Should Bathroom Rugs and Towels Match?

Having the best rugs and towels in the bathroom is always a good idea, but should bathroom rugs and towels match? 

Yes, bathroom rugs and towels should match to give your bathroom a pleasant refreshing look. They may not have to be the same design or color to match. They can have a color that compliments the other. For example, a bathroom rug can have brown color while a towel can have a white and brown color. If the rug is brown, the towel should have a touch of brown to complement the rug’s color.

The bathroom is not just a place we visit anytime we want to bath, poop, urinate, etc.; it is also a place one can relax after a busy day. Therefore, the bathroom is expected to have a relaxing mood that will enable one to either reflect on his life or the day’s activities. 

Have you ever visited your bathroom, and while you are there, you felt relaxed and not in a hurry to come out? The reason is that a bathroom has the capacity to give such a positive vibe.

However, to achieve the required soothing vibe, you have to make sure that your bathroom is designed with the best suitable colors you like. Whether it’s the bathroom cabinet, framed mirror, sink, toilet seat, sconces, tiles, towels, and rugs, all these should have colors that complement each other. The question now is, should bathroom rugs and towels match?

Should My Bathroom Rugs and Towels Match?

Matching your bathroom rugs and towels is not a must thing to do, but it will be awesome if you can do it. It’s just like painting your house ceiling and wall the same color to match. There are two ways you can match your bathroom rugs and towels: one is by having the same color for both. For example, assuming your bathroom cabinet is brown, then you can get rugs that are brown in color and towels that are also brown.

You can also match your bathroom rugs and towels by buying matching colors. For example, if your rug is brown, your towel should have brown touch on it. Maybe a towel that is mixed with white and brown color. By so doing, the white color in the towel will complement the color of your bathroom vanities such as sink, toilet seat, etc., while the brown color will complement the color in the rugs. You have to make sure that the brown in the rugs and towels are the same brown on the cabinets.

Should All Bath Towels Match

All the bath towels you have in your bathroom doesn’t need to match. If you want to buy three different towels for your bathroom, you can purchase different colors that complement your bathroom vanities’ colors. You can get a white, brown with another color similar to vanities you have in the bathroom.

However, you can still get a similar towel color; you can optimize with either brown or white. White towels are common, used by many in every part of the world. You can choose to get a yellow, red, blue, navy blue, depending on the tiles and wall color.

Bathroom Towels Color Combinations

As I said earlier, while buying bathroom towels, you can get a combination of colors already in your bathroom vanities. For example, you can go for white, brown, green, and yellow towels. Bath towels are the best way of adding colors to the bathroom but while doing that, make sure it conforms with other colors in the bathroom. Don’t get a towel color that will be off from the colors in the bathroom vanities.

Things to Consider When Buying Bathroom Towels

Other Colors in the Bathroom

When buying a towel for your bathroom, you should have the color of your bathroom interiors in mind, such as the color in the sink, toilet seat, bathroom cabinets, and most especially, the walls and floor tiles color. These colors should guide you when buying a bathroom towel. It is these colors that will enable you to choose a perfect color for the towel.

The towel is one place to bring more colors to the bathroom. For example, if your bathroom floor tiles and walls tiles have white colors, your bathroom sink, toilet seat, a bathtub is also in white, and a sharper towel such as red, green, brown, and yellow can add more vibe to the bathroom. However, it would help if you were careful when doing this, so you don’t overdo it.


Apart from color, performance is another thing to consider when buying bathroom towels. You don’t have to finish decorating your bathroom with the finest finishings and end up buying a towel that is not suitable for you.

Remember that the towel is what you use to clean or wipe your body after a bath; therefore, you need a soft quality towel to do the job. It doesn’t have to be too soft so it can dry water from your body, and it doesn’t need to be too hard. Trust me, I’ve used a hard towel before, and it wasn’t a good experience.

However, you can choose to get a hand towel, face towel, or bath towel depending on your use. I have seen several people who use a towel as a sponge. In this case, they make use of a face towel to take a bath. It does the work of a sponge for them. If you are the type that prefers using a towel as a sponge, it’s essential to get the kind that can genuinely wash off dirt from your body.

