly, it is also good at resisting moisture.

Oak Wood Baseboard

This is another type of wood baseboard you can hang curtains above. In fact, this type of baseboard is more popular than the others because of how beautiful it can make the room look. It can as well be painted and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Importance of using Baseboards in your Room

  • To protect the lower part of the wall from wear and tear: As I said earlier, baseboards ensure that your lower part of the wall is protected from every abrasive and every wear and tear happening in the room.
  • To add character and focal point to the room: Baseboards add character to the room. It makes the room look beautiful. As for the focal point, anyone that enters the room will not waste time to notice how beautiful the baseboard made your room look.

How to Buy the Right Baseboard for your Rooms

Picking the right baseboard to install in your room depends on various factors which are the size of the baseboard, the size or height of your ceiling, and of course the size of the room in which you want to install the baseboard.

  • If the room is an 8-foot ceiling, the right baseboards to buy are the 3-5 inches baseboard height.
  • If the room is a 9-foot ceiling, go for the 4-6 inches baseboard height
  • If the room is a 10-foot ceiling, you may have to go with 5-7 inches baseboard height
  • If your room is a 12-foot ceiling, then you are advised to buy 6-8 inches baseboard heights respectively

Baseboard Styles and Profiles for your House

Irrespective of where you want to install baseboard in your house, you have varieties of baseboard styles and profiles to pick from which range from smooth, beaded, omate, etc.

  1. Flat Baseboard Molding: Suitable for those who prefer to get a minimalistic look in the room
  2. Flexible Baseboard Styles: Suitable for those who wish to cut the baseboard while installing it on the wall
  3. Joint Baseboard Styles: Suitable for those who wish to add a base cap on top of their traditional plain baseboard style
  4. Carved Baseboard for Upgrade: Suitable for those who want to do an upgrade to their already existing baseboards. This type of baseboards lets you upgrade your already existing baseboards easily without removing the old one
  5. High Trim Profile: Suitable for those who want to add trim beauty to the baseboards in their rooms. These trims can be designed with different, yet matching color.
  6. Clamshell Baseboard: Suitable for those who wish to use baseboards that have a curve at the top
  7. Ornate Baseboard: Suitable for those looking for an unlimited amount of baseboard styles for their rooms.

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to ask can curtains hang above baseboards as it’s okay to hang curtains above baseboard as long as such baseboard is not an electric heater baseboard.