Permits for Shipping Container Homes in Florida

Permits for Shipping Container Homes in Florida

You need a permit to build a shipping container home in Florida. To get the permit, you must draw a clear plan of the type of shipping container home you wish to build, following all Florida building codes and zoning rules, and submit it to the Florida Building Department for approval.

Once the building plan is approved after you must have paid the necessary bills, permits to build shipping container homes in Florida will be issued allowing you to proceed with building the shipping container home on your land.

For clarity purposes, a permit in this sense is official permission to do, use, own, or build a house. You can meet any shipping container home builders in Florida to do the building work for you. You cannot do it all by yourself. There is no way only you can start building your shipping container home from beginning to end. You will definitely need the services of shipping container home builders in Florida.

Moreover, Florida is a state in the southeastern part of the United States renowned for its weather, beaches, and amusement parks. It is popular with retirees who go there to experience a life of leisure and is a popular spot for golf, car racing, and tennis competitions.

Since shipping container homes are houses built out of shipping containers and are loved for their size, durability, and affordability. There are rules guiding the construction of buildings including shipping container homes. You must ensure that all the designated rules and regulations are followed as well as obtain a permit before constructing the shipping container home.

Do Container Homes Need Permits?

The answer to this question depends on the state where you wish to build the container home. Some states require a permit before any construction is carried out. Some others are not as strict. Shipping container homes need permits for a number of reasons.

Firstly, having a permit protects the property value. If one intends to sell, prospective buyers will be skeptical about purchasing a home without a permit as a permit along with disclosures on repairs and improvements carried out is required before a sale.

Also, it might be hard to obtain insurance payments or get on an insurance plan where the shipping container home is without a permit. The underlying inference arrived at by the insurer would be that there is an element of fraud underfoot.

Before being granted a permit, one is required to meet guidelines regarding public safety. By following these guidelines, the homeowner shows that his shipping container home is not a danger to himself and society. Where the safety codes are obeyed, a permit can be granted. Therefore, a shipping container home with a permit attached is obviously a safe haven for the occupants and people around.

Are Container Homes Allowed in Florida?

Shipping container homes are allowed in Florida and are approved by the Florida government. As long as you get a permit to build a shipping container home, and follow the necessary container home building codes and zoning laws of Florida, you are allowed to build a shipping container home in Florida.

Are Shipping Container Homes Legal in Florida?

Shipping container homes are not known to be illegal in Florida. There is no law prohibiting the use of storage containers as home in Florida. Therefore, shipping container homes are legal in Florida as long as you follow the Florida building codes and zoning laws.

However, if you wish to build a shipping container home in Florida, you can get a step-by-step guide on how to build a shipping container home in Florida HERE. The article is detailed with the information you need to know about building a dream home out of shipping containers in Florida including the steps to follow to do it without having any issues.

Shipping Container Homes Permits in Florida

  • Building permits are applied to prove compliance with all the building codes and gain further approval to continue construction. Some building codes stipulate the precise manner the house will be built. Before getting a permit, it must be proven that all the building codes and other laws have been met.
  • The applicant must liaise with the local authorities about his plans and highlight the benefits to the surrounding neighborhood then prove that all the building codes and other rules have been followed.
  • He must provide all that is required of him and pay whatever he is asked to as well as abide by the codes provided before obtaining a shipping container home permit.
  • Shipping containers are not allowed in R-5, R-7, and R-15 areas.

Shipping Container Zoning Laws in Florida

Before purchasing land for your container home in Florida, it would be beneficial to know what the zoning laws in that environment are so you don’t find yourself restricted from carrying out your desired purpose on that land. This is because rules differ from municipal to another.

You must find out what these laws are and gain a deep understanding of them. To forestall any problem, conduct a lawyer, architect, or contractor.

Shipping container homes are supposed to be primarily guided by the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards which is also known as the HUD code which applies to homes built in a factory but this code only applies to shipping container homes when they are outfitted with a permanent chassis and transported to the site using their own materials. The HUD rules must be obeyed.

In Florida, lands are divided by the planning department who decides the use. They create spaces for different objectives, residential, commercial, and agricultural. Each zone will be further subdivided into subdivisions from R-1 to R-5. that will serve as a determinant of what kind of houses will be built there. Shipping containers are not allowed in R-5, R-7, and R-15 areas.

For shipping container homes, the builder must ensure the house is in tandem with all zoning regulations. He must check and know if such is permitted and then contact the planning board to intimate them with his plans and present his case to them. They will then decide based on what they have heard whether the house can be built or not.

The purpose for creation must be clearly stated so the proper law will apply and the application granted. Upon approval, work can then start.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, the process of getting permits for shipping container homes in Florida might seem cumbersome but its benefits far outweigh the costs in the long run. It may take some weeks coupled with the necessary payment you have to make. Do them judiciously because it is worth it. Shipping containers are important as they keep one safe from incurring extra costs and wasting money while serving as proof of the integrity of the home. The pros of shipping container homes cannot be over-emphasized.