What to Put Behind Sheer Curtains for Privacy

What to Put Behind Sheer Curtains for Privacy

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If your house has the type of window faced towards the mountain top, seashore, or is located in a site seeing area, having a sheer curtain on your window would make your home fun in such a place. Sheer curtains bring out the beauty and elegance of your room and give it a captivating view from the outside.

Sheer curtains are a perfect match for small windows and small apartments. They are the type of curtains that give the room a high level of privacy during the day, and a low level during night hours. Sheer curtains allow lightening as a result of their texture. They go a long way in allowing the cool evening breeze to penetrate and touch every part of the room. If you are the type that loves natural light, aesthetics, and a bit of privacy from your window, then sheer curtains would give you exactly what you need for your room.

However, the question is, what to put behind sheer curtains for privacy?

Put good quality curtain blinds and shutters, roller shades, and plastic lining black materials behind sheer curtains to get more privacy day and night; these materials will not allow outsiders to peep into the house and see what is going on especially at night when the room is beautified with more artificial lights than the natural light.

Sheer curtains give you a high level of privacy in the daytime when the natural lights are brighter outside than inside, but at night the reverse would be the case. Since sheer curtains don’t provide privacy at night, the best thing to do is to find a good quality black linen material and put it behind your sheer curtains. With this, you are sure of privacy both during the day and at night.

Sheer Curtains and Its Importance

Sheer curtains are made of light-textured materials. It brings glamour, elegance, beauty, class, and style to your house and window and at the same time allows natural lightning to penetrate with ease in the day time and allows you to keep some privacy in your room.

Below is some importance of sheer curtains:

Beauty and Elegance

Interior decoration lovers mostly enjoy their rooms adorned with beauty, elegance, and class; this makes them feel good and on top of their game. Such is one of the importances of sheer curtains; they add more beauty and elegance to the room and make it look classier than other traditional rooms. This would make your visitors more comfortable and fall in love with visiting your house because of the beauty and class sheer curtains add to your room.

Additional Form of Lightning in the Room

Because they are made of light-textured materials, sheer curtains allow natural lighting to enter your room during the day. It also helps to dim the light and add more beautiful colors to it from both outside and inside view. They go a long way in ensuring that your furniture, floors, and other finishing’s in your house are shielded from the damage caused by direct sunlight and saves you from having intruders know what is happening in your room.

Enhances Good Texture, Movement, and Softness

Sheer curtains allow the natural evening cool breeze to move in gently to your room providing comfort to everyone in the house. It also improves the aura of the room as it dims the lightning and window frames, making it look like your room is higher than it should be.

Privacy During the Day

Since privacy is a prerequisite for everyone in a house, sheer curtains help in creating a barrier for anyone outside to know what is going on in the room. In other words, you can do whatever you want to do in your room without outsiders knowing what is going on inside your house.

Additional Waves

Sheer curtains come with additional folders; these folders make the room coordinated and add extra beauty to it.

Things to Put Behind Sheer Curtains for Privacy?

There are certain things and materials that would help you achieve any level of privacy for you and your household from sheer curtains, such items and materials include the following:

1. Blackout Curtains/ Drapes

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Beautifying your sheer curtain with blackout material, drapes like linings would go a long way to achieve that level of privacy you want in your room especially at night hours, since that is the time sheer curtains expose the room to outsiders. Linings are energy efficient and with them behind your sheer curtains, you will enjoy the sense of privacy and serenity you desire.

2. Window/Curtain Blinds and Shutters

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This is another good way to cut out outsiders from knowing what is happening in your room through your sheer curtains. Blinds and shutter would definitely hinder anyone from seeing anything going on in your house, with the blinds and shutters behind your sheer curtain, your privacy is assured.

3. Add Multiple Sheer Curtains Together

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Putting together multiple colors of sheer curtains together in one single panel would not only help you achieve your desired privacy but would also go a long way to add more beauty and color to the room. Some colors impede outsiders from seeing what is going on inside a particular place from the outside view. This would distract people and shed their view with more distractions.

4. Cell or Roller Shades

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This comes in different styles and sizes depending on the size of your window. They are energy efficient and consume less space, unlike the regular curtain blind. Rollers and cell shades are made of vinyl and fabric and this helps in ensuring your privacy when added behind the sheer curtain.

How to Get Privacy with Sheer Curtains

To achieve privacy with sheer curtains at home and put a barrier for outsiders from regularly living in your house from outside, you must ensure to add some blackout materials and fabrics to block the natural light from coming in and ensure they are well fixed together with the sheer curtain, this would stop the outsiders from looking into your room especially at night.

Another good way to achieve high privacy with sheer curtains in your room is to ensure that the lights are dimmed or turned off at night hours since this is the time of exposure of your house to the outside world through sheer curtains. You can only allow your television light to be the only form of illumination in your living room at night, this would not allow people to know exactly what is going on inside, as they would only be seeing reflections from the television light. One important thing to do while doing this is to adjust the contrast and brightness level of your television so that your mission of achieving such privacy would not turn futile.


Many people enjoy the feel of natural lightning from outside than the artificial light, they also love the cool evening breeze touch, having their room look so beautiful, and getting the perfect interior match they have always dreamt of with the help of sheer curtains. Above all, privacy is of utmost priority as this allows you to do things you will not like outsiders to see you doing inside your room.

To achieve this level of privacy, there are some things you must add with the sheer curtains so that outsiders won’t see your room at night from outside. Another important thing to do before going for sheer curtains is to seek professional advice from home interior decorators before going to bid for it, this would help you know the best kind of materials and items to add to it to get that private life you desire.