How to Make Sheer Curtains More Private

How to Make Sheer Curtains More Private

Are you looking for how to make sheer curtains more private? Look no more, this article will tell you the best ways to make sheer curtains more private both during the day and at night.

Sheer curtains are fine curtain layers as a form of a background curtain and used mostly on the windows. Sheer curtains are majorly used to add décor and weaken sun rays to a home. Why? Because sheer curtains have the least effect on privacy.

Privacy and sheer curtains do not work and in hand, but it is a curtain, right? That’s what is expected of curtains. Yes, but it is almost as if this was the purpose sheer curtains were made, to complement thick curtains.

The question is, how to make sheer curtains more private? The best way to add more privacy to sheer curtains is by doubling the sheer curtains, by using drapes as curtain blinds, and by adding fabric as a form of lacey design on your sheer curtains. 

Sheer Curtains: An Overview

Sheer curtains are the softest and most transparent curtains. They are the ones mostly seen in the bathroom which serves demarcation for some purposes and is also used on the high windows of the bathroom. It doesn’t mainly serve as a privacy curtain in the bathroom, because of the need to get as much as possible air into the bathroom.

They are used basically to purify the air that comes in and easily filter the hot air out from the bathroom, the easy passage of air, in and out of the bathroom.

Sheer curtains have always been used to minimize the light that emerges from the sky during the daytime and sunset by night. If and when the thick curtains are taken outside by side during the day or night time, it is expected that sheer curtains manage dust that comes in and regulates ventilation.

Sheer curtains are made from a list of fabrics which includes linen, cotton, rayon, etc. one can make it a little bit thicker by adding some embroidered lacey flowery designs on it.

They are usually used with drapes to manage privacy, especially in a dining and living room. They are very beautiful and meant to add soft and style to décor.

Importance of Sheer Curtains to the Room

Sheer curtains have had their distributed share of beauty to any home interior decorations.  Sheer curtains give the home a standard look, and with the help of drapes which are often used to complement these curtains, privacy is easily achieved.

It Brings Style to Interior Decor

Sheer curtains in most homes serve as a background curtain. The homeowners are not only dependent on sheer curtains for privacy and dust filtration. So why sheer curtains? Sheer curtains add beauty to interior décor in the home. The same way the house owners are not completely dependent on sheer curtains, that is the same way there is hardly a home without sheer curtains because of the beauty it brings.

It Gives Some Form of Privacy

With the help of drapes, sheer curtains have the ability to provide privacy and beat dust particles that would not mind staining the house.

Minimizes Sunlight

Sheer curtains are shade-like materials that do multiple tasks. Especially with the minimizing of sun rays into the home. It is important to use sheer curtains in every part of a house even among layered curtains because this may just be the only way to achieve damped sunlight.

Best Way to Make Sheer Curtains More Private

Sheer curtains are very light and transparent in nature, and yet, still manage privacy thoroughly during the day and less at night. It is going to be dependent on the kind of privacy you want for you to move further in this new task.

There may be series of ways one can actualize more privacy with sheer curtains especially during the night and they include; doubling your sheer curtains on your windows, using drapes as sheer curtains blinds, and thickening your sheer fabrics by adding some form of fabric for a specific lacey design. All these may just be the way to fixing thorough privacy to the home.

Here are how to make sheer curtains more private:

1. By Doubling Sheer Curtains

This may just be one of the easiest ways to secure a beautiful décor and enjoy privacy. In the process of acquiring the fabric of your sheer curtains, after getting the complete measurement of your windows, try doubling up what was measured.

If you were to buy six (6) layers of sheer fabrics, buy twelve (12) instead. Also, communicate this to your tailor on how to double up each of the sheer fabric in order to achieve a thickened version of sheer curtains. This will go a long way in improving the privacy in your home.

2. Using Drapes as Curtain Blinds

Drapes are fabrics that serve as a curtain blind for your sheer curtains. This is the most popular strategy used by professional interior decors to thicken privacy in any home once it is asked for by the homeowner. They are the most recommended of curtain blinds even before now.

3. An Added Fabric for a Design

An added fabric as a form of lacey design on your sheer curtains may just be one of the easiest and fastest ways to acquire a thickened fold to your sheer curtains. It is basically a matter of explaining and describing a form of an added fold to your fabric in a lacey style. Lacey designs can be in form of knitted threads and these threads can be added to the sheer fabrics to provide a thicker version of your sheer curtains.

Reasons Why Privacy from Curtains are Important in a House

A home that cares about privacy, lights, and dust particles should never do away with sheer curtains. As a matter of truth, sheer curtains should be used in all homes. I have been to some homes where sheer curtains were not used and the furniture had gradually lost it as a result of direct light from the sun and dust particles on the curtains, furniture, and everything they dare reach out to.

The importance of sheer curtains can never be compared to any other, the touch of beauty it brings to the interior decoration, the privacy, and the damping of direct sunlight to the home. Other curtains cannot swap for sheer curtains in their overall usefulness.

Imagine exposing your home to direct sunlight and dust? How will you manage that? Let us say you are good at cleaning your home. How long can you go cleaning? Can you clean every day even if you are a housewife? And if not, will you be able to pay a help every day to maintain your properties? Can you do without sunlight? All these questions and I can only assume a ‘NO or NOT’.

Sheer curtains act as shades especially as a form of privacy.  The privacy it provides may not be thorough but it gives privacy from the sun, what can be seen from the outside may just be a blur of the main object inside.

They are also exceptional and cheap to afford for your home. When talking about curtains, sheer curtains should come first. It is better to protect your properties and establish privacy for yourself before anything else.

Do Sheer Curtains Provide Privacy at Night?

This may just be the only disadvantage of sheer curtains. Without the added fixtures of drapes to the sheer curtains, you cannot achieve privacy at night. Therefore no, sheer curtains do not provide privacy at night.

You should carry out an experiment at night. When it gets late and the sun sets, step outside for a look. In this case, real figures may be seen but unrecognizable.

So, as has been said before, if you want privacy at night, go for extra measures to make this possible.


Sheer curtains should never be taken for granted when it comes to the interior decoration of your home. It brings this exceptional and soft beauty to your home. It improves the privacy of your home compared to when and if there were no sheer curtains and also protects your properties from direct sunlight and dust particles.