Should Kitchen Cabinets Have Knobs or Pulls

Should Kitchen Cabinets Have Knobs or Pulls?

Both knobs and pulls are good and suitable to be used in the kitchen but pulls are best for kitchen cabinets because it gives enough handle to hold when trying to open or close the cabinet. It can also make the kitchen looks bigger, neater and can complement every kitchen designs.

Be it a new kitchen or a kitchen under renovation, it is important not to give deaf ears to such things as kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. They are very important and serious attention should be given to them.

Kitchen hardware is very important because they help in beautifying the kitchen and getting it to your desired class, standard, and pattern.

Having a knob or pull on your kitchen cabinets also brightens the visual look of the cabinets and adds color to them, making them easy to use at any time.

It is important to upgrade your kitchen with the essential cabinets that would make it easy for you to make use of anything at any time, know where to put certain things, create balance and space in the kitchen to avoid congestion and misplacement of items, get the beauty you desire in your kitchen interior and make you and your household enjoy cooking and have fun in the kitchen anytime.

However, the question is, should kitchen cabinets have knobs or pulls?

Thinking and knowing how many times you use the kitchen cabinets and hardware’s on daily basis helps in determining what type of hardware to use on the cabinet, whether knob or pull.

Having the best hardware suitable for any of the kitchen cabinets also allows you to maximize the value of the cabinets and derive joy and rest of mind for investing into getting the cabinets and hardware in your kitchen.

Good hardware on a kitchen cabinet is an easy way to elevate the kitchen and make the daily routine activities that go on in the kitchen easy. If you are refurbishing your old kitchen with your dining or building a brand new house, it is important to know if it is a knob or pull that is suitable for the kitchen cabinet depending on its function and daily usage.

Kitchen Cabinets and Their Importance

The following are the importance of kitchen cabinets:

Organization and Storage

Kitchen cabinets help you to organize your kitchen and keep it in order. It will help you in making good use of all the spaces needed like where to mount your gas cooker and gas tops. It makes the kitchen spacious and reduces overcrowding in the kitchen.

If you are lucky to have a cabinet with multiple shelves then you are assured of having where you can store different kitchen utensils and stuffs differently like jars, cutlery, seasoning, and other perishable items that need to be stored and placed in the kitchen.


A Well designed kitchen cabinet can turn your kitchen into a beautiful palace. Even when you are not refurbishing the kitchen, getting the kitchen adorned with beautiful cabinets can make it better. It’s just the same as changing your old wooden door with iron doors to get the class, pattern, and fashion you desire.

Knowing that cabinets constitute the major part of the kitchen, any attempt for changing cabinets should be paid detailed attention to always. Do not make the mistake of spending money on just ordinary or bad cabinets. When you invest in getting beautifully made cabinets you will see a different look in your kitchen.

Enhances Kitchen Standard

A good quality cabinet guarantees a long-lasting life span. Sometimes it seems difficult and challenging to bring out money to fix your kitchen with quality materials, but it is better to spend money on quality products and get the value of the amount spent on getting such.

This would help go a long way in upgrading your kitchen to a modern one and would as well make it easy and stress-free for you to use the kitchen at any time.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Since everything in the kitchen is properly kept and organized, there would be no worries over the outbreak of sickness from the kitchen. Everywhere would be well tidied and dirt will be far away from the food and other things used in the kitchen.

Should I Use Knobs Or Pulls On Kitchen Cabinet?

You can use either knobs or pulls on your kitchen cabinets but pulls are most recommended to be used in the kitchen because of the extra handle it offers when trying to open or close the cabinets. With it, you have enough handle to hold when opening or closing the cabinet. It can also help in making your kitchen look bigger by complementing the design of your kitchen.

However, it is important to know what you want to avoid you been in a confusing situation. You have to know the pattern of your kitchen, the type of cabinets used in the kitchen, and how frequently you use the cabinet before deciding what hardware to use on the cabinets. All this would help you know if you should use only pull, or only knobs, or whether to have a blend of both knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinets.

How Do You Decide Between Knobs And Pulls?

Cabinet knobs are cost-effective, smaller in size, and can fit in for both drawers and cabinets. The installation process is much easier because you will just need a screw to get the knobs fixed at the appropriate position. Cabinet pulls are bigger in size unlike the knobs; they are loud in look and can be very easy to get hold of. They are expensive than the pulls and are made of different sizes and patterns.

Below are things to consider before deciding between Knobs and Pulls which would be better for your kitchen cabinet.

  • Type of Hardware: This is a major determinant factor before knowing what to use on the cabinet. You will critically look at the cabinet and then know what would be better and suitable for it.
  • Cabinet Finishing: The type of finishing done on the cabinet would help you to decide whether to use a knob or pull on it. And it will also help you decide if it is better to combine both knobs and pull on the cabinet.
  • Cabinet Size: This would help you know what to use as a handle on your kitchen cabinet. Putting a pull on a big cabinet might not look too good on it, using a knob on a smaller cabinet might also hide the knob because the cabinet itself is small.
  • Usage: the use of the cabinet determines if you should fix a knob or pull on it. If it is frequently used then a pull would match it, if it is not frequently used a knob would be the best suitable for it.

Importance of Knobs and Pulls to the Kitchen Cabinet

Below are the importance of kitchen cabinet hardware like knobs and pulls on the kitchen cabinet.

Additional Beauty

Everyone’s objective is to have a good-looking and beautified kitchen. If you don’t fix the right hardware on a kitchen cabinet, despite how good the cabinet is, it would not make perfect sense. There are varieties of well-designed knobs and pulls that can add beauty to your kitchen cabinet and make them look fashionable, unlike the traditional kitchen cabinets.

Aids Functionality

Having the best and highest quality kitchen cabinet without the proper hardware would be a waste of effort and money. Therefore, fixing the best hardware on the cabinet would help make its functionality easier for everyone and would not stress you when you want to pick anything out of the cabinet.

Kitchen Personalization

Cabinet knobs and pulls helps in getting the kitchen to the standard look, pattern, and class you want it to be. It will also bring out the taste you desire and beautify your kitchen interior.

Can You Mix Knobs and Pulls on Kitchen Cabinets?

Getting a well-designed and fashionable kitchen is one of the easiest tasks to carry out. There are a variety of options in choosing either you want to use only the knob or only pull on your kitchen cabinet. In most cases mixing both knobs and pulls on the kitchen cabinet brings out the aesthetic value of the cabinets and allows you to know what and what should be placed on each of the drawers in the cabinet.

So why not? Having a mix of both knobs and pulls on the kitchen cabinet makes it look great, and beautifies not only the cabinet but the kitchen as a whole. You can mix both as long as they complement each other and are fine in the eye. It should come from your personal preference.


Depending on the type of look you want on your kitchen cabinet, the use of the cabinets, and the type of cabinets you have in your kitchen, you can fix either a knob only or pull only or decide to mix both knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinet. But pulls are recommended.