Bathroom Towel Size

There are many sizes of towels; hand towel, face towel, and bath towel. The standard size of a bath towel is 30 x 60 inches to 40 x 72 inches. It depends on you. If you are the type that likes to get a big towel you can wrap around your waist or over your bosom for the ladies, then you may consider going for the bigger size bath towels.

However, the standard size for hand towels ranges from 16 x 26 inches to 18 x 32 inches, while the fingertip towel sizes starting from 11 x 18 inches. It might not be too big, but it is big enough to do a bath towel’s job.

Things to Consider when Buying Bathroom Rug

The size of the bathroom

The first thing you need to have in mind when buying a bathroom rug is the size of your bathroom. You wouldn’t want to end up purchasing a bathroom rug that will be too big for your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, consider going for the small rug. You can go to the big rugs if you have a large bathroom.

Where to Place them

You also have to consider the best place you want the rug to be in your bathroom before buying so you don’t end up buying a rug that cannot fit that perfect position you already have in mind. To avoid buying another rug or returning the one you purchased, you should thoroughly consider the place you want to fix them before buying.

Colors of your Bathroom Vanities

When buying a bathroom towel, you should consider the color in your bathroom vanities and buy a rug that will complement the color. For example, if you have a white-colored sink, toilet seat, light-colored floor and wall tiles, and a brown bathroom cabinet, you should consider getting a brown rug to compliment the brown in the cabinet. While buying the brown rug, ensure its actual shade in the cabinets to avoid buying a different shade, which may destroy the bathroom’s cohesiveness.

Best Color for Bathroom Towels

The best color for bathroom towels is white and ivory as it conforms with any bathroom color. Have you ever wondered why white towels are popular? It’s because it’s white. It coordinates with any other colors in the bathroom.

Choosing white or light bathroom towels color will help hide fadings. This is if you are concerned that your bathroom towel may fade after using it for a while. What white color does is that it hides fades; it doesn’t show fading as much as dark colors. However, you can optimize for other colors such as yellow, brown, green, etc.

Rugs or no Rugs in the Bathroom?

It depends on what you want. Follow your gut. If you wish to have a rug, get one, but if you don’t feel like, leave it, and live your life. However, having a rug in the bathroom is important because after you finish drying your body with a towel, you need a rug to dry your under feet to avoid slipping since your foot is still wet. I’ve seen someone who slipped and hit his head on the tiles. Luckily, he did not die, but he sustained some head injuries. So do the needful to avoid story that touch.

When choosing rugs for your bathroom, endeavor to select a bright and saturated tone rug. If you intend to use more than one rug, you can either get a different color that complements each other or get the same color. The best is to get the same color as it will form a geometric figure in your bathroom.

I prefer brown bathroom rugs as they tend to hide dirt. Using a white rug is beautiful but stressful because you have to wash it almost as much as you wash your bathroom towels.

How to Take Care of Your Bathroom Towels

  • Wash Before Using: If you are using your bathroom towel the first time after purchase, you must wash it before using it to remove finishes and excess dyes. Very important
  • Do Not Wash With Other Clothes: Don’t develop the habit of washing your towels with other clothes; always wash your bathroom towels separately. If you have white and other dark-colored towels, wash them separately.
  • Wash with Warm Water: Washing your towel with warm water is very important. It doesn’t have to be too hot. Just make the water warm and wash with it; you will see the difference between washing with cold water and washing with warm water. The difference will be clear.
  • Use Vinegar to Wash them: Using a cup of vinegar to wash your towel at least once every month will help maximize the absorbency of the towels. You don’t have to wash with it, just add a cup of vinegar to the rinse water, soak and dry as it will go a long way in decreasing the towel’s absorbency.


When getting rugs and towels for your bathroom, it is better to consider the colors you already have in the bathroom before buying to get a rug and towel color that is not off and odd from other colors in the bathroom.