Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

100 Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls (With Images)

Two complementary colour combinations may just be the best for any bedroom walls. It mostly poses in a dark and bright shade of any color mixture in bedroom wall designs.

The best two colour combinations for bedroom walls are Gray and White, Blue and White, Pink and White, Mint and Cream Colour, Purple and Lilac, Taupe and White colour, Mauve and White, Pale Brown and Opal Colour, Dark Brown and Yellow. etc. Choose any of the two colour combination that match your taste for your bedroom walls.

Over the years two colour combinations had stood out to become typically prominent in the walls of any bedroom and up till these modern days. It is simply defined and very complimentary in a decor sense.

Two colour combination for bedroom walls is the best because of their simplicity and orderliness. There are way more than 100 two complementary color combos that can be used to design a bedroom wall perfectly.

Dark and base colors like black, gray, turquoise, green, red, brown, teal, etc can be very complimentary to light colors like white, cream, off-white, sky blue, yellow, light grey, etc. These combos and more will give us 100 two colour combination for bedroom walls.

100 Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Here are the two colour combination for bedroom walls:

1. Gray and White

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

The two colour combination is perfect for bedroom walls. It can be perfectly and deeply complementary naturally, especially, as the dark nature of one illuminates the other. It will also give room for other colours in the bedroom to shine such as colors of the bedroom chair, bedroom curtains, and beddings.

2. Blue and White

Blue and White

What could be better than this beautiful colour combination? Blue and white as a combination is my best colour. Blue is cool just as white is and yet with distant tones. Blue and white are one of the most highly recommended looks for any bedroom walls.

3. Purple and Lilac

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Purple and lilac are not so far from one another. Lilac is of the family and has passed as a shade of purple and as such a combo will be exciting on the walls of the bedroom because of the lighter shade lilac presents. Both colors as combos on the walls of any bedroom will give a bedroom a bold and complimentary look. Isn’t that what you are looking for in the first place?

4. Brown and Cream

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Cream has turned out to be the very favorite and most complimentarily brown color or shades. It is a bright and supportive tone that merges and goes frequently with dark color tones. This combo will give any bedroom a luxury look.

5. Dark Green and Vanilla

Green is mostly outlined with nature, life, and harvest. It isn’t so cheap as to have a green with a cup of conservative vanilla on the walls of your bedroom. This combo will give you a freshness filled with energy just like you deserve.

6. Taupe and White

We already know white as a combo in any bedroom makes the room looks extra-large or huge. Taupe is going to make the white on your bedroom walls appealing and exciting.

7. Mauve and White

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Mauve color can also be said to have fallen under the purple family and can incredibly go with any mixtures especially of the lighter tones on the walls of your bedroom. Now, imagine having any shade of devoting mauve in a combo with white on your bedroom walls.

8. Mint and Cream

Tranquility and balance are deeply associated with mint on any bedroom walls. Luxury should be the second name of this combo.

9. Olive and Beige

Olive is usually seen as a sign of peace. Trust me it isn’t so far from what the color represents on the bedroom walls except there is added empathy with a combo of conservative beige. What more is there to ask for?

10. Yellow and Vanilla

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

This combo is going to be all about the brightness on your bedroom walls if you love only light and inspiring tones or you want to feel alive at every entrance to your bedroom. This is everything you want.

11. Pale Brown and Opal

This combo can be very significant on any bedroom walls as it is almost sacred. It is important to note that fidelity and devotion aren’t so far from this earthy combo.

12. Gold and Ash Gray

Show me how the neutral color gray doesn’t match up with any color tones and I’d show you the distance of heaven from the firmament. This color combination is divine and epic on your bedroom walls. Try making an exception of matching up these wall tones on your bedroom décor and enjoy the soothing feel.

13. Violet and Gainesboro

The combo is extravagant and confident. It is a rare combo but just as trusted on the walls of any bedroom.

14. Ocean Green and Lotion

Ocean green is life, nature, and calm. It is everything any house owner needs in a bedroom room. Lotion color is not exactly white and as such will be a huge complementary color to ocean green.

15. Mocha and Milk

Mocha can also be referred to as a shade of brown as it is popularly known as coffee brown. It can be only well presented in the bedroom with a complimentary cream.

16. Teal and Floral White

Rejuvenation is what happens to your bedroom walls when any house owner dares to explore this combo. It is epic and relaxing. I mean what more can I say?

17. Onyx and Orchid Pink

Harmony is deeply associated with onyx and orchid pink will make a perfect combo for any bedroom walls especially when the house owners are newly wedded.

18. Raspberry and Cream

Energy is inevitable in any bedroom walls that carry this tangy combo. Why not explore this combo for a change? It is everything and more.

19. Mandarin and Ash Gray

Gray should not be elaborated upon anymore because of its ability as a neutral color to fit in with any color. It is a pleasant and calm color that will always blend with color as filled with so much happiness, elation, and joy as mandarin.

