Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper?

Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper? (Pros and Cons)

Hardly would you get into a house and you would not see or sense the presence of bleach. This is a popular product that many people all around the world use for various purposes.

It can serve as a disinfectant, for washing (laundry), cleaning of tables, chairs, doors, windows, and other surfaces in the house, and most importantly, bleach is used almost in all toilets facilities in most homes, hotels, restaurants, bars and open places where people normally go to make use of their restroom. This is because of the value and power attached to bleach.

However, the question is, does bleach dissolve toilet paper?

Bleach does not dissolve toilet paper, rather the bleach would tear the toilet paper apart and turn them into clogs that would stick to the toilet pipes and plumbing. These clogs would in turn become harm and form of obstruction to the septic tanks, sewage pipes, and other plumbing’s used in the toilet.

It is important to note that bleach has many effects on both human health, environment, air, and most people tends to be at risk when they inhale or come in contact with bleach, this is because of the type of chemicals and acids used in the manufacturing process of bleach and it can cause some harm despite its good side of killing germs.

Bleach tends to become so toxic when it connects with either water and other acids and chemicals that are also as toxic as them. The toxic fumes would be released into the air and anyone that inhales them would be at risk of some health issues and challenges.

To the environment when they get mixed up with some other minerals it would take ages and years before it would be wiped off, and as earlier said, its air pollution damages can be disastrous depending on the person that inhales them.

Can Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper?

The answer is No. Bleach would not dissolve toilet paper in the toilet. It will only tear the toilet paper and turn them into clogs which if flushed down the toilet can block the sewage and affect the plumbings and piping used in the toilet.

If bleach is used to dissolve toilet paper, it would have an after effect if it was poured inside the septic tank. Due to the type of acid used in manufacturing bleach, it would affect some of the plumbings and piping’s used in the toilet and this would definitely be unhealthy for the users and also to the environment where you live.

Even if used not in the toilet, bleach would not dissolve toilet papers this is because electrolytes and water would only go down into separating cellulose fibers. The highest you would witness in bleach and toilet papers are them peeling off and this is clearly different from dissolving them.

Pros of Using Bleach to Dissolve Toilet Paper

Here are the advantages of using bleach to dissolve toilet paper:

  • Breaking the Down: Bleach would help you to break down the toilet paper into tiny particles and with this, your toilet would not in risk of been blocked the way it would have been if you left the toilet papers the way they were initially.
  • Disinfecting the Toilet: Bleach is a form of disinfectant, so using it in the toilet would help you disinfect and kill all sorts of germs that may have taken their abode in your septic tanks or your toilet seater. This is important to avoid contracting some toilet infections.
  • Wipes Clean: Bleach is powerful in making dirty things look white, so in using it in your toilet, it would help you keep your toilet sparkling clean and white at all time, and being clean would bring reduction to the presence of germs and those in your household would not be easily exposed to any form of infection at any point in time. This is very important because health is wealth.

Cons of Using Bleach to Dissolve Toilet Paper

Below are some disadvantages of using bleach to dissolve toilet paper:

1. Health Challenge

Because of the type of chemicals used in the production of bleach which includes chlorine, it is detrimental to health. Chlorine is one of the 10 volumes of chemicals that can be detrimental to human health. Some people would start feeling choked once they inhale bleach while some due to some underlying sicknesses may experience other side effects. The worst of it all would be mixing bleach with other substances. As it is in the toilet bleach would mix up with either ammonia or other acids and this would be a tragedy to every human health.

2. Environmental Challenge

Bleach is a very risky agent to the environment, when it mixes with water and is used, it can mix up with other mineral elements and would take many years for such to be dissolved. This is very bad for the environment and where people live.

3. Air Pollution

When bleach is mixed with water it goes straight to the air due to the type of chemical compounds used in manufacturing it. Once it gets to the air, it would circulate to the entire environment; this would go as far as reaching the earth’s atmosphere and the ozone layer. Remember that why it is harmful to the air is that bleach releases some forms of toxic materials in the air when mixed with water.

4. Damages to Piping and Plumbing Works

The compounds used in manufacturing bleach can go the long way of causing damages to the sewage pipes and other plumbing materials used in the toilet when it gets into the septic tank. And this would cause some forms of dangers to people in the house and the environment as a whole.

5. Extra Spending

When the bleach would have caused some form of harm to the health of the people in the house and the environment, and had affected the environment and also the piping’s and plumbing works used in the toilet, it would land you into spending extra money on ensuring that you get everything fixed and back in order as they should be. This is to say that using bleach in the toilet would make you spend more than you bargain.

How long does it take For Toilet Paper to Dissolve?

The ideal time it would take for a toilet paper to dissolve in bleach should be within the time frame of 10 minutes to 15 minutes. This is exactly the time it would take for such to happen, but peradventure it exceeds this particular timing then you should know that the particular tissue paper you are trying to dissolve is the hard type and as such that is the major reason why it is taking much longer than necessary for it to dissolve.

What to Use to Dissolve Toilet Paper?

On a normal basis, toilet paper is manufactured in a simple way that it can easily get dissolved using just ordinary water. But the water could not dissolve the toilet paper because of the tiny clogging of the tissue papers in the toilet drain, you can make use of a toilet plunger to dissolve the toilet paper. The plunger is meant to help dissolve your toilet papers, but in case it didn’t work as expected, you can also use a toilet auger to do the same.

Will Bleach Dissolve Paper Towels?

Paper towels are paper but they are not ordinary paper. They are manufactured from an entirely different wood that is far much stronger than what is used in the manufacturing process of papers. So this makes them stronger and evenly difficult to be dissolved.

Bleach can dissolve paper towels but it would take a whole lot of time for such to happen, and this is because of the texture and manufacturing process of the paper towel. So you would not expect the paper towel to dissolve in bleach just like that, it would take a while, and sometimes it would just break them into tiny clogs which is eventually not dissolving them.

Final Thoughts

Having known some health challenges, environmental implications, and air pollution aspect of the toxic nature of bleach and how it can cause some forms of damage to the toilet, it would be advised that more care should be taken and more caution should be applied whenever you intend making use of bleach for your toilet. Know how to use it, what and what to mix is with and what should not come in contact with it. And at the same time, it is important for you not to use it in trying to dissolve either paper towels or toilet papers, because it would cause more harm than good.