Can You Build a Bench over a Baseboard Heater?

Can You Build a Bench over a Baseboard Heater?

There are some things we refer to as precautionary safety tips and I think this is one of them. Bench over baseboard heaters needn’t sound new to anyone that knows in-depth what a baseboard heater is. I would prefer to refer to it as artwork but the bench is fine with me.

What length are you willing to go for safety? Bench over baseboard heaters is just one way to distract your visitors, children, and decor from eyesores.

Bench over a baseboard heater is perfect artwork to cover up a heater radiator. Anything that radiates had never been good for the health of anyone. So, that way a baseboard heater looks farther from you even when it is positioned in your sitting room.

Therefore, the question is, can you build a bench over a baseboard heater? The answer is yes, you can build a bench over a baseboard heater for it to complement and maintain home decor.

Bench over Baseboard Heater

Bench over baseboard heaters are perfect artworks that complements a furniture decor in any home. It is just the perfect distraction when you have a visitor or when your kid’s play days gravitate towards an electrical heating machine

When a piece of furniture is partially rested on your baseboard heater, try count yourself lucky because then, your baseboard heater stays hidden. Baseboard heaters installed on your walls is not such a beautiful sight to behold. It will be better if a piece of furniture is added to distract its view.

Here, you accomplish two things which are; your house still gets to be invisibly heated up and the bench can serve as a seat. This is a great option to follow especially if your baseboard heater is a new one as it will be more efficient.

The question now is what do you stand to lose? It is understandable that furniture, drapes, and what have you, especially flammables should not be allowed at least two inches closed to a baseboard heater but the bench had only come to protect it from eyesore or deliberate spoilage.

It is important that we note that these benches are over the baseboard heaters and it is permitted to be so in order to hide baseboard heaters in a home. It is rather a piece of art to strategically put a piece over it. It protects your baseboard heater from direct spoilage.

Cannot help but mention the looks it gives to your furniture decor. It is perfect for a room or living room. Colors can be aligned to get a professional match-up or otherwise.

Drapes cannot linger on to baseboard heaters and as such bench over the baseboard heater is perfect. These benches do not touch nor disrupt the baseboard heater, as a matter of fact, it protects it.

Bench over baseboard heater improves the look in your home which is supposed to be an eyesore. I have been to homes with baseboard heaters and I never found it, not that I look for it though. It is okay to protect yourself from eyesore and yet again from other things.

Is It Good to Build a Bench over a Baseboard Radiator

Building a bench over a baseboard heater is worrisome because of the effect it may have on anything close to it. It is very much risky and scary because according to experts in baseboard installments, furniture, drapes or any form of flammable material should be at least twelve inches from an electric baseboard heater because of its heating properties.

Baseboard heaters are usually installed in the walls, directly underneath a window whether in the living room, or bedroom as prominently recommended by licensed baseboard installers. This is because of the need for ventilation for baseboard heaters. They will not be effective in a stuffy and less ventilated space compared to a ventilated space.

In the same way, it has to be installed some inches above the ground. As a matter of fact, there should be no disruptions whatsoever present against the baseboard heater, not just a bench.

In order words, it is not bad to build a bench over a baseboard heater because it protects it against every disruption. A baseboard heater can be built just as recommended, twelve inches over, around, and even in front of it.

When done with running measurements around your baseboard heater, proceed to start construction, and then, if it is in a cabinet form, a net-like string should be attached in two-three places at the front of the bench. This should be so that the heat can flow out through the strings.

A painting would not be bad when done with creating a bench over your baseboard heater. This painting can even match up with your walls or curtains around it.

Disadvantages of Building a Bench over a Baseboard Radiator

The risk of a fire outbreak can be outreaching if a bench is closely built over a baseboard heater. An installed electric baseboard heater heating format can be very high especially when it is installed in the most conducive space as recommended. At this rate, if any flammable object dares come close to it, there may be a fire outbreak and a bench over it is not exceptional. A mistake cannot be tolerated here.

Fire Outbreak

A fire outbreak is inevitable if there is a mistake in the bench measurement over a baseboard heater. Any furniture is a flammable object. A bench is made from wood and as such, it may be a risky thing if set and structured above a baseboard heater because of its heating capabilities.

Battering and Decay

The heat generated from a baseboard heater can be accumulated over time and cause some battering to the wood which can easily decay in summer. This decay can degenerate to bad odor and insect hideout and as such should not be tolerated in a home.

Limited Air Contact

The reason baseboard heaters are mostly recommended to stay above windows is to make sure that the cool air that emerges from the window has direct contact with the baseboard heating spree for a full and effective workforce.

The baseboard heater has to work with direct air contact from the window to produce the best heating circulation to the zoned area of space. A bench above a baseboard heater will prevent the cool air from facilitating heat circulation to allocated areas in the room. What natural ventilation does is help spread heat to other parts of the room.

No objects are safe when in close contact with a baseboard heater. This is reason enough to spare your baseboard heater from a hovering bench. Yes, If it had stopped there as just a disadvantage it would have been enough a point.

Now, there is a possibility of limited air contact with the healing process if a bench is installed directly above a baseboard heater, so if you want to move on and construct a bench over a baseboard heater, think about the ineffectiveness of the baseboard heating performance.


Quit asking can you build a bench over baseboard heaters because baseboard heaters are risky projects to carry out in a home, whether the electric or hot water baseboard heater. If you have a made-up mind to install any of them, make sure to carry out this task with the help of a licensed baseboard heater installer.

Installing a bench over a baseboard heater is not completely a bad idea but precautionary measures are vital. Make sure to observe the twelve (12) inches directives as to the distance any objects can stay off it and the maintenance processes. inform an installer if anything goes wrong.