20. Dark Brown and Yellow

Yellow color is everything precious and happy on the walls of any bedroom and when mixed with dark hues, it is an elaborated and a highlighted sunshine just like cream in combo with brown on any bedroom walls.

21. Superiority blue and alabaster.
22. Mulberry and cream.
23. Fawn and white.
24. Oxblood and beige.
25. Tangerine and cream.
26. Grass green and cream.
27. Purple and orchid.
28. Dark blue and pearl.
29. Umber and silk.
30. Alloy orange and almond.
31. Indigo and white.
32. Neon green and silver.
33. Pink and White.
34. Jasmine and ivory.
35. Chocolate and champagne pink.
36. Red and peach.
37. Khaki and white.
38. Strawberry and white.
39. Tan and Tuscan.
40. Brown and tan.
41. Pale gold and peach.
42. Green and sage.
43. Dirt and floral white.
44. Emerald and Dutch white.
45. Teal and ocean green.
46. Amazon and teal.
47. Baby blue and aqua.
48. Taupe and taupe gray.
49. Violet and petal.
50. Burgundy and white.
51. Sap green and tan.
52. Cocoa brown and peach.
53. Ocean green and yellow.
54. Turquoise and white.
55. Dark gray and diamond.
56. Coral and cream.
57. Forest green and forest green.
58. Black and off-white.
59. Brown and white.
60. Ash gray and black coral.
61. Charcoal and timber wolf.
62. Mauve and lotion pink.
63. Keppel and cream.
64. Teal and ivory.
65. Byzantium and blue gray.
66. Sky blue and silver.
67. Yellow and spring green.
68. Crimson and cream.
69. Dark brown and corn silk.
70. Ebony and eggshell.
71. Salmon and white.
72. Ruby and peach.
73. Purple navy and silver.
74. Ochre and cream.
75. Mystic and white.
76. Marigold and cream.
77. Teal and puce.
78. Pine green and pink.
79. Lavender blush and soft pink.
80. Coral and light gray.
81. Orange and peach.
82. Phlox and cream.
83. Gold and pearl.
84. Onyx and opal.
85. Blue gray and platinum.
86. Dark gray and light blue.
87. Coral and beige.
88. Mahogany and lotion.
89. Purple and puce.
90. Sepia and cream.
91. Sea green and black.
92. Orange and sky blue.
93. Blush pink and white.
94. Red and light brown.
95. Green and cream.
96. Teal and cider.
97. Gray and gold.
98. Navy blue and ash gray.
99. Orange and teal.
100. Pine and platinum.

There are so many colors to choose from the above numbers of color combinations that can suit your needs on your bedroom walls and that can give you the feel you desire no matter how dark and bright you want it to be. You needn’t continue searching in all confusion as to match your desired bedroom feel. Make your choices as of now and with the assistance of a professional anything is possible in your bedroom.

Pros of Using Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

The best two colour combination on bedroom walls stands out fearlessly. It is a race of complementary hues in the pursuit to match choices of décor that will be made or already made.

Complimentary Décor: Many house owners want their walls to complement their décor so that the decors like sofa throw pillows, sheers, and blinds do not just get to stand on their own.

  • Colorful: For Some house owners who love to explore colors the why is so not far-fetched. Everyone can never be the same when it comes to looking appealing. A colorful bedroom can emerge from just having two colors on your bedroom walls and it tends to be more appealing than others. They don’t just stop there, their furniture, rug, bed sheets, curtains, fittings, etc will suffer colors and in the end, an empire will be given.
  • Personality/Ownership Feel: When a room is customized with two colors it gives it more of a personality and ownership feel especially when the property was acquired through rent. It can also be referred to as redecoration of your bedroom and there is nothing wrong with designing a room to your style and taste.

Two colors on your bedroom or any bedroom walls aren’t so bad. It is ownership definitive and can be personality complimentary. What works for one shouldn’t and doesn’t have to work for others.

Cons of Using Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

  • Waste of Time and Money: Painting a bedroom for two hours may be seen as a waste of time because any bedroom depicts and implies privacy and as such should be designed so. A bedroom is a place where one gets to sleep mostly at night being that one has to be busy all day so painting it just one color wouldn’t be so bad.
  • It is not Standard: One color on the bedroom wall is the traditional standard for decorating any bedroom and we have found nothing to be wrong with that.

Two colors on the bedroom walls can be very tacky and disturbing for some folks. Not everyone cares about style on the bedroom walls because it is so not a living space.


Two coloUrs are a beauty on any bedroom walls if the house owner has time and money for it. But it is not for everyone to be concerned with because it is not everyone that appreciates it may be because they don’t prioritize such things or maybe they see it as a private space. For some others, colors in the bedroom can be very disturbing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the end choices. It is whatever works for